Message from Thoth

So, I’ve seen a lot about Thoth and different ideas about him. So, I was actually thinking about him just now. Most of the time he’s near, giving me advice, healing me and now that I was thinking all these things, he wanted to leave a message for anyone who is willing to listen to his words:

Humans are great indeed! I’ve been a human many times in the past and even now. I still live and exist among you, as one of you and yet not one of you. I will pass to you my circles so that you understand the divine that you are and the divine you will be.

Humans beware for you are more than humans. Half of you was made from your planet and half of you from divine blood that you think is normal. Your dna is not simple and yet not hard to understand. See beyond the old ways of your science, but science is the way. The messenger understands and so I can speak more of what I know.

Hermes was born thrice in your kingdoms. Ningishzidda was the first, lord of the underworld, new king of Earth, master of knowledge, magic and healing. Thoth was the second time, master of knowledge and magic. As the last king of Atlantis I made mistakes, I hope that one day I shall return and make things right, as I should. But humans, I want to help you more than anything, even now. Third was Hermes, a wizard of great knowledge. I had my memories then and I created a work that shall help you achieve the same.

Many of you remember me as Quetzalcoatl, a form my spirit took while away in the land being alive. After Atlantis fell, the Mayans were my people who went to their new lands. They had heard of my power and wisdom and thought of me as their god. I never wanted to be seen as a god, I only wanted to help you rise. You are my children, I created you with my father and I’d love to see you rise and take your rightful place with us.

I’ll leave you now, use the words I once taught you and don’t trust the night anymore. The day is upon you and only you can make the sun rise.

This is it. I’ll be honest, I felt that some of them came from my mind, but even then, I could hear that voice speaking, saying stuff that I still don’t get. I took the liberty of using paragraphs in the message, because I thought it would make the message easier to read.

Also, I should note that even though he explained why Hermes was called “Thrice Born”, he actually came to Earth more times afterwards.

Many of you remember me as Quetzalcoatl, a form my spirit took while away in the land being alive.

He told me about this before. Quetzalcoatl has the same form as the symbol of Hermes and Ningishzidda. The Mayans heard that this man was all powerfull and thought that the symbol was the actual form of that being. I thought I should explain that one.

Anyway, that’s it. I normally don’t deliver messages, unless it’s something really important and I think that this was something worth noting.

I also asked Thoth if he was actually Lucifuge Rofocale and he said the following:

No, I’m a child of Lucifer and Enki spiritually and psysically. You know me as the great king that commands great armies. Enemies fear for I protect allies. You are no enemies but those who will harm you are foes that will be punished. Gold and power are sign of mine and yet my power will grow

I actually sensed King Paimon all over this. I feel his presence too. I thought they were similar or the same, but divination didn’t helped much. But my research showed that. He told me to see that and believe it. He actually talks to me about it even now, but I don’t really want to make that public just yet. Maybe in a later date.

PS: Ningishzidda is a Sumerian name, in Assyrian it’s called Kulla. The same goes for Hermes (Greek) and Mercury (Roman).


I just need to leave this here, just in case. Me, Thoth and King Paimon are super close. They’re near me 24/7 and I know when it’s them. In other words, I know if it’d be another spirit and not them. Also, I’ve met them in the astral too, more than a few times. I connect perfectly with them and we can talk easily.

However, even so, I still advice you to read it and just have it in your mind. Thoth and King Paimon too are known to not say everything at once, they like it when people search and try to figure stuff out for themselves. What they said it probably all true, but there’s probably more to it. This is what I’m trying to find out in my journey as a magus.


The question is: Are he and Khonsu the same being. Khonsu being my godself

Thoth worked with Khonsu, but they’re not the same being.

Edit: It seems that Thoth said he knows him well. He was someone he respected a lot and worked with. He also told me that he was one of the people I’ve seen in one of my visions. I was told that they share some attributes and their energy is kind of identical, but they’re not the same.


Did he have a sidelock on the side of his hair? What’s referred to as the Sidelock of Youth to the Egyptians

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No, I didn’t see anything like that.

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My experience with the Primordial Lunar God Thoth and my experience with Quetzalcoatl it seems weird for this being to claim to be both of them, just as weird as when man started merging Thoth and Hermes.


My experience with Thoth was well described quite a lot. He helped me to realise my potential and appeared to me as this giant ibis headed guy. By Giant I mean giant. Size of a Telephone pole


True. Because Quetzalcoatl is a form of Thoth that man made, because they had heard of Thoth, but hadn’t seen him. Though, this is my theory and could be wrong.

However, there’s evidence that Thoth and Hermes are the same. Check out the Emerald Tablet of Thoth and the one of Hermes.

