Meow's Magickal Meanderings

I’ve decided to start a journal that will hopefully help me out with some accountability and also keep track of things in a different (read: organized) way. I’m probably going to upload once-twice a week starting later today, but maybe more.

This journal is specifically meant to follow my pathworking with 4 deities: Loki, Sitri, Buer, and Tumi. That’s my tentative order. The reason for these gods/entities is that they all have a link to healing and that’s an interest of mine.

I am calling on Loki first because I have some crazy internal healing that needs to happen and he’s perfect for the relationship I’m looking for. This will probably be the least populated section, but maybe I’ll share more than I expect. With Sitri, I am hoping to glean some insight into his associations with healing and since I have a relationship with him, I’m just hoping to learn some more. Maybe some fun sex magick too! Buer’s pretty obvious. He’s taught me things about health & healing before, I’m looking to make a pact I think. And Tumi is an Andean healing & fortune god, so I’m looking to connect with my ancestors’ gods there.

Aside from the obvious evocation/invocation going on here, I’ll post tarot, channeling notes, and we’ll see what else. (I don’t post pics of my own blood y’all so if you’re ever wondering whether I use blood in magick, the answer is yes I do, but I’m not posting it.)

I guess it begins now! See ya later with an update!


Super! Looking forward to reading this.


Love your Altar!!


Lovely runes! Futhark, or another?




I’m ceremonial as well but lack the “want to” required to use WCM very frequently. If I have an important operation then I’ll use some WCM techniques, but generally whatever I’m doing is ceremonial rather than haphazard.
I get what you mean completely.

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Have you thought about making threads for each of the different people you work with?

I have found it really helps myself to keep me organized and to cover things more in depth.

As a reader I am highly interested in your Loki practices.

*excuse the interpretation…

I am not looking to create 4+ journals for the same overarching topic and would like to keep this pathworking in one place. I believe my opening post was explicitly clear that there will be multiple spirits referred to in this journal, that was deliberate.

Great to have a system you like! I’m a big mix of ‘haphazard’ and planned out :slight_smile: I was planning on posting how I do (these) evocations later today. Still don’t know if I want to though. Thanks for reading through, as I said, the LOKI section will be the least populated, the others will probably have more content more consistently.


Duke Bathin is an amazing spirit. He was the first spirit I ever evoked and was for travel issues. Gotta love Bathin.


If you got Bathin and Dantalion on it, you’re good.

Bathin is not talked about more when it comes to travel. But what he helped me with was near impossible.

Someday I’ll make an entry in my journal. I don’t want to clog up your domain with my ramblings.

With an experienced practitioner such as yourself at the helm. This will be done in no time.

Also Bathin really really specialises in this. And Dantalion for mind control. King Paimon would be good too, but you really just need Bathin here.


Hi there! I have struggled alot in life in terms of physical, mental and emotional troubles and my full time job the past 5 years has been to heal myself, and i’ve become quite proficient at it, to the point where its my area of expertise.
I am not a psychologist, but i have wanted to become one since i was 12, so my knowledge of certain topics is also at the academic level, although not all. Post traumatic stress disorder is a specialty of mine, because of personal events in childhood.

In terms of emotional and mental healing, both understanding and energy work in combination works brilliantly. You seem to come from a troubled home, like i have and since lying is something you hate, you most likely have alot of trauma there. I can be blunt at times, just know that what i say here is not meant in hostility. What we hate is usually what we fear the most. I used to and still do in some regards hate lying women. I could never enter a relationship out of fear of intimacy, coming from the fear of being lied to, as i also had a lying mother. This made me hate them. What you have to do is allow yourself to be vulnerable enough to experience these past hurts. Bring the emotions forth. As children we are extremely vulnerable to our parents lies and deception, and we usually have no way of fighting back the abuse. This leads to a feeling of helplessness and the desire to be able to defend oneself against it, the way we couldnt as children. Feeling the pain aswell as growing into a mature adult that has boundaries is the cure. As you deal with your issues more, you will notice that your respect for boundaries, usually destroyed by narcissistic parents, have started to reappear. Your desire to be healthy gets normalised and out of the toxicity your parents put you through. Its hard work, but also one of the most rewarding things you could ever do. Reading and understanding narcissism and the dynamics of troubled family homes, aswell as trauma, leads to release of emotions. What you are subconsciously looking for is emotional resolve.

