Mental Health and the Industrial Inquisition


Veterans sometimes refer to the purple heart as the “enemy marksmanship badge”. That’s not funny in most social situations, so please don’t repeat it. The point being, we can sometimes give rememberance to the people who take hits for the cause while keeping in mind that it is better when nobody takes a hit, so be careful.

I’ve griped aplenty about my own negative experiences with people who use the concept of mental health to override my rights as an American citizen. I’ll just open this thread for anyone searching the terms “Mental Health” and/or “Inquisition” because it is relavent to my interests :business_suit_levitating:


Bit concered this is going to be a political topic, or turn into one, is it about 2A?

New rule by forum owners on politics from Sept 5th last year: [Peace Treaty] Community Unity - No More Politics

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Well, I wouldn’t call it political as in red team blue team.

I did use some of that argument’s language, but that’s just to impress that the label of mental illness makes a real difference in a person’s life. Being labeled as such is a real problem and not just a matter of pride.

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Okay, I re-Listed this, if anyone wants to talk about specific political or politicised topics (like gun ownership, access to benefits, etc) please take that to PM, I’m just trying to avoid any problems cropping up. :+1:


Ok, I’m not political so my comments will not air on that side. I am however someone who has and is battling with emotional control. For example, when you’re trying to find a specialist to talk to and they want to cram drugs down your through instead of taking the time to exploring other areas to assist.

As for veterans, though countries have armies, taking that into consideration and thus pushing it aside (not out of disrespect just acknowledging that they exist) the trials of their experiences I cannot even begin to understand. Mental health and the professionals appointed to help, I’ve learned from veterans known to me, can be difficult.

How can someone from any extreme trauma inducing experience find the help, assistance, and reliability to discuss, understand, come to terms with and thus try to move on? I hope that this thread is able to stay within the paradigms of the BALG rules and that @Zapdubious you gain what ever it is you’re in search of.



If an occultist says to another, “I’ve been persecuted by people who do not understand my ways.”
The second occultist is right to say, “Secrecy is the first of our teachings. Now you know why.”

I accept that. I almost never talk about Fight Club.

But like, this is America right? We got Satanic statues going up in courthouses, people getting snake bites and flopping around talking backwards, there’s an active church of the Flying Spaghetti monster for fuck’s sake.

I feel like anyone held in a mental hospital should get to see a chaplian who makes sure their First Amendment isn’t being violated. That would make a bigger difference than a statue of Baphomet.

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Curious to know if u have ever envoked while in the field of combat. I wish the ancients could stop theae wars .

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I’ve never been in the military or killed anyone in person, but I’ve practiced and gotten close as I can with the warrior spirit. My brother joined the army right before 9/11 happened and I decided not to go. I regret my decision, but I think he regrets his decision more.

I wish it would stop too. Things are getting better though. I know a couple war gods and they don’t need blood to be happy. Ares likes football and video games. He likes healthy energetic men with team spirit. War is something we have to do when we have to do it. War gods are there for us when we face that challenge, but I wouldn’t mess with one who actually wants you to be at war.

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Sometimes it is nesecarry to seek the aid of a mental health professional. Sometimes they are very helpful people who solve problems and make things better.

Sometimes though, they fuck off at work. Sometimes they do a half-ass job, and say they did a whole-ass job. Refuting a diagnosis of mental illness isn’t like sending back shitty food at IHOP. Your ethos as a mental patient versus the ethos of a doctor is worthless. Imagine if the guys from McDonald’s could just mug you, print up a reciept, and tell the cops you purchased two-thousand dollars worth of invisible hamburgers.

Of course that power gets abused, a lot.