Message For YOU? Stoicheia & Greek Letters

So this morning I was righfully due to sleep through to 1pm, but no - I kept getting woken up by seeing Greek letters.

First dream, I was in a marketplace and above that was a walkway with arches, and along it prowled a man who was also a lion and he was shouting to look at things, and I looked down. The stall in front of me had all the Greek letters embedded like white light in it, and I was choosing some like you might choose vintage jewellery from a velvet tray at a crafts fair or something. It actually felt like that.

Then I woke up a bit and went back to sleep, and I was in the Tardis, or something very like it, and the walls didn’t have roundels, they had Greek letters - yay!

Then it got serious again and this time I was seeing Greek letters kind of flying at me, along with images of this forum and people in my offline life, so I just got up and I’ve been in a pissy mood all day ever since. :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay so first, I’m working with a friend who’s going through hell right now and I called her up, talked her through the Stoicheia exercise (below, that’s a cheatsheet I made from Stephen Flowers’ excellent book “Hermetic Magic”) and she’s agreed to do it 2 - 3 times a day for a week or so, see if it helps. She’s not into dark magick but is cool with this.

Then, in the dreams, which were annoyingly reminiscent of this scary shit which did majorly save my ass, I saw you lot, a sort of general crowd of members here as I either know you or imagine you to look, along with people (as I said) in my offline world, so I’m guessing that at least some of you need to learn and practice this exercise:

Do it, do it now, do it thoroughly or I’ll haunt your dreams like Freddy Kruger in kitty-cat ears, and yell at you until you know your upsilon from your epsilon.


I’m not happy, I need my sleep and I don’t like the inherent “fuck, who does she think she is” of having to pass on messages like this, but still if you’re reading this, you should probably at least try this exercise once, and see how it feels, what your spirits say etc., it’s afaik neutral insofar as not linked to any specific paradigm and all those other long words I CAN’T BE BOTHERED WITH DUE TO LACK OF SLEEP.


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Well stoicheia means Elements or clues. If you have greek problems ^^ speak to me i can help~


Is that “greek” as in, “up the bum”?

Because, if so, I have no problems with that, I just think that lots of people here need to do this:

But my goddess heinie is devoutly worshipped and - well, let’s not go there! :wink:


Is that “greek” as in, “up the bum”?

Because, if so, I have no problems with that, I just think that lots of people here need to do this:

But my goddess heinie is devoutly worshipped and - well, let’s not go there! ;)[/quote]
I see. Well the letters to the planets are kinda reversed but you know better~

I’m so sorry, my reply was meant to be humorous but wih the benefit of a good night’s sleep, I can see it looked rude and dismissive of what you were saying - apologies.

I was very tired yesterday, and my head goes to this surreal place sometimes… :\

And I’d definitely be interested in anything you have to share on this, I don’t know much about the Greek alphabet - I do know that this system as Flowers gives it works for me, absolutely, and I believe it’s Agrippa who proposes Moon as Omega?

Just for the record i’ve used the ‘‘alpha’’ as a mantra and it has an effect on the head.It stimulates the whole left side of it.Left hemisphere,left side of the face.It was weird so i’ve donne it a couple of times and it was always the same.

Not to be the idiot here that comes along, dumbfounded look on her face and says uh, what is this supposed to be for or supposed to do but… sorry, I do have to ask that because I don’t know and I have a lot on my plate and my mind these days so I can’t always quiet myself and calm down enough to hear messages being sent my way and the spirits know this so they have been finding strange ways to get messages across to me so I just wanted to make sure this wasn’t something I was also supposed to see.

Literally, one minute the flood gates are open and the gods won’t stop chattering in my ear and other times, when mundane life causes distractions I’m like WTF, am I being ignored here or am I just too noise brained to hear what is being said, so that’s why I asked because the chart is kind of confusing and not sure what all you’re supposed to do in addition to moving your hands about and facing certain directions. Told you my post would sound stupid.

Fair question!

What it does for me is help me to centre myself as the primary creative force in my own spacetime-perception, aka reality, I think we kind of manifest “through” the lenses of the planetary forces (and I’m speaking strictly magickally now, not connected to physical exploration of them) - it MAY be through the mechanism described here:

