Member's Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here!


Thank you, Lucifer. My dear friend for the special number you changed on a paper about 3 years ago ;).

And of course for directing things the right way when I most needed.

Thank you in name of all human kind for giving the finger to the sadistic prick.

Thank you for contacting me when I called for you proving you were there all the time.

Thank you for everything you have been doing now that we are closer.

People should know who you truly are.

Oh, and I almost forgot, thank you for the wings, the helmet and the cape.


Thank you to Yelahel for letting my parents’ divorce mediation go smoothly and diminishing my mother’s fear and panic attacks, and getting us what we / I asked for and deserved. (Might seem a bit gooshy goshy for a LHP website, but Yelahel is great for legal matters!)

Hail Yelahel!


Thank you so very much Baron Samedi for saving my life. If you didn’t intervene I wouldn’t be typing right now. Thank you for being a constant companion, friend, confidant, and mentor. And thank you for the literal miracles you have made, especially saving me from dying. By all rights, I shouldn’t be here but for some reason you made sure that I am. I’ll never forget that.


I would like to thank Odin for allowing me more insight unto the runes,and also showing me how to create bindrunes of each type per rune.


you guys make me so excited, it’s too good to read all the love you give and receive from them, keep it up you’re great!:heartpulse::blue_heart::heartpulse:


Right, I have to thank Belial again. Nope, I didn’t have any wishes fulfilled this time, but that was on me. I changed my mind. Some few things were unclear to me, and Belial comes into my dream with a kind of “ultimatum”: if I wanted to have that wish fulfilled, I had to call him one more time and also call Azazel (which I never worked with) to help on that case. If not, I had to let it go, and I had to be completely honest with me.
After that, I was thinking a lot about it. When I was watching some series, I was punched with a lot of lessons and I caught myself looking deeply into me. Found the answer, called Belial and asked him to call of that operation. I formed another “pact” with him, about my real dream, my real desire, and is still too early to say anything about it, but I’m confident on the outcome.
I asked him some wisdom on that matter and what I had to do in order to accomplish the desired result. He comes with wisdom, and I changed one more time.
Belial isn’t mad like some people say. In fact, I believe he is caring, on his way… I have to thank you a lot for the growth in this meantime. So thank you, Belial. Your advice was awesome.
Ah, for the people afraid to call him: don’t be. Really, you don’t need to.
Thank you again, Belial.