Mephistopheles Conjuration ritual?

Hey y’all, once again have a question in regards to conjuring one of the most infamous demons, Mephistopheles. I’ve searched around and found a few things:

His Conjuration: to conjure Mephistopheles ☽: Messias + Adonaij + Weforos + Xathor + Yxewe + Soraweijs + Yxaron + Weghath + Zijbalor + Weghaij + Wesoron + Xoxijwe + Zijwohwowetho + Regathoswatho + Zebaoth + Adonaij + Zijwetho + Aglaij + Wijzathe + Zadaij + Zijebo + Xosthoy + Atlatho + Ysewey + Zyxyzet + Ysche + Sarsewu + Zyzyrn + Deworonhathbo + Xyxewe + Syzwe + Theos + Yschaos + Worsonbefgosy + Gefgowe + Hegor + Quaratho + Zywe + Messias + Abarabi + Mephistophiles .

His sigil:Πρ.-προβολής-φωτογραφιών-Window.png?zoom=1.3020833730697632&resize=298%2C249

So, I was wondering if there are other alternatives, and what should I offer him, What day I should Conjure him (I heard Thursday is ideal, but don’t if that’s true), and any other helpful advice you guys can offer, because I wish to conjure him and gain his help in the Dark Arts, or ask him for help, in making me into a Great Sorcerer.


Offer him your time to evolve, and start workin magnum opus

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Would this suffice? Blood, Rum, and my time for him. Because for this master, I’m gonna offer a lot, if he can help me become a master! Also, I’m considering conjuring Beelzebub tonight, so do you or anyone has advice on him? Or would it be ideal to summon them both?

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Can I also assume I’m on the right (Left hand ;P) path? Using that sigil + conjuration? Seeing the number of likes.

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I do not like belzebub

mephistoteles is for occult, self empoverement, elitism and liberation

Oh what’s Mephistopheles’ rank? So I know how to address him

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Beelzebub :heart: is most loving and protective. Is always wonderful in every way. Go for it @ParagonSage91 it’s a super energy work with Mephistopheles


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He is in the hierarchy of Hell, in the old grimoires.

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