Member's Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here!


Hail Sallos and Hail Dantalion. I evocated Dantalion and asked him to completely sever a bond between two people and within 2 and a half hours its completely taken care of. Sallos was also helping for the same thing just different sides and it really exploded. I’m so thankful to both of them and will keep working with them as much as necessary for the rest of my life


Thank you King Paimon for saving my ass at work. My manager was not mad at me even though I messed up big time. Also thank you for the wisdom that you give me from time to time. Hail King Paimon


Thank you Lady Lilith for opening my eyes and mind to what I’ve blinded myself to. I thank you for your guidance.

Also thank you @Arcane and @thatrandomguy for everything. Well overdue thank you.


Was the tarot reader a woman with the initials ED? Because if so, I just want to warn you that I got the exact same email from her. "The cards I drew for you are along similar lines to my previous readings. I am happy to see the World (21) appearing in third position. This is an arm that will help you to reach your goals and move forward in your love life.

Your cards: the Fool - Temperance - the World - the Tower - the Wheel of Fortune

Today’s draw highlights your ability to move forward, to meet new things and new people. The Fool and Temperance in first positions mean you will give weight to the values that you feel are necessary. It’s a way of giving meaning to your life."

Does that look familiar? I hate thinking that this woman is claiming to give free personal readings if she’s just copying and pasting the same thing to everyone. It’s highly unethical.


I doubt she’s doing an actual reading for me.
I know she isn’t sending everyone the same email because both myself and my friend receive emails from her and they have never been the same (at the same time at least) although i’m pretty sure their all computer generated.


Thank you Vine for your protection.


i feel so good today, and i would like to thank my amazing Father Lucifer because he is the best!!!
and also Lord Clauneck , you got my back and you are so powerful i love you!!!


thank you so much to KING PAIMON! :heart: he helped me influence a person in a few hours, he is the best :star2:


I paid this online psychic, Padre, $15 to bless me under forces of coercion, but a few days later I won $100 tattoo gift certificate unexpectedly at an event I didn’t know was happening until I arrived at the place. Super exciting, I got a tattoo of one of my spirit guides and the tattoo artist really did him justice. I brought in a sketch I did and he edited and refined it better than I could of even expected. So thankful to Padre, my spirit guides, and the Universal forces conspiring to bless me perpetually.


Thanks to Marquis Leraje for setting the reaction mode on “quick and dirty” today. I’m so going to hell after this.


I’m very, very thankful to: Marbas, Archangel Michael, Saint Cyprian of Antioch, Mepsitahl

Each one of them has helped me in different ways

Marbas and Archangel Michael have helped me to gain control over my mind, they have greatly reduced the intrusive thoughts I had.

Saint Cyprian of Antioch closed doorways to otherworlds and banished the evil spirits (probably some dead people) who were tormenting my ex gf and her family.

Mepsitahl is helping me with the opening of my third eye and development of my psychic abilities. With meditations and her help, I hope to eventually be able to clearly hear what her and any other spirits may have to say to me, since I’m currently unable to do so.

I think Belial, Lucifer and Archangel Raphael may have tried to help me with certain things, without me formally asking them to do so, so I’m thankful to them too, and to any other spirits who may have helped without me being aware of their presence/influence


Thank you to Andromalius for being honourable and helping me when no human could. You always keep your word ,as do I to you.

Thank you to Lucifer for making me strong and showing me true human nature and how to control my emotions and to stop being weak. Also, for punishing the people that took advantage of me before we became acquainted and in the present time. Thank you for your lessons.

Thank you to Bune for always hearing me and granting me the most important things when needed and for the true knowledge regarding those 2 people I was unsure of.

Thank you also to my guardian who has saved me more than once.


Thank you, Kingu, words cannot express how grateful I am to you, for everything…
I love you. :heart:


Thanks to Duke Sallos for ignoring me when I asked for ex back, and bringing me someone better instead.

Thanks To Prince Sitri for getting me laid (again! Seriously, you’re amazing).

Thanks to Duke Dantalion for getting my ex to where I wanted him to be, so I could see he isn’t who I thought he was. Thanks for the closure.


I will said Thanks to Duke Sallos and Duke Dantalion what you are doing is amazing i know that i need to be more patience but thanks to put that mindset and feelings to the person that i will want,
really love u , the result is not come yet but is the way because the changes you did in days are WOW

really i apreciate your helps in this :slight_smile:


Hail Belial, Lucifer, King Paimon and @Borgy (though you’re not a spirit @Borgy :stuck_out_tongue: ). Thank you!
All together helped me to get work, apartment and move to another city next week!


Hope it all turns out the way you want it, we keep in contact friend.


Thank you Belial for all the help so far. I promised him a post here. He is very good!


A heartfelt thanks goes out to both King Paimon and Duchess Bune for helping me get a perfect job!


Thank you to my demons… i want to also thank my dead assistant -EF to the others that assisted thank you. Marbas & Paimon let healing begin.