Mental evocation of Asmodeus:

I mentally highly evoke Asmodeus the living god of lust, on a stormy⛈night I highly mentally evoked asmodeus whilst meditating & entering a alpha state trance, whenever he arrived I had him sign his astral initials for I wasn’t wasting anytime with a god forsaken living imposter spirit, then whilst we were talking asmodeus tried to throw me off of the subject I twas trying to bring up for the reason to his summons, then I told him I wished to form a temporary pact with him & him alone, I discussed my pact terms with him & him alone, I offered to mentally evoked him everyday for every week in September until the month of September twas no more, then I said if I succeeded In doing so I wished for him in return to prove me wrong that spirits & gods can still manifest physically a lot like tulpas created from human consciousness & thoughts💭if i succeeded, although he twas up for the challenge in accepting my pact terms with him but he wanted to state his terms too, he said if I loose and or fail to do so, then he wishes for me to offer him a years worth of my sperm, meaning every time I go to release my stress I must give all my sperm to him, after all he tis the living god of all things lust related, so it twas settled he had a board in his hands and a pen with a skull💀on it I think🤔he handed it to me, FYI this twas all mental travel style not soul travel or astral at least not yet, I handed him the board back to him and said I think you should sign it first i then mentally saw him take back the board and saw him sign his initials then he hands the board and skull💀pen back towards me, then I sign my initials and hand it back to him, then he said, PLEASURE doing business with you, too be continued, oh darkestknight if your reading this after I opened my eyes from my trance I saw lighting flash and crash across the skies and it started to rain, does that mean the pacts been certified, I just wanna make sure I not making this all up nor imaging shit like dumb daydreams💭I went into trance used the countdown technique and used my mantra that helps me progress even more then the room around me starts physically spinning violently during my mental conversation with asmodeus in our evocation, please respond ASAP Multiverse Blessings,


wow, that was hard to read

@DarkestKnight you have been summoned :smiley:

Imo, if that’s what you felt, that’s what it was. Trust yourself, but don’t lie to yourself, you should know which is which.

We all worry about that tbh, but you know, the proof of e pudding is in the eating. Its healthy to keep yourself to a high standard, and the more you get results the more confidence you get. Keep trying new stuff and never get into a rut, it’s more fun that way too :slight_smile:


I don’t think it necessarily means the pact was accepted, but I do think it is evidence that something took place, that it wasn’t “all in your head,” so to speak.

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Good to know, as in agreement with him of asmodeus I wished for him to appear if I evoke him everyday until the end of September I know spirits can give themselves a physical body, but it takes shit loads of energies because everything unfolds from the mental planes then everything from the astral Planes unfolds into the physical worlds once given enough impetus & powers of course, do you think me accepting his offer of manifestation physically has anything to do with the mental evocation I think what he’s doing tis that he’s funneling the energies from our mental evocations so he can use it to physically manifest form the astral world’s,

Besides I’ve seen enough supernatural shit to know it’s possible,

In my childhood Ive tried ice Magic’s & I saw the most beautiful ice crystals form on my walls, and it wasn’t even winter anyways what I’m trying to say tis I know were connected to the five elements, fires🔥Waters, airs, Mother Earth🌎& our living godly spirits, I’ve tried supernatural powers before and it’s all real, I know from my experience that it twas no dream either besides imo I twas successful just have to master my mind so I can control the astral so I can control the physical world