Meow's Dandelion Dreams

A Pact of Obsession

Dantalion and I have been having some issues lately. I asked for something that he didn’t give me despite me doing everything he wanted from me, including this although it’s yet to really begin. Maybe once we start, he’ll give me what I want.

After my last ritual with Dantalion, I offered him blooded incense, sandalwood. A couple days before I forgot to blood it so I did it over because I’m not looking to get into issues with this demon of obsession. And obsessed I am. As I burned the incense, I spoke with him, I watched his faces morph in the smoke as it grew into bizarre patterns. And I asked what he wanted from me. After our last ritual, I’d promised to give him what he wanted and he kept his tongue quiet.

Not for too long though, because what he wants is a pact. So, just like he was my first ritual, he’ll also be my first pact. I’ve already promised after all. He has a new candle coming, sandalwood and patchouli. I’m meeting with him tomorrow to work out details because I’m not so far gone that I’m willing to accept anything he offers without studying it. I believe this is to be a pact about learning from him. And I am more than happy to oblige. Really, this is something I probably should have done a while ago like when I was 17. Regardless, it’s time now whether he gives me what I asked for or not.

And I understand I have at least some responsibility in this situation going sideways. My magick never hits right on when it involves this person and I’m not sure if it’s because I refuse to bully him into submission to get what I want, or because I’m not going to go after any of his defenses, or because I’m never giving it my all or completely consciously and subconsciously aligned when it comes him. Maybe I will give Dantalion my permission to get into his head and sort this out, but I’d really rather not.

Now that I’ve complained about Dantalion a fair bit, I’m going to consider how our pact is going to work out and I’ve got another couple rituals this evening. Tomorrow, I’ll be posting about the actual pact. Timewise, it’ll probably be however long the candle takes to burn out (supposedly 50 ritual hours), and probably once a week formal ritual with Dantalion getting my pretty liberal permission to be in space.

(In part I’m posting to show him I’m committed because I’m tired of feeling this anxious energy whenever I think about him! A god of obsession he really fucking is. There’s a reason he comes with a warning. And yet, I wouldn’t trade my connection with him, he’s been there for me in desperation and taught me so much.)


This is awesome!! Looking forward to read more about one of my favourite spirits, especially coming from you.

Interestingly he too asked me to be my Patron. I already have one, I am most likely soon going to pact him as my second Patron.


I immediately thought of dedicating a simplistic style Brahma statue (though you may have to clear that with him and only if you find yourself comfortable with something like that). The only other thing I can think of is making a simple figure with clay (or acquiring one) and painting on multiple faces. I hope you find or make something special! I love the dragon you’ve got.

Good luck! Looking forward to reading your updates on this.


It’s so crazy you say this!! I was considering Pacting Belial as my second Patron but I’m not as close to Belial as I am to Dantalion.

This exact same thing happened and now I’m almost on the verge of Pacting Dantalion. Which I will in the next couple of weeks.

I don’t mind though, I like Dantalion and he is very powerful. He has helped me even when I’ve not asked. So logically he should be my choice.

Also Belial is a harsh and abrasive teacher. I don’t think I have room for that right now.

This is exactly what Belial asked of me for him, I’m also doing this for King Paimon.

Watching YouTube videos to learn how to.

Congratulations @meow on Pacting Duke Dantalion. He’s awesome, I’m so happy for you.

Soon we’ll be Pact-Homies.


I did see those and I can’t fathom having an idle on my altar to a god that isn’t the right one. They look almost perfect though, we’ll see maybe.

Thanks for the idea! This is now on my list to consider.

Oh yes, I have not a lot of ability with clay and drawing.



I’m sure he won’t take advantage of that

This I’ve experienced myself as well. He does help quick and expects the practitioner to reciprocate. It’s easy to get caught up with other spirits. So I can completely relate to this.

Any idea on what one could expect?


Don’t get me wrong, but I’ve almost always had difficult dreams with respect to Duke Dantalion.