In terms of magick, what i found extremly helpful, was the lbrp, but with the intent of clearing all energies of of trauma and emotional pain. It will clear the energies in the higher dimensions, which is the true cause of your pain. As they clear, you will notice that your emotions flow freely through you and leave. If you take my advice, you should do the lbrp daily for months and months. I have found an easy follow along video on youtube, here

Ea Koetting also has a good video describing how to do it.


You are correct. My parents should have been divorced before they chose to procreate. Then proceeded to begin an 8 year long divorce founded on lying to everyone in the family about absolutely everything. And only they will ever know the truth of many things that have happened, some of which are very serious accusations.

You are correct again. I hate people lying because I am afraid of being lied to. It’s taken a long time for me to understand something like this, but it is absolutely true! Thank you for repeating this for me to read again, it’s helpful.

Thank you again, for saying this. Loki’s words to me, “go through the heartbreak,” are beautifully echoed in your post. I’m really dreading sitting down and feeling these things. But that’s part of why there’s so much time between these formal rituals.

It’s not only subconscious for me.

I don’t practice that, nor am I currently interested in it. But thank you for the recommendation and the helpful (super validating) post!


I know if there’s anything I despise, it’s liars and thieves.


Nice altar @meow


Wish someone would have told me you started a journal I just found it.

I appreciate the sincerity and self honesty in your writing style. I wish there was more if that on balg.

Keep up the awesome work documenting your journey my friend. :love_you_gesture:


…I’ve edited down a lot of this because I don’t feel like it should be publicly posted. But publishing (online) some of this is part of my shadow work journey because of things that happened that I’ll get into under the topic ‘my mom stole my notebook and it turned into a child abuse investigation.’

Thanks for the support!! I really appreciate your words.


It sounds like we’ve had a similar experience with family and shadow work journeys. :rofl:


Loki, in general.
I know this is a bit buried in my journal, but here it is. I also use “he/him” but we’ve all gotta understand that’s not entirely accurate with Loke.

Loki is one of my favorite spirits to work with. Get ready for some chaos though! Because he loves to bring it. It’s not always bad, and in fact usually stirs things up enough to make an opening for some amazing progress. He really does show us another side to the common ideology on “trickster” spirits. With “tricksters,” there’s a reputation of negativity. But if we look back to the mythos on Loki, it’s quickly apparent that the tricks he play really propel others into either extremely uncomfortable situations of reflectivity or into opportunity.

I’m not going to list a bunch of myths here, if you look you’ll find them.

But I will say that Loki is given a bad reputation. I searched up “summon Loki” to see what would pop up a couple days ago and… it’s just not fair what comes up. Yes, you should exercise caution when calling on “trickster” spirits and yes, you should be cautious with your requests to them. For the most part though, you should always use caution with these things, a little more won’t kill.

Loki is a being who has been betrayed, who has betrayed, who has suffered at the hands of companions and friends, who has had wild sexual encounters, he’s a shapeshifter beyond imagination, an escape artist at times, someone who walks a path neither “good” nor “bad” and has been villainized and demonized by Christians for it, he’s a problem-fixer, and he is so much more.

Here’s some reasons you might want some Loki energy in your life!

  • You want to make some trouble for someone
  • You want to make someone reflect on their actions (with a side of trouble)
  • You just want to connect with this amazing deity and his awesomeness
  • You’re looking for some sex fun
  • You’re trying to pull off some trickery
  • You’re trying to figure out where people are tricking you
  • You, yourself, want some insight into how these things affect you
  • You’re trying to connect with some Mercurial energy
  • You’re trying to figure out what Loki is like
  • You’re trying to come up with a great scheme and could use advice
  • You feel like you could just benefit from his energy
  • You need something to change
  • Loki is calling you
  • There are so many reasons to call Loki. If you’ve been thinking about it, just do it. It’s not scary.


  • Spicy things
  • Sweet things
  • Incense
  • Devotional practices
  • Mead mead mead
  • Other alcohol
  • Dedicating items (like statues, and look-a-likes)
  • Writing public posts, writing poems, etc.
  • Taking care of flowers, other people, yourself
  • And really, lots and lots more too!

Nothing about ritual here, nothing too personal either. Just some Loke thoughts.


I’m with you on something, because Odin is Mercurian as well.


I had Loki visit me in a dream last yes and he stole my phone after he asked to make a call with it and ran away. Then he hid it and I had to find it. Cool dream.