Methods of Physical Time Travel

Hi EA, I have recently become very interested in developing the ability to time travel.

As I have done my research, I know that physical time travel is possible. However, most of the material out there is based in astral projection or mind-based methods. That is not what I am interested in, as I seek to physically transport myself to an earlier time period or to past points in my own life.

However, I am disappointed by the lack of information on the subject, even by working occultists.

There are three avenues that I find myself going down:

  1. Contacting a time traveler on the 5th dimension
  2. Contacting time gods/entities to help me in developing these abilities
  3. Following up on whatever leads I can to track down time travelers that exist in this world.

EA, I post this question because I want to know how you would gather information for an obscure topic such as this. What do you do in similar situations where you find yourself compelled to find out more about an entity, technique, ability, or field of study?


Personal I would go with this then they can tell you for sure that it is possible and they can help you with #1 & #3.


Oh and for the record I don’t know of an entity that deals with time travel, not to say that there isn’t any I just don’t know. Perhaps someone in the forum or use the Search mode in the forum can help you.


Did you ever learn anything? I’m also interested.