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I think I need to call on Buer for myself now too. I’ve had a God awful sore throat/chest infection for nearly 2 months now that won’t shift. Doctors are useless in this country (UK so NHS, where you’ll die before they do anything). Not sure if he can help in this area but I’m at my wits end.


I’m gonna have to give thanks to King Paimon and Lucifer at the moment.


I say go for it! I’m in the UK too so totally know what you mean… bane of my existence :smiley: Buer is very kind and helpful.


I would like to thank Caim/Caimo for his help with allowing a baby bird to survive though the Night. Last Night my family and I had placed it in the garage to shield it from the elements and I was worried but he appeared and said he’ll take care of it in exchange for public thanks (I think this is because he can help with Animals).

The bird survived the Night and now we’re waiting for someone to come put it in its nest.

Thank you Caim I truely appreciate it and I know the bird does too❤️🌹


I do not know if I have to thank my guardians, but my life is completely changing, the anxieties and insecurities have completely gone away, finally I am the real me! Everything has changed since I meditate regularly, but if you have helped me, dear guardians or other spirits, I thank you with all my heart … this is only the beginning, I thank you especially for always been with me even when I ignored you completely, finally I know who I am and what my real nature is, this.


Thank you Lucifer for pulling me out of my depression and infusing me with energy, ambition and ready to tackle this new day!

I did an evocation at 1:20 AM offered red wine and I slept only for a few hours, woke up a few times because I think an entity tried to scare me by giving me scary images, or maybe it was Lucifer to test me. I didn’t bothered at all and I went back to sleep. I woke up at 7:00 AM completely energized, happy and new motivation.

I’m ready to work on my tasks and long term goals.

Hail Lucifer!


Thank you to King Paimon for a wonderful first evocation with you. You certainly work fast and your energy is beautiful.


I want to send a big Thank You to Asmodeus for the partnership, i never felt as strong as i do now in only 2 days of work together and the insight is just phenomenal.:sparkling_heart::pray:


Thanks to Lilith, Naamah, Asmodeus & Samael. You know why :slight_smile:


THANK YOU to LUCIFER!! I’m sorry I can not elaborate but I am so so THANKFUL to Lucifer for coming through for me in my urgent matter!!


I would love to thank Lucifer for having my back today and just being there for me. You have my unconditional love. Just thank you for everything. Any other spirits that were listening to me today and the past few days thank you as well. You all have my loyalty and respect.

Hail Lucifer


Thanks to Belial for helping me not to get a certain fine for not showing up in court :grin:
Next goal: to help me erase an older fine I already have for the same reason :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I would like to thank Belial for finding a job for my babysitter - such a relief to know that she can still earb her living without working for me! Thank you!!!

Huge thanks for Beleth for working on my boyfriend so far, i’ll get the result soon enough, but already having improvement :slight_smile:

and Thank you to my man Ace,for giving me so many insights for job and prosperity. i trust the process :wink:


Thank you, Salas’ash, for helping me out with money. I evoked him last Wednesday, and he answered almost immediately. His sigil glowed a green energy. According to people’s experiences of him, it is advised that you don’t ask him a specific amount of money. You leave that up to him. So I did just that. He said that a check will arrive in the mail that Friday, and it did. I thought that was going to be it, but yesterday I was offered an odd job out of the blue, and the person who contacted me said to charge him any amount I wanted to get it done (within reason, of course). On top of that, I’ll be receiving a larger amount from another source than I anticipated.

Salas’ash himself said that the only thing he wanted in exchange was to promote him, so here I am. He’s very businesslike, direct, and fast-moving. During my conversation with him, I wasn’t sure if I had gotten my message across, to which he responded, “It will be done. I have to go.” And then he went off and got the job done. He did reappear later to coach me about my relationship with money, which was unexpected.


Thank you Lord Belial for your presence.


Thank you Queen Astaroth. I see your Sigil every day or at least some symbol of you and it means a lot to me❤️🌹


Thank you Belial for showing up and watching when I need you.

Thank you Botis for the additional protection. A new face, I’m certain we will be great allies.

As always, thank you Lucifer for hearing my call. Although busy with the situation you have at hand, you never fail to watch and send assistance when necessary. I love you.


I know the feels :smiley:
I just don’t like that he doesn’t like sleeping lol.


@VoodooWalk I’m greatful he shows up when I need but he has a habit of popping in unexpectedly and startling me also! Bed time is typically prime :laughing:


For real -_-
I was supposed to go to sleep like 5 hours ago and instead I’ve been making music for like 4 of them and spent an hour listening to the same song lol. Must be studying me xD