I find it confusing as to why he does that. A spirit that has helped so many times, many without me asking. And always delivering, many times in style. I wonder why he gives difficult dreams?

I think it’s mostly got to do with dealing with our fears. I understand, but I enjoy my dreams and I’d like more of pleasant and awesome dreams!


He’s given me challenging dreams as well, but none where I can feel someone explicitly torturing me. That’s the line I draw with Sitri who has, multiple times, made me feel like a terrorist being tortured in a dream. I know it’s him, he’s admitted to it. But fuccccckkkk. Sitri and I are close and I don’t understand why he plays with me like that, it’s not fun. Anyways, that’s the distinction I was making. Last night Dantalion was definitely messing with my dreams though.

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Most of the deities I’ve worked with don’t have specific sigils or idols. Instead, I.find something else and dedicate it to them and their energies. For Tiamat, I have a stone snake that is visible in many of my ritual pictures. I have to make do with what I can find or make. For Moloch, I’ll likely find a minotaur statue and spray paint it gold.


Cool ideas! Thanks so much @anon39079500!!!


Of course. I used to use hand tools and make skeleton keys for Hecate. I will likely burn an 8-pointed star into a piece of wood for Inanna, since most of the things for her are Lilith-like. Still thinking of what I will do for Baal (not Bael). I may end up just getting or making representations for those aspects of him that I interact with most.


This is so true. I’ve seen when you stop giving him attention or are diverting attention to other spirits, he wants his. He deserves it and commands it. He fucking delivers.

I agree. His abilities are way way beyond what we know as humans. He once offered to do baneful work for me. WTF!!

I’ve been working with him and Prince Ipos on my clairs for the past four months and man I’ve made astronomical leaps and bounds. Last week he gave me a physical view ofnhim with my eyes open. It was from the corner of my eye but he was there.

100% x 100

This i agree. But I offer something pretty good to begin with. I put a lot of care and emotion and effort into my offerings in general.

Do you feel he takes other than what’s agreed upon?

Another fantastic Spirit Profile by @meow

What a pleasure it was to read this. Thank you.

Gotta love Dantalion.


Him being petty about me evoking him with Bathin and then with King Paimon comes to mind.

Yea, that’s a side rarely talked about. Also hinted at a couple times earlier up in the post. But I’ve not taken him up on baneful. Not yet at least, we shall see. I see you’ve pulled the quotes later down!

Congrats! What a milestone!!!

I try to have nice offerings, but living with someone where I don’t drive and can’t walk/take a bus/etc. makes it a bit harder to pick up some alcohol and other standard offerings. Mostly, incense and sometimes food/drink from me. He likes my time though.

To the second part, No. We agree and that’s that. I’ve never ever had him overstep boundaries and don’t anticipate it. Sometimes he doesn’t immediately tell me what he wants but I know it’s like a (recognition) post or food and later I get details. This last time was the only time when there was a slight thing where as you know I told him I’d give “whatever he wanted.” But I’ve never had him do anything crazy or uncalled for because I’ve asked for help.

I do know there are some people who don’t do offerings, or anything else and then are surprised when things turn upside down or they find themselves in a pickle. Which is why I wrote the last line you quoted. Better to have all the cards on the table than to be surprised when something gets fucked up.

Thanks for reading @Kindraathe ! And the praise too! Gotta love him indeed.

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Yes he offered me once, he said “I can do anything”. So i asked, if he could eliminate someone and he said he could. I believe him.

What does this mean, looks like in not up to date with internet lingo!

Thanks it was awesome. I asked him to confirm if I really did see him during Evocation and he gave me an earful. I made a post about it. I was embarrassed.

That’s been my experience as well. But I’ve noticed if you ask him what he likes. He picks out some interesting and nice stuff.

Hey I enjoy the read and the praise is well deserved. Keep it coming.

Haha i know, he’s always there before. But i like completing my ritual. It’s more than him. Recently I find he’s around the moment I reach my ritual space.

