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Thank you Prince Orobas for agreeing to work with me!
Hail Prince Orobas!
Very excited to meet you and work with you!


Thank you King Samael the Black for being there for me. For helping me and guiding me to knowledge and next steps, and for opening doors for me. Your presence and influence is very much appreciated!

Thank you King Belial for helping me with my shadow work, for showing 2 layers of what I need to work on and heal. Your tough love is welcomed and appreciated.

Thank you Djinn Kings, Elders, Djinns and Angels for working on my requests. Done deals, I was told. Thank you for your swift action and response!

Thank you mighty Archangels and Angels for your constant, unfailing protection. I bless you all with love and gratitude.

Thank you to my Servitors who keep growing in strength and knowledge, faithfully doing their tasks and working on results. You are all beautiful and very much loved.


Been trying to keep my DoM skills sharp with inconsequential rituals. Asked Gremori for random gifts. My cousin brought over several boxes of produce leftover from the food bank. I’d forgotten the joy a bounty of apples can bring. Been making vinegar and cider. Oh the sweet funk! Thank you, Gremori!


Thank you, Dantalion!

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Hail Prince Orobas 55th spirit of the Goetia

Thank you my great Prince for answering the call of a friend of mine. You constantly prove yourself to be a loyal and true spirit.

Regards and gratitude,

  Mike B

Hail Prince Orobas!

Thank you Prince Orobas for answering my call. Tonight was GOLD. I am humbled by your presence and