Merging objects with spirits

Many people say that the reason spirits can’t have more control over this realm is because they are not a part of this realm. Meaning they have nothing in this realm connecting them.
My question is, if a spirit merged with an object can it have more power over this realm?
I’m not talking about binding a spirit to an object.
I’m talking about merging the spirit into the object. Literally the spirit becoming the object, taking over its etheric and astral fields.
For example, if Ahriman merged into my pants, what I’ll that give him similar power over this earth as though he incarnated as my pants in the physical world?
Would my pants become the eternal darkness?

I don’t understand how you are differentiating “binding” and “merging”. Are you saying that in binding, the object keeps its own field, whereas in merging the entity replaces it with its own field?


In binding the spirit has a connection to the object.
But in merging it becomes the object fully

They are able to be conscious and aware in multiple places at once, which means the difference is greater than just not having a body, if you see what I mean.

This is my working theory on why that is:

The way the Abrahamic desert cults try to destroy idols indicates that giving a spirit a physical base fully devoted to them IS powerful, and assists them to operate in this realm, and this is also something I discovered myself. But it won’t mean ALL of them is in it, and therefore cannot be elsewhere as well.


I will read the thread you attached

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