Yes I’m curious, whenever you’re ready though.

This is exactly how I see him!! Can never see his legs, the tunic is always flowing. He’s dressed on maroon and black robes. Red book. Huge turban.

Sometimes when he goes dark, i see burning red eyes, Nothing scary, well not to me atleast.

Now that would be cool!!


To “pull a quote” is like to take a quote (something I wrote in this case) and put it where you’re writing. So what I meant was, you quoted the baneful lines a little later in your post. :slight_smile:

I read it! I got lectured about not sitting still so… don’t feel too bad!

Yes! Which is why I said sometimes we agree to a ‘category’ and then he tells me a couple days later.

Oh yea! It’s just something I’ve done for so long. Training wheels I guess? But sometimes you stay longer than needed for the comfort anyway.

It showed up to my ritual space when the incense burned out and tried to get me to say/agree to some weird shit. And he just toted it out. He asked if I wanted to “watch” and I was like, sure? why not? So he ripped it apart viciously then it seemed like the energy it has was spun around and ‘cleaned’ and then he consumed it.

Oh my god!! That’s so perfect!!! Yes, exactly!

How does one bring up to their Catholic-dad, did you ever talk to wish-granting spirits? Maybe I will sometime, it’ll be a fun response no matter what!



I got lectured once before too. It was quite “humbling” basically about me not doubting myself. I still have to make that entry.

Last year he picked out a book I read for him. It was a red hardback book which was on my attic. I’ve had it for over a decade and I forgot about its existence. It’s called “Prince of the Mist” its about Pacts, Djinns, magick and graveyards. And it’s Red! :person_tipping_hand:t4::person_tipping_hand:t4:

Haha my dad is very strong RHP and believes in praying etc etc. So is my mom. They believe magick (all of it is black magick) is for “deviants” and lost people.

Knock knock, you got a Deviant under your roof!!

I told them both I’m a practitioner about a month or so ago. They were shocked and had their jaw drop. But after the initial heartattack they both calmed down and were actually quite supportive. You never know how parents will react.

P.S. They’re not from one of the JCI religions and do not believe in an adversary.


Damn, the more i see of you the more impressed i am :relieved: you’re so awesome :triumph::triumph: I’ll comment more later but for now I’ll say that dantalion sounds like an incredible entity :relieved::heart_eyes:


More awesome posts on Dantalion. Thank you @meow !! Always looking forward to your posts.

You now got the homie badge :nerd_face::nerd_face:



Yes mine is a Djinn. A humungous, dark skinned, fiery eyed Djinn. King Paimon sent him to me (i hadn’t asked) mainly for protection and to keep imposters, tricksters etc away.

King Paimon sent me another Djinn last week. I got his name but I didn’t get the Sigil or his purpose. So I’ll have to meditate and get that info.

I have a feeling Dantalion will send me a Djinn too as a familiar once I pact him, which isn’t so far away.

You’ve been in the inner circle for a while now haha. Great work!


I’m so excited to read about your pact if you post about it!!!

I think I got a name, meditation will confirm. I’ll likely get a sigil then too. I was not expecting this turn of events. But, not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth!! I’ll be meeting him/them shortly which is code for probably tomorrow. I got red vibes. I told Dantalion, if someone sends a god after me, is this really gonna do something? And fuck, he did not like that. This isn’t the only protective measure agreed upon (that he gave me) tonight, but it sure is a great one. And he promised that it can’t ‘turn on me.’ I was a bit wary because it’s something new to me, but I know he’s only looking out for me.

I’m excited to join the club of having this type of jinn around though! Hopefully the djinn’s fine with me being “young” :triumph: :triumph: :rage:

I’m still pissy about that. I know some of you have so much more experience than I do and I know how important experience can be, but for him to just come out and say that. I feel like a child in the deep end of the pool. I know he wasn’t being mean and he even said nice things after that I don’t remember, but still :frowning_face:

Edit: I got a name and sigil! And now… it’s bedtime!