Metatron & Sexuality?


I received a love bite from Metatron last year. It was extremely powerful and tripped my Kundalini energies. The beginning of the Kundalini awakening placed me in this Abyss looking realm lined up with what appeared to be an ex boyfriend. We made love in this astral realm…

And then I went to ask him about it and he did not know what I was talking about.

I had been communicating with someone that looked like him for years in my dreams. Now I’m pretty sure it was NOT him but a guide whom I am able to identify as Metatron or YHVH?

My experience with this guide was sexual. Has anyone else been intimate with a diety in the astrals? There was a great deal of breathing involved. Are dieties allowed to have sex with us? It felt almost like an abduction.

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Welcome to the balg forum, a place where this subject has been discussed over and over again. If you use the search button, you will enter the marvelous world of people who have sex with spirits


Honestly, I’ve only seen coldness, lack of empathy, and utter “robotic” nature to Metatron. In fact in one vision, it seemed more like a conqueror and was uncaring for anything. This being was larger than galaxies and I’d say dwarfed beings. That quote in some lore about being “years tall” would explain that quite well but I’d say maybe “light years tall” tbh. The only thing this being in my experience was interested in was consuming everything and putting it under its sway. But that was just a vision. Funny about the bible and two witnesses as well. The TWO I saw in that same dream looked like uh… well robot things themselves but they were NOT for this being. They were against it and actively sought to see it brought down. Another dream I had which for the god awfulness of cybernetic matrix transformer crud was weird as hell and dealt with a virus through a spiritual computer network. Other beings were being turned into robot spirit things and placed under this being. Weird stuff and hardly esoteric or magical unless you believe what is so highly technological is looked upon as being magical.

I really don’t know what to say other than that. I’ve seen jokes on supernatural comparing it to megatron and I’ve seen threads and stuff on various sites saying similar stuff in jest but I must say I do NOT trust this thing. It might exude a euphoric “love” but even the text in Enoch makes me believe this is not a benevolent being for all but an oppressor. And if that is what alphabet soup YHVH is then this is a commander.

Some might say the same of “demonic” or qlipothic and I don’t know. I would hate to think that ancient lore is true and mankind was nothing more than a slave race for other beings out there. But wouldn’t that mean that some are a type of resistance fighter group to a universal oppression? Maybe our monkey hormones are manipulated by such beings. I can only look for answers for myself and wouldn’t want to sway anyone as I could be super delusional as well. As with anything learning to use senses and dispel illusion and see what’s true is all one can really do.

For me… I only see Metatron as a spiritual machine.


Everything other than All That Is, is a sort of machine that appears to have “free will”. It might appear that way but it is subordinate, in spiritual way not the social/political way, to the True Self which is limitless consciousness.

I got a feeder energy off of him. Like he owns me and I’m now his for eternity.

The God of the Old Testament is absolutely what I would consider a demon who feeds off the mana of others. It’s even written in the Bible that our spiritual energies are his.