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11/19/20 11:20 pm
A friend has informed me that the Ley Lines in vegas are radiantly expelling Sacral energy, waves I used to draw creative energy from.

You see the red dot No#1 expanded from Cali to Utah. And engulfed southern Nevada, my not so humble home town of las vegas. Sin City.
I’m actually pretty home sick.

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If you google ley lines, there’s a map that shows the known ones for each state. It’s rather interesting.

I didn’t find much real and not fiction on the subject however, at least that wasn’t incredibly boring and dense.

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LoL, I was sensitive to it yokes ago, thanks


I dream about holding a large hand size piece of moldavite someone had sent me. The moldavite was part of a small collection. I’m not sure who it was from, removing it from the package. I quickly examined it, the crystal seamed fake, like glass, and was going to put it down and focus my attention on the other contents.
However I could not set it a side, and continued to focus on this large crystal.


Sorry you feel that way. I know the conflicts drive you nuts, but I don’t read as many as conflicts, but rather difference in opinions, as you do.

Hope you yell if you need something :slight_smile:

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11/22/20 1:00 pm

ok, I successfully removed the knife from my back, patched the hole, it was the shake up I needed. I been sleeping on the divorce papers I carry with me, and some of my connection at the courthouse have helped me greatly.

All I need now is to find a place/job in vegas, working for the county here, I am sure in 3 to 6 months I’ll be able to transfer my job there.

This evening Justice and I will be working on divination, maybe with Vassago, or Mepsitahl.



Had a great night with @69Justice69 we studied the LBRP, watched E.A’s video, took notes, practiced it, with meditation.

I showed her my cyrstal collection.

We looked over and studied out Tarot decks.

It waa a great evening together.


I hope we can get together again soon! Thanks for being a great friend.


I’m glad you had a great time


Also, first batch of Ash guord juice.

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