Each of the spheres was presided over by a god, as listed below, starting from the first sphere encircling the Earth:
the sphere of the lunar goddess Hecate, described by the Moon's orbit;

the sphere of Hermes, described by the planet Mercury's orbit round the sphere of the Moon;

the sphere of Aphrodite, described by the planet Venus' orbit embracing the sphere of Mercury;

the sphere of Apollo - that of the Sun - containing the spheres of the Moon, Mercury and Venus;

the sphere of Ares (Mars);

the sphere of Zeus (Jupiter);

the sphere of Chronos (Saturn);

lastly, the seven planetary spheres (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) were embraced by an eighth, the sphere of the fixed stars comprising the Zodiac;

then came the spheres situated beyond the planets: the sphere of the gods who reside beyond the planetary spheres; the sphere of the Demiurge in charge of creation; and the sphere of the First Intelligence. Finally, beyond the universe thus far expounded, the Creator of the world, He Whom the Chaldean Oracles name 'Father'.[3]

(snipped some text)

The Incarnation of The Soul

In Chaldean theology the spheres were the worlds presided over by the planetary gods; worlds traversed by souls on their way to incarnation and on their ascension after death. In the dream of Scipio, which ends Book VI of his De Republica, Cicero explicitly states:

To men is imparted a soul emanated from those eternal fires you call stars and luminaries which, round and spherical, quickened by divine spirits, perform their revolutions and perambulate their orbits with an admirable celerity.

According to these teachings, the human soul lives in the celestial world. Then it enters the terrestrial world through conception and birth, acquiring a physical body. On its way to incarnation the soul traverses the planetary spheres, assuming a subtle, also known as ‘astral’, body.[4] Just as in earthly life the native will each day put on a series of garments, from light underclothes to heavy overcoat, so the incandescent flame of the human soul, in the course of its descent from its universe of origin into the terrestrial body, assumes a vesture formed of the substances of the spheres it traverses.

This astral body comprises ‘virtues’ (qualities and instincts) received from the planetary spheres traversed. Since this involves on one hand the planetary spheres, while on the other their traversal takes place outside time to end in birth into our terrestrial sphere, these qualities are reflected in the configuration of the planets at the moment of birth. Macrobius’ Commentary On The Dream Of Scipio describes the descent through the planetary spheres thus:

“souls freed of all material contagion dwell in heaven; but those who, from this abode on high, where they are bathed in a light eternal, have cast a downward glance at bodies and at what is here below called life, and who have conceived for life a secret desire, are dragged little by little down toward the nether regions of the world, by nought but the weight of this earthbound thought. Yet no sudden fall is this, but by degrees. The soul, perfectly incorporeal, assumes not at once the gross mantle of corporeal clay, but imperceptibly, and through a chain of adulterations suffered one by one as it recedes from the pure and simple substance wherein once it dwelt, to gird and swell itself with substance of the planets. For, in each of the spheres placed beneath the heaven of fixed stars, it swathes itself in several layers of ethereal matter which, imperceptibly, form an intermediary bond by which it is united with the earthly body; so that it suffers as many degradations or as many deaths as spheres traversed.” (Ch.XII)

The qualities acquired by the soul in the course of its descent through the spheres are thus described:

“and in its descent, not only does it [the soul] assume the aforesaid new sheath of matter from these luminous bodies, but it receives there the different faculties it must exercise throughout its sojourn in the body. From Saturn it acquires reason and understanding, or what is called the logical and contemplative faculty; from Jupiter it receives the power to act, or executive power; Mars gives it the valour required for enterprise, and a burning zeal; from the Sun it receives the senses and the power of invention, that make it feel and imagine; Venus moves it with desires; from the sphere of Mercury it takes the power to express and enunciate what it thinks and feels; finally, from the sphere of the Moon, it acquires the strength needed to propagate by the generation and increase of bodies. This lunar sphere, which is last and lowest with respect to divine bodies, is first and highest with respect to earthly bodies. This lunar body, as it were the sediment of celestial matter, at the same time is found to be the purest substance of animal matter.” (Ch.XIl)

This teaching underlies the practice of genethliacal astrology as it was originally conceived. In the nativity the ‘Chaldeans’ saw a chart of the astral bodies, as the journey through the planetary spheres had structured them. Correctly interpreted, this chart would reveal the native’s constituent parts, material or more subtle. It would speak of his daimon, the guardian angel who would accompany him on his voyage here below and watch over the fulfilment of his fate.[5] It would describe, therefore, the earthly existence which had devolved upon him.

The Ascension of The Soul

The Poimandres, first treatise of the Corpus Hermeticum, reveals what happens at death and after death. In order to return in pristine purity to the divine, the soul must effect a divestment, in reverse order, of the astral raiment it has donned. The soul first quits the material element encountered in the last place, namely the stuff of nature, that is the body furnished by nature. In the last place it quits the first material element encountered in its fall, namely the astral vestment of the highest sphere. Death entails a sequence of effects:

the body is consigned to dissolution, and the visible form disappears;

the temperament (subject in each case to the individual blend of the four elements), henceforth inert, is consigned to the personal daimon (the guardian angel which, at birth, takes charge of the newborn);

the bodily senses return to their respective planetary sources.

ire and lust, irrational passions, revert to unreasoning nature. 

