At the guidance of my Guding Spirits & The Powers of Darkness, I am opening up Mentorship for 3 people. No charge, no donation, none of that. The only way you will pay (in body and Soul) is if you waste my time and the Spirit’s time.

I will train you in Black Magic. Hardcore. You will learn how to kill. (Idgaf about your moral values on killing through magic, so if you have those then please dont sign up.)

You will learn Scrying, Evocation, Sigil Magic, And develop skills WITHOUT the use of Vizualization, faith, imagination, etc.

You will also learn Channeling, invocation, banashing, vibrating Godnames, how to process power, attaining power, taking possesion of others through Soul Travel, how to crush weakness, the greater purpose of Baneful magic, rituals to destroy obstacles, the Roots of Death and Demons/Gods, Evolutionary Regression (working magic in a primal state), understanding the Darkness, And possesion as well.

I will read your Aura and hand tailor the training to minimize your weakness and maximize your strengths.

If you feel like you are one of the 3 people (and I already know which ones they are) TALK WITH YOUR GUIDING SPIRITS FIRST!! Ask them to evaluate my mentorship and me to see if it will be a good match for you and your skill level
Then reply or PM me. Please be dedicated to this. This is about your Ascent.

(I train my students like i train myself. Read = Extreme shit Like Invoking the Goetia in its entirety + the corresponding Angels + the 4 Elements etc in one session)

I look forward to see who is gonna apply :smiley:


Interested, but I’ve already pissed off two mentors. I would love it hut don’t want to waste your time either.

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I would love mentorship. I believe I would be a good student as I possess the growth mindset.

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@Serpent Did you talk to your Guiding Spirits?

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I felt an affirmative force, so yeah

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@Serpent Pm me man

You have information I can use, but you’re not the only means of acquisition.

Remember, those as serious as yourself, will be equally as selective about their mentors.


Very good point @azathoth0013

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But they also wouldn’t ignore feeling like someone is screaming at them to take this offer.

They’re not, ultimately the decision will be his in my case.

@Micah,: consider this an application, if I’m one give me a holler. I’ll be around.

@KingOfHearts616, @micah, how would I know? I have no idea who a guiding spirit is. I really don’t know, so I’m not interested in wasting my time, your time or a spirits time. Sorry, but I have no idea.

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Mostly my time though, I have a life like anyone else and would like to accomplish something before I’m dead.

A “Guiding” spirit is essentially any spirit (deity, angel, Demon, etc) that you have a connection to and can rely on for accurate advice
If you dont have a guiding spirit, (which is perfectly fine), meditate on the situation and let your intuition guide you. If you get a “no” from yourself then follow that. Same thing for a yes


Nope, sorry.

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Its all good bro

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As this is a thread labeled Mentorship… I would like to offer help! I’m not nearly so picky as a mentor, but the level of training I can give does depend on certain criteria eventually being met. I never really tried with anyone who had any actual prior knowledge.

Thanks to all that applied to the mentorship thread. For the 3 that pmed me we will make contact soon

This thread is closed :sunglasses:
@Lady_Eva, Do the honors please :fire: