Metatron questions

does someone worked with him
i heard that he doenst work with LHP magicians,is that true?
what he can help with?
some magical info about him?
like sigil,color planet?
i feel a little drawn


i aslo heard that he is an angelized aspect of ishtar,is that true?

I did you need the five platonic solids ,and some incense and he is merkaba star, meditate on it and focus ,he is for cleansing is mean powerfull cleansing , when I woke up the next day I felt like u was floating good look to you peace

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i defently need some cleansing
thank you for help!


No, you don’t.

i used the sigil for him provided in EA’s book Evoking Eternity.

Not that I know of. According to his mythology, he is the Ascended form of the prophet Enoch. He has nothing to do with Ishtar.


thanks for clearing stuff up!

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That’s how I did it I am just sharing my experience, ohh also grab a quarts crystals to amplify the enrgy that he brings

I worked with him before, very powerful. He doesn’t care about personal beliefs.
He can help with anything you want. He can start little slow, because he creates change from within the fabric of time-space… he basically manipulates existence from the inside. If that makes sense.

He’s good at creating events, something specific you want to happen. But doesn’t interfere with free will of human beings. He can do it but as part of a big picture.

For a sigil I used the star of David, the one you posted here would work. I don’t use anything except his sigil. So I don’t know about any other information. Regarding his origin, it’s unknown. Some people believe he’s the prophet Enoch and others believe he’s not.

You can ask him directly for what you want, or ask for his presence - authority - while you’re working with any other spirit. He governs all realms and all that exists is under his command.

Like all Angels, as far as I know - he doesn’t care much about emotions, you need to have a focused mind when you’re working with him or any other Angel. All your attention focused on what you want. Your will and senses - especially your inner vision - are more important than emotions when working with Angels, in my opinion.

That’s what I know about him, hope it helps :slight_smile:


He’s a living robot…”angel” of 5 parts.



call upon him and see the wise Alan Rickman enter your room with no human gentiles because they have none…


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No, not at all.

Hmmm… not much. The Metatron is a conglomerate entity. Damn near every person I have ever spoken with on it has had a different and unique experience. I have not worked with this one directly, but I think I may have felt it during a dream walk. It is high tier if that is the case.

An interesting musing regarding the Metatron and LHP: the Metatron is said to have 72 wings. There are 72 Goetic spirits. Something to that perhaps?

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this angel is the voice of the Christian God YHWH is it not… :innocent:


No, he is the “voice” of the Eternal, which is not any single god, but that which lay behind all of them. The Eternal is not Yahweh, nor is it Satan, or any other face we care to give it, but is that which is the foundation of Everything. It is the spark within every human, that all spirits, whether demons, angels or godforms, respond to.

According to his myths, he is a transfigured human, who merged with the Eternal Source, and bodily Ascended after living for 430 years.



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I don’t think so. My understanding of it is this: if all the gods are in some way just expressions of ALL, then the Metatron is an entity comprised of many of them before they split off into their own right. A closer sample of Source, if you will.

YHWH, IMO, is an overrated Saturnian true demonic whose reputation is stolen from the Source of creation. I do not think for a second that the YHWH presented by the death cults of JCI is the true Source. But they really want you to think it is, so if you carry that bias then the black magick spell woven by the hierarchy of those cults has manifested. Break that shit in two would be my advice.

True angelics have a dark aspect every bit as deep as daemonics, IMO.


No it is not :innocent:

YAHWH is not a Christian God, it’s a title that means “Creator”. He’s not Christian. The Christian God is Jesus. all other aspects of God in Christianity are “supporting actors”, they had to include them in the bible to connect Christianity with Judaism. Obvious fraud.

Metatron and all Angles are not his voice, they’re not messengers, they’re natural forces and powers, like all other spirits, including Demons.


yeah I’ve been reading on here ppl saying angels are not connected with the Jesus cult in any way so working with them won’t make you vulnerable to Christ…

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Exactly, Angelic or demonic spirits are not part of any religion. People formed religions to control each other and prevent the masses from learning how to connect to, and use these powers.

Angels hate religions as much as Demons. Religion is completely irrelevant to them. Especially Christianity because it’s the most obvious lie of them all, yet the most popular because it serves the political-government authorities extremely well. That’s why it was invented in the first place and still works perfectly for them to this day.


how about the catholic church that uses angels and saints in prayer and meditation

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Angels and saints would respond to anyone. The church scams people by giving them the impression that those spirits work for them or are Christian spirits. When calling an Angel or a saint, the last thing they care about it is my religion ! They really don’t care at all.

I heard EA says in one of his videos, that he understand spirits - Angels, Demons etc - the same way he understands all natural forces, like electricity ! I totally agree with him on that. Electricity doesn’t care what you believe in or which God you worship.