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My dream, short, scary, a dark skin man being held down on a table, as he sleeps, and acquaintances (other dark skinned men) try to take a picture of him, as it would be funny to strip him of his clothes, he wakes, these men push him back against the table, as they do, there is blood on the mans clothing, they do this 2 more times, the blood is more noticeable. I watch in horror as a prank now turns deadly, as the man is accidentally stabbed by something, his right side squirts a fountain of blood, the others release him, panicked. Wishing I was able to stop the events from the begain, I quickly approched the man with intentions to heal him, or at least stop or slow the bleeding, but awoke before reaching him. Even though it was a dream, I hope he is okay…

I can’t believe it’s been a week already…

Morphues Darkson struck gold, had a free offering to offer others familiars. I’ve always wanted a Succubus. This isn’t my first time asking, I have done 2 previous lettets of intent, but nothing really came out of it. No touch, no feels… I felt maybe I wasn’t ready, my senses weren’t open, or inexperienced? I figured I’ll continue to work with the entities.

It’s been a new experience, feeling her, as though a hat was placed around my head, or swirling over sections of my head, touching of my Groin area. It tingles, and as ofter as possible I thank her for making her presents known.

Like @succupedia I hooe to have a long and lasting relationship. I have felt her touch my legs, chest, back of my neck and even lips.

I will continue to report my progress, I can’t feel her cuddle with me yet, I feel her holding my legs, and her touch even when I stand.

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That’s awesome!!!

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Thank you. I think she working on my clairaudiance as well as touch, and some topics suggest if you have these signs, you may have them open within a month.

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Well all the very best of luck to you on your workings with her!!!

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Thanks, do you have a spirit companion?

No, not yet…

However, I’ve been on a serious and very intimate path with Asmodeus for the last few months…

He has been very adamant that due to the path of teaching I am not to converse with others until he gives the go ahead… So I’m adhering to his wishes…

However a recent reading by Morpheus Darkson has also come up with some interesting thins regarding working with Lilith as well…
Also some qliphas where herself and Naamah normally operates…

So I’m definitely going to be looking at that and if given the go ahead in my workings with Asmodeus, I will definitely look into a letter rof intent as a starter(after conversing and working with Lady Lilith, that is)

So in short…

No, I have not…


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if you are going to be working with Lilith, you can ask her while working with her, I was shocked that such an entity wanted to be/work with me. I wish you luck brother.

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I will most definitely do that and follow the advice thanks!!
Ya it’s like the spirits you’ve always, well in my case anyways, steered clear of for some Rawson are exactly the ones you need to be working with…

Or you’ve missed their calling…

Thanks for the well wishes… And once again…
. All the best on your path too!!!

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Ok this made me giggle after the paragraphs above it :joy::rofl:


Lol Ya… Kinda a massive long tale to taper off with a no at the end of the day… FML hahah


I love it actually :joy:


Thanks you both, i felt it was pretty animated in speech


First consultation with Kendall, I was blown away, he’s so approachable, I kind of got start struck.

He gave great points, and a few rituals to do for myself that are atune for me.

I totally forgot two questions I was going to ask. Because I was in awe, but in a few days we will have another consultation soon.

This guy works his but off for his clients. I can’t wait to talk with him soon.

Thank you @C.Kendall, I hope to hire you as a mentor soon!


Congrats. I have know you can do anything and he is truly great to help.

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I am so glad you followed my advice on this. I am so excited to hear where your path leads you :grin:

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Thanks you two @Angelb1083 @Darkprincess, he just wants to make sure I stay positive moving forward! And he said he’s very selective to who he chooses to help. I felt truly honored.

Sadly as for great of a site this is, he isn’t on very often. He feel that this site has a lot of toxic people, so I say for Kendall, and the other, were here to learn and share our results, and help others, there is no other site like this, so lets make this a site Kendall, E.A. and the other authors are proud of, who want to visit, and spends time with their member’s.

There is a lot we talked about I can’t really discuss.
I know… I know.

But if you want to know, you’ll just have to set up your own consultation. It is worth it!

Thanks again

I was actually really nervous to talk to him, but he was really relaxed, down to earth

Thanks DP, I feel that one person can achieve a lot, but many together, can change the world

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Yea, he really is. He is great at what he does. He has helped me a lot in the past year and a half with things that come up on my path and in my life. Doing a mentorship with him could really be great for you. Conner has the knowledge I don’t have to help you.

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