After this first divestment, the soul begins its ascension. Soaring upward through the armature of spheres, it casts off at each station the passion assumed there in the course of its descent: at the 1st station (Moon), the faculty of increase and decrease; at the 2nd (Mercury), malice and cunning; at the 3rd (Venus), the illusion of desire; at the 4th (Sun), the passion for command; at the 5th (Mars), audacity and temerity; at the 6th (Jupiter), the lust for wealth; at the 7th (Saturn), the falsehood that ensnares.

That entire article is worth reading, I only found it after adopting this exercise and disvcovering I liked it more than any other, to date, as a method of centering, focusing, and empowering myself prior to rituals, and in the morning for the day ahead.

I like its purity, that it can work with almost any system, and the fact it’s not calling on external god-forms or forces (unless you want it to be).

So the short version is, we incarnate to limited form via the planetary forces, which individuate us, and any work that aims to reduce that limittation and place our individual selves “closer” to the unlimited Source which lies back of and behind our own soul, is best attempted after aligning with and acquiring some mastery over the planetary forces - taking them as a function, rather than chains to be borne blindly, or divested.

I don’t know if that’s what Stephen Flowers intended when he listed it, iirc he’s a bit vague about the whys and wherefores of using it, so I’m only explaining my own perceptions based on using it over a long period of time. :slight_smile:

Thanks for responding, I knew there was a reason why your post jumped out at me and I literally felt like I was being strangled and choked by the words although that bit about souls and ascension and descension just smack me right in the face with a very a large and hard iron skillet which left a giant bruise on my forehead, that in addition to similar things I have stumbled across lately in relation to souls and incarnation, death etc.

The way I have interpreted all of this, from putting my own findings together is that, that’s an awful lot of work and a painstakingly unnecessary process to have to keep repeating, and for what, just so we can feel accomplished while here on earth for like 10 years before we die and have to repeat it all, all over again only to come here yet again and be teased with just another 1/18th of this giant annoying fucking puzzle we are supposed to be solving and to top it all off, to come here every freakin time with no memory of anything from the previous times, having to learn it all yet again, for yet another 10 years worth of feeling somewhat successful so we can freakin die and hit the rewind and repeat buttons again.

At least that’s the way all of this information is coming across to me and sometimes it really does seem like, although not that stupid fuck Jehovah, like there really is something behind all of this just sitting out in the universe somewhere dictating this rebirth and death stuff, and laughing at our expenses while we try to actually learn and grasp all of this stuff while being embedded inside of very limited human beings with restricted brain capacity who can never fully understand any of it or achieve any of it, just being teased is all it is.

If there truly were any kind of intelligence in this universe what so ever, why the need to endlessly repeat these cycles?

I found releasing “why” as a question, and replacing it with HOW - how to overcome things, for example - liberated me from an enormous amount of mental distress. Your mileage may vary on that, I felt like I had to consciously make the executive decision to let myself off the hook, and that it freed up mental and emotional resources to use instead for fixing the things I disliked.

That is just me, and I’m only sharing it because for ages I felt like it was somehow wrong to make that decision. Like I had to thrash things out and understand all the causes, before I could take action on the effects.

I don’t think the universe has a single core creator, I think like most complex systems it’s the clusterfucked creation of untold billions of consciousnesses, each co-creating their own little reality, influencing and being influenced in turn.

So it’s messy, and incomplete, and a lot of our thinking is bound by the primate brains and society we inherited, as well.

I’m interested in carrying as much of my awareness over as possible into my next incarnation, something I believe I did, slightly, into this one, and aside from other reasons, one of the main personal agendas I have with regards to wanting magick to flourish is that it will make my next awakening easier.

I knew how to do magick as a kid, but I genuinely didn’t realise it was an actual thing people did, outside horror movies where the Satanists are the bad guys, I thought (or more accurately, I was taught) that people like Crowley were just deranged and evil, it took years to disciver magick is a real thing, real men and women in possession of normal lives wear robes, stand in circles, enter spirit worlds, all that stuff.

We help ourselves by helping each other, imagine the NEXT Raven coming into a world where her old life has considerately laid down books, video, all sorts of things, like laying away a clean suit the night before, so the morning-you isn’t so rushed? :slight_smile:

We’re different selves all the time in just one life - I like this a lot:

The Warm Little Boy vs. The Cold Little Boy

Along with the setup, here’s one of my favorite passages from Thomas Schelling’s essay, “The Intimate Contest for Self-Control”:

People behave sometimes as if they had two selves, one who wants clean lungs and long life and another who adores tobacco, one who yearns to improve himself by reading Adam Smith on self-command (in The Theory of Moral Sentiments) and another who would rather watch an old movie on television. The two are in continual contest for control.

