Message from Bune

The following was impressed on me during a meditation/TGS on the Bune sigil:

I am the Egyptian goddess Bune. I will help those who are truly struggling and working hard to survive like cyberseeker. Yes, at this point in his life he is what you call “home-less” which is not true for the Earth is his home. He is a king of this realm like you are kings and queens and gods. I made Egypt and many countless civilizations powerful. I can do the same for anyone. You must show that you are worthy of my help. There is a saying from your games of baseball is it? “Step up to the plate.” Yes. And claim your power. I will help you. --Goddess Queen Bune


I love her! She is so kind and has always had a motherly feeling to me. She is very positive and encouraging.


Duchess Bune is so generous and lovely. She’s always smiling and full of bright contagious energy.


I may need to call on her, I have to go to the office this week and I would like to get a raise - a sizable one since I am personally going to be in charge of taking over a new branch and moving over all of the accounts. This is something that no one in the company has ever done or can comprehend. ( 21 years of background) I was knocked down 5 bucks when a weasel convinced the owner i was not worth it… I stayed on staff but now I am the only one that can do this and I have been beyond loyal and have given my 6th sense information to the owner… who tells his wife - I don’t know how she knows this stuff but when she speaks it comes true. She asked me how do you know - I was like its either a pain in my ovaries when someone is going to do something against me or a shitty taste in my mouth… I used to taste Cocaine when someone was not of good morals- I just wished I got the high.


So how can I prove i’m worthy of her help ?

Call on King Paimon for help influencing your supervisor. Duchess Bune can also help with influence and your finances.


Just continue to be sincere and work hard doing whatever you’re doing. She will see this and favor you by getting you a higher position with more pay or finding some other way to make more money come your way.


Duchess Bune is still my girl! She is always helping me.

I’m in a new city, have a nice apartment and there are plenty of jobs in Dayton, Ohio USA! It is still a struggle at times, but I’m no longer homeless and I am “stepping up to the plate” to claim my throne as a god of this Earth.

Show her your sincere intent to stay focused and work hard. Bune will make sure that plenty of opportunities will be available to you to succeed.

I should be her top spokesman.