Merging consciousness

Question. So on joy of Satan or JOS. pretty much all I follow is the meditations and some of the witchcraft. Good resources If you ask me.

I have tried this meditation before but just on objects.

It does however say that when one is adept to this technique it may be possible to entirely possess another human being. What is your opinion on that claim. Cause I would only assume possession of another individual would take a lot of energy. So what do you think. Would you say that with enough practice of this meditation and also over all developing astral senses and what not. Over time possession of a human would be possible with this method? It seems like it wouldn’t be that easy when we are talking about human to human possession. So if that is possible with that meditation I’d only assume it’s obviously a matter of practice and what not.

Please try the search, this has a lot of great posts about it already.