Message for the Homeless and Poor

I’m homeless and I still work. . . . … In a sense the town is my home, which pisses of the millionaires. that I own more then they do. I don’t have delusions of grandeur, I don’t succumb to the illusion of grandeur. I have many friends, most whom I could ask for help, and in some cases I do if I’m in a funk. I am more free than most on the streets, but I force that freedom by working. Some advice for anyone capable of working who is on the street, don’t waste your time, would you rather sit with a sign for 5 hours, once in awhile you will absolutely have great luck doing this. But in the end what you get out of it is money, but what you get out of working is money training experience and exercise. I’m not trying to sound like a motivational speaker on the topic! I’m in a transitional phase, so I see little things that I’m doing that are working, and decided to share it here. Also

Last thing if you are homeless, get a storage unit, not to sleep in, so you don’t have to carry your entire life with you every single day. It helps SO much.


Demons will help and motivate anyone more than a church or mosque ever will. I’m starting my journey and I’ll call Lucifer soon.

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Surprisingly enough, even after everything I’ve been through in my life, the several years I spent homeless was one of, if not the most, spiritually transformative times of my life. And it led me to a lot of places I thought I could never accomplish. Perhaps most importantly was guiding me to find peace within myself. Which was one of the most empowering things I’ve achieved. Growing to accept things and properly understand the duality of every situation, and learning to look at things from more than just my perspective. It was a really important part of my journey. And as I explain it now to “normal” people “The power in not giving a fuck” which is funny sounding but it was quite a struggle for peace and letting go and learning to accept and adapt was harder than many things I’ve done before. But now I’m on my own got a place and seem to be inspiring my close friends to pursue what they want in life (including Magik) by “not giving a fuck” (also not holding onto things that are not necessary) I’m not sure how to properly inpart words of encouragement to those struggling, but I know that everything has a reason for happening


This post continues to inspire me.


And in 2020 it still inspires me, too :blush:

Your strength is encouraging!!!

One, can, also, feel homeless, in, their, home