I’ve actually had a similar experience.


I am pretty sure Thoth and Hermes are nowhere near the same, Hermes is a “3rd generation” God, and Thoth is a full-on Primordial God. It’s not uncommon for humans to force connections based off little to nothing besides what another confused human wrote. Quetzalcoatl just the same, wasn’t a form made up by people.

Haven’t noticed that well-known ones are never said to have other names unknown by man but always trying to force other well-knowns to be merged into another well known lol.


Here’s the thing, you assume that Thoth was always a spirit, where in his emerald tablets states that he was a man writing these. Even in the Sumerian epics, the Anunnaki were physical beings and Ningishzidda was one of them.

Were they actually physcial beings? I don’t know. But you saying they weren’t has the same value as me saying they were. There’s no much stuff to completely accept one claim or another.

In other words, according to that message, the spirit came as a human to Earth as Ningishzidda, then as Thoth and then as Hermes.


As for his connection to Khonsu-pretty sure they played a game of Senet together to decide who would get the demon days-heres a photo of Khonsu btw. Not gonna derail this thread though :joy:just thought to post it because the two are connected


I’d do anything to see that game of senet between those too though XDD.

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Thou asks and thou shalt receive


I don’t assume anything lol, most who make these crazy connections usually can’t even scan, just like some who think Yahweh and Lucifer are the same. It’s never the fact that this being has [insert name no one has heard of] but rather “oh let me force these two together” It’s the usual merge one being’s growth and development into another beings, no of the forced merges are a “wait let me check if this is a legit being and not a thoughtform or some being fucking with me” hermes, Thoth, and Quetzalcoatl their energies differ completely. It doesn’t matter if they were physical or non physical lol.

It’s still trying to fit different puzzle pieces together that don’t relate besides maybe some minor similarities that exist with every God in every culture lol. Every channeling sounds like a pawn play where the being is basically finding someone who can’t tell the difference and going “I am also this [insert being] tell the world”

I really need to ask Thoth about it. Perhaps if I ask him nicely, he may show me images of the match!

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Thoth wiped the board with him and if I recall from talking to my godself. One of the many conversations they had was about Khonsu’s consort and how everyone refers to Khonsu as Khonsu the Child because of his youthfulness. One thing people forget however is that Khonsu is the exorcist of the Egpytian world :joy:


@anon48079295 I can’t argue there. However, if you try to scan energies from powerful spirits, it’s easy to get decieved. Actually King Paimon explained to me that once (or was it Thoth, or Lucifer, I can’t remember who, but someone did tell me about it XD):

Different aspects of spirits have different kinds of energies. It’s easy to assume that spirits with similar energies are the same, that could be the case, I mean, if they’re the same, then they’re the same. However, more often than not, spirits that are the same have completely different energies, because of the difference in their lifetimes or their nature. Don’t expect energy to tell you everything. Don’t get me wrong, I do value really much info I get by a spirit’s energy, more than the info I get by other people. However, I also use other types of research, like the spirits themselves, divination, info that I can find, etc.

@Yberion Actually, I remember you saying something very similar about your godform. That each of your aspects feels differently and has even its own behaviour.


This should be a spoiler alert though XD.

Khonsu seems like a really interesting spirit indeed!

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That depends, I don’t view “powerful” as the same way most people tend to overly use that word. I view the Primordial Gods, just as I view the Titan or Titan like Gods and “3rd generation” Gods as equals. For me to call something powerful is for me to assume they are greater than myself and not equals. However, I do and can acknowledge when someone’s energy feels mundane, decent, or well worked with based on the sensations it deeply gives off.

However, aspects usually share the same energy just differing in “flavors” the core of said energy will still be present. Just as The 3 aspects of the Morrigan, while she holds different aspects her lunar is present in all of them, or Sitri with his other name Bitru, the core energy is the same regardless of aspects.

However, I don’t evoke or invoke these beings, I prefer to project to them, for two beings to be the same atleast for me personally their core energies should reflect differently. My experience with Thoth, him being the judge of the egyptian pantheon, his core energy widely differs from Quetzalcoatl even though they both could be labeled as primordial gods, and neither of their core energies fit Hermes who is a 3rd generation Olympian messenger of his pantheon. Energy can tell you everything if you can look deep enough, not just surface level. Just like some who are here, the energy they give off on the surface is simple day to day energy, however, the energy on a core level is the same throughout their lives prior and during, it may evolve and develop but it remains the same in its core feeling.

Don’t get me wrong, if people want to combine them personally in their path I don’t mind because in the end if it’s true or not it’s up to them to be able to tell when a being is trying to leech them or be honest with them.

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