Metatron & Sexuality?

Yes pretty much

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In answer to your question. I don’t care what anyone says or what names come up but I think it’s possible for anyone to have a sexual encounter with any spirit

Everyone’s relationships will be different and unique that’s what sets the personal experience apart from religious dogma

You can think of the sex as either literal or a symbolic entwining of your energy with Metatron’s or both

Personally I see it as a bit of both. Sex especially for women is the act of being penetrated and allowing your being to be filled with the essence of another. This same definition can easily be applied to spirits especially posession or being filled with their essence as being filled with their power.

Cultivate Metatron’s talents as your own and have fun in the process.

It will be a unique and wild ride nothing like it

Cherish it

Good luck to you


Aw thank you! Although I’m still trying to figure out how to get back to the astrals after that experience.
I have no clue how I got there aside from just waking up and there I was.

No I doubt he turns feminine in my opinion he always goes masculine and appears to be Arcturian I think? He’s the only Angel I’ve ever met and seen with my eyes.

but he definitely likes to feed on metaphysical And sexual energies.

I have a twin soul and it seems he has the virgos and twins under his care. When I sat in front of him he pointed to my right ear. I’m not sure what he was attempting to tell me but it felt like I was being reprimanded about something they were trying to help avoid or prevent from happening. That’s what it felt like anyways.

I think he came in to assist a soul in going to heaven bc he opened a portal with me and I had to help cross a deceased. I knew years in advance I was going to have to do it. It didn’t make it any easier when it happened. I was still super confused about it.

I didn’t know the whole story I just know I’ve been given a few different jobs from him for soul family members. I know the last merge I had with my twins higher self was organized by him and he attended to the experience.

Definitely an ANCIENT ANGEL BEING. He speaks in old English (like the language that’s used in the Bible) however I also heard a sonar radar type of sound being emitted from their throats. It is the most ALIEN thing I’ve ever heard.

When I had my contact experience with my zeta family I truly wished they had taken me with them, it made me very homesick.


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I’m not sure what the angels name is honestly bc when I got attuned to reiki there were close to 20 angels in my room that summer doing this healing work on me. I recall Uriel being a name that was used for another one, and my child said Uriel.

I have read many times that when you connect to an entity in the astrals to make sure the contact is neck up. You never want to connect to a being doing anything below the neck. If you do it is most likely a demon. Neck up, not a demon. Below the neck, demon. Makes sense.

The being that I was assigned to did not speak English but used sonar sound from the back of his throat. It sounded as if he was telling me what his name was and it sounded very alien like “Urrreeeeuuurrreeee” he just kept doing that and making that noise so maybe we met Uriel not Metatron.

We definitely had angels in our home though.

Whenever I get blessing I try to get the name of the sender and what diety it’s coming from just bc I have dabbled so much. When I heard yaweh it made sense why there was so much demonic activity afterwards. Yaweh is a jealous god (which makes no sense why he’s god at all having those kinds of human emotions)

Super high vibrational though. Lots of love.