Member's Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here!


Thank you, Lucifer. My dear friend for the special number you changed on a paper about 3 years ago ;).

And of course for directing things the right way when I most needed.

Thank you in name of all human kind for giving the finger to the sadistic prick.

Thank you for contacting me when I called for you proving you were there all the time.

Thank you for everything you have been doing now that we are closer.

People should know who you truly are.

Oh, and I almost forgot, thank you for the wings, the helmet and the cape.


Thank you to Yelahel for letting my parents’ divorce mediation go smoothly and diminishing my mother’s fear and panic attacks, and getting us what we / I asked for and deserved. (Might seem a bit gooshy goshy for a LHP website, but Yelahel is great for legal matters!)

Hail Yelahel!


Thank you so very much Baron Samedi for saving my life. If you didn’t intervene I wouldn’t be typing right now. Thank you for being a constant companion, friend, confidant, and mentor. And thank you for the literal miracles you have made, especially saving me from dying. By all rights, I shouldn’t be here but for some reason you made sure that I am. I’ll never forget that.


I would like to thank Odin for allowing me more insight unto the runes,and also showing me how to create bindrunes of each type per rune.


you guys make me so excited, it’s too good to read all the love you give and receive from them, keep it up you’re great!:heartpulse::blue_heart::heartpulse:


Right, I have to thank Belial again. Nope, I didn’t have any wishes fulfilled this time, but that was on me. I changed my mind. Some few things were unclear to me, and Belial comes into my dream with a kind of “ultimatum”: if I wanted to have that wish fulfilled, I had to call him one more time and also call Azazel (which I never worked with) to help on that case. If not, I had to let it go, and I had to be completely honest with me.
After that, I was thinking a lot about it. When I was watching some series, I was punched with a lot of lessons and I caught myself looking deeply into me. Found the answer, called Belial and asked him to call of that operation. I formed another “pact” with him, about my real dream, my real desire, and is still too early to say anything about it, but I’m confident on the outcome.
I asked him some wisdom on that matter and what I had to do in order to accomplish the desired result. He comes with wisdom, and I changed one more time.
Belial isn’t mad like some people say. In fact, I believe he is caring, on his way… I have to thank you a lot for the growth in this meantime. So thank you, Belial. Your advice was awesome.
Ah, for the people afraid to call him: don’t be. Really, you don’t need to.
Thank you again, Belial.


Thank you to Lucifer, who was super quick to respond and take action when I did an offering to you 2 nights ago and mentioned a problem to you.
I work in a female dominant environment and unfortunately , this has led to times when cliques form that bully others.
Lucifer has taken apart these Cliques when asked and moved problem staff on.
The same stuff started to happen again to me, staring,silence, gossip, jealousy and pettiness from one Woman. I am weary of the same pattern of stupidity and so asked Lucifer to nip it in the bud before she took hold involving others.
12 hours later I got my result. Bye Bye Laura!


Whats funny is when a girl gets jealous of other beautiful women even though she is hot looking. Talk about different levels of crazy!


It is tiresome… I am glad I am different .


Thank you Eshmak for keeping my father in the dark


Thank you, Duke/Duchess Bune for kicking in this fast!!! You’re crazy, man. You’re crazy :black_heart:
Thank you, Marquis Leraje for always backing up my bullshit and for helping me to finally get rid of this terrible person without even intervening via management level. Let’s have a happy little party :clinking_glasses:, you handsome and cunning creature.


Thank you Arathron, I asked you to stop something and someone and you came through for me in less than an hour…Thank you!


Thank you Archangels for your protection and helping clear away troublesome energies; as well as rejuvinating my space.


Thank you Lady Lilith, for making sure i received the Rituals of pleasure ritual grimore, it is a very beautiful and the grimore acts like a very powerful talisman, i could literally feel a very powerful energy dripping from the book when i was browsing through the book, and again Lady Lillith many thanks again Hail Lilith.


Wanted to give a big thanks to my man king paimon. Been meaning to do it for awhile but it slipped my mind until recently. he really helped with a truck I just had to have.

It’s kinda crazy how well and cheaply everything actually worked out for me.

He got a little frustrated with me at first because I was going about it all wrong but because I was a beginner he was very patient.

You will not regret working with him if you choose to do so.

Thank you great king paimon.


I wanted to give heartfelt thanks and public praise as promised to Lucifer, Dulid, and Buer for healing my sick cat. My cat collapsed a week ago vomiting and then was barely breathing. Still don’t know what happened but she was close to death. She was unconscious. Veterinarian did not think she’d make it and advised her to be put down. I refused. Instead I immediately did a ritual in the book Lucifer & the Hidden Demons with Dulid to heal a sick animal. I remember that I heard a voice in my head I felt was Lucifer say ‘All will be well.’ It was hard to believe because she seemed close to death. She is also an old cat so they had written her off. But about half an hour later, she came round and was sitting up and breathing better. I took her home and she kept improving. The following day I also called on Buer to assist. A week later she is back to normal.

I’m still stunned by this result. She seemed so far gone I didn’t have much hope. I will be forever grateful to you all - Hail Lucifer! Hail Dulid! Hail Buer! I keep getting amazing results from Lucifer & the Hidden Demons. Many of them I’d not heard of before. Does anyone have any more info on Dulid? I tried searching online but nothing.


I love Arathron! He is one of my favourite spirits to work with and I’ve called on him many times to stop troublesome people at work. He has never failed to help me when I’ve called on him. He is amazing! And I also find him excellent to call on if you need strength in dealing with difficult situations. He’s helped me so much the past year and still is.


My gratitude and awe to Leviathan, Lord of the depths, lurker in the cold, crushing darkness.


Shoutout to President Buer for healing someone very dear to my best friend and aiding in their recovery. And for working with me on brushing up my herbalism knowledge and skills to better look after my plants, as well as my own health. Also thank you Father Lucifer for your wisdom and guidance in my daily energy work :smile:


Big thank you to @GaiasGirl (you know why :wink:) x