As a boy I saw a movie about Admiral Byrd’s Antarctic expedition and was impressed that as a boy he had gone outdoors in shirtsleeves to toughen himself against the cold. I resolved to go to bed at night with one blanket too few. That decision to go to bed minus one blanket was made by a warm boy. Another boy awoke cold in the night, too cold to retrieve the blanket, cursing the boy who had removed the blanket and resolving to restore it tomorrow. But the next bedtime it was the warm boy again, dreaming of Antarctica, who got to make the decision. And he always did it again.

Aside from its personal charms, this passage is great because it isn’t clear which little boy we should root for. Is it good self-discipline or foolish fantasy to leave off the blanket?


I’m not trying to tell you what or how to do things here, by the way, just proposing that we spare as much consideration for our different selves, and their needs, as we would for a friend we loved. :slight_smile:

I spend a lot of time thinking about Next-Eva, and when I think of her as a probably-lonely little child (because I’m odd, and that leads to loneliness at that age) I want to do everything I can for her, to make her situation that bit simpler. I find that puts the power back in my hands a bit, and makes the whole prospect seem less depressing. :slight_smile:

Is there a Celtic oriented version for this or maybe a Hindu version?

I’m not sure, sorry - afaik the main Hindu use of sacred sounds is seed mentras, there’s some good stuff on here in old posts about those, I don’t know about whether the Celtics had their own version - that’s probably an “ask the spirits” thing?

There is a Celtic version it’s the three rays of Awen It’s similar. You face North and sing out Ah, Eh Oh then East and repeat the process then South etc. And finally West. This is I think sort of a Druid version of that.

I think i discovered the hidden power of the letters.I was curious to see what will happen if i chant them as ypsilon,alpha,epsilon and not as vowels and the result was powerful.
These names-letters have currents behind them and some of them are prety strong.

[quote=“dron, post:14, topic:7558”]I think i discovered the hidden power of the letters.I was curious to see what will happen if i chant them as ypsilon,alpha,epsilon and not as vowels and the result was powerful.
These names-letters have currents behind them and some of them are prety strong.[/quote]
Indeed and beleive thats the correct way to pronounce them :wink:

[quote=“Barskevilles Dog, post:15, topic:7558”][quote=“dron, post:14, topic:7558”]I think i discovered the hidden power of the letters.I was curious to see what will happen if i chant them as ypsilon,alpha,epsilon and not as vowels and the result was powerful.
These names-letters have currents behind them and some of them are prety strong.[/quote]
Indeed and beleive thats the correct way to pronounce them ;)[/quote]

From what I’ve seen in neo-pagan ( yes we do have those in Greece) videos in youtube as well as in related articles the greek alphabet is actually an encoded solar prayer. At least that’s what they claim. I could try and give you a translation if you anyone is intersted in it. There are a lot of videos on yt about it, but all of them are in greek so I dont really see the point in posting them here. Unfortunately, I couldnt find any videos concering the matter in english. In conclusion, I guess that you guys are right and the letters actually are more than just letters.

YES PLEASE, my languages skills are not great which has set me back trying to learn any Greek beyond a few key phrases, and anything you can add to the understanding of this would be awesome, when and if you have the time. :slight_smile:

One interesting link i found

To anyone interested about the greek language and wants help Iam able to help since Iam Greek. Also I can provide occult info regarding Greek practices, Gods, spirits etc. Feel free to pm or comment Iam glad to be of assistance

YES PLEASE, my languages skills are not great which has set me back trying to learn any Greek beyond a few key phrases, and anything you can add to the understanding of this would be awesome, when and if you have the time. :slight_smile:

The translation was actually harder than I thought, so I hope that it makes sense. Anyway, here it goes:

“Al (the conceivable sun/ the sun inside of us), you that are the light, come down to earth
And you El (the visible sun) cast your rays upon the mud that boils
Let it become a piece of dry land so that we can exist and live upon the pulsating earth
Don’t let the night ( meaning spiritual darkness to my understanding) that is our downfall prevail
And don’t let the essence of fire that resides inside the boiling mud be exposed to danger
And let the soul evolve, which is the uttermost, the most important of all”.

Keep in mind that this comes from a yt video and although the uploader does a decent job anylising the alphabet, this can be just his speculations or complete bullshit. So take this with a grain of salt. Hope it helps.