Mephistopheles Conjuration ritual?

Hey y’all, once again have a question in regards to conjuring one of the most infamous demons, Mephistopheles. I’ve searched around and found a few things:

His Conjuration: to conjure Mephistopheles ☽: Messias + Adonaij + Weforos + Xathor + Yxewe + Soraweijs + Yxaron + Weghath + Zijbalor + Weghaij + Wesoron + Xoxijwe + Zijwohwowetho + Regathoswatho + Zebaoth + Adonaij + Zijwetho + Aglaij + Wijzathe + Zadaij + Zijebo + Xosthoy + Atlatho + Ysewey + Zyxyzet + Ysche + Sarsewu + Zyzyrn + Deworonhathbo + Xyxewe + Syzwe + Theos + Yschaos + Worsonbefgosy + Gefgowe + Hegor + Quaratho + Zywe + Messias + Abarabi + Mephistophiles .

His sigil:Πρ.-προβολής-φωτογραφιών-Window.png?zoom=1.3020833730697632&resize=298%2C249

So, I was wondering if there are other alternatives, and what should I offer him, What day I should Conjure him (I heard Thursday is ideal, but don’t if that’s true), and any other helpful advice you guys can offer, because I wish to conjure him and gain his help in the Dark Arts, or ask him for help, in making me into a Great Sorcerer.


Offer him your time to evolve, and start workin magnum opus

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Would this suffice? Blood, Rum, and my time for him. Because for this master, I’m gonna offer a lot, if he can help me become a master! Also, I’m considering conjuring Beelzebub tonight, so do you or anyone has advice on him? Or would it be ideal to summon them both?

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Can I also assume I’m on the right (Left hand ;P) path? Using that sigil + conjuration? Seeing the number of likes.


I do not like belzebub

mephistoteles is for occult, self empoverement, elitism and liberation

Oh what’s Mephistopheles’ rank? So I know how to address him

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Beelzebub :heart: is most loving and protective. Is always wonderful in every way. Go for it @ParagonSage91 it’s a super energy work with Mephistopheles


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Mephistophiles sigil

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Check, so would the conjuration I wrote be the one to use? Or do you have your own suggested Conjuration ritual/Chant to call him?

There is a little big grimoire from Asenath Mason, the book of Mephisto, probably is on Amazon


I’ve been working with him quite a bit recently and I can definitely say he’s quite rewarding to be in cahoots with.

May I ask what it is you’re trying to manifest with him? He has a lot to offer so if you narrow it down I can help you more.

In regards to the conjuration, I suppose if it works for you then you should use it, though I don’t recognize it. I can draft one for you when I have the time.

Additionally, his rank is Grand Duke and one of Lucifer’s “right hand men” so to speak. He corresponds to Mercury and therefore Wednesday is his planetary day.


Whatever the book of Mephisto instructs, I don’t have anything specific, just wondering if anyone can tell me how to summon/conjure him to my abode. If you could draft a conjuration ritual, please PM me. I really wanna work with this lovely gent, mainly just for empowerment and change my luck for the better (getting tired of being surrounded by close-minded idiots, wanna be surrounded by like-minded folk and have a real family among other important tasks I wish to accomplish).

What miracles has this gentleman granted you? Just curious, if he can do more than teach you the ways of the Dark Arts and other gnarly supernatural capabilities.

I have found Asenath’a teachings very enlightening, however there are some lesser known aspects to him. Aspects, concepts and archetypes he’s associated with are including but not limited to:
Father of Witches
Black Man/Goat Man of the Sabbat
Initiator of Witches
The Lord of Darkness/The Dark Lord
Lord of the Dark Earth
Lord and Agent of Pacts
Grand Duke of Hell
The Adversary/Devil
The Shadow Companion
The Black Dragon that devours light
The destroyer and slanderer

(I absolutely adore Asenath and she is one of 4(?) practitioners whose products I will almost always purchase without doubts or questions in regards to the validity of the material)

With this being stated, there is quite a bit he can help you manifest, both in and out of the book. He can:
•Ignite infernal alchemy within the magician
•Help carry out pacts and create them with any spirit
•Teach all forms of Sorcery, however topics that he seems to adore in my experiences are: Necromancy (particularly surrounding dead witches), Divination, Blood Magick, the summoning of demons, etc (Darker works basically)
•Assist in rituals involving the manifestation of almost anything (I would say a romantic relationship may be out of the question here though)
•grant you an elite position in a hierarchy (so a high position job, potentially) as well as grant you wealth in general.
And more. Unfortunately I don’t have time to give a complete list of everything. Really the keys lie in the before mentioned archetypes.

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I honestly don’t think I need more than what you wrote here, to sell me his greatness. I just want him to help me become, what my username implies “Paragon” a model of excellence, and a great role model for young Sorcerors and other learning practitioners.

When I send that pm I’ll give more insight too

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Thank you

Now that I have the book, does anyone here know anything about “The Mask of Mephistopheles”? Like do you order it or make it on your own? Just curious about those who performed the Vision of the Other side ritual, and how the mask plays into it?
Anyone performed the The Adversary Rite? And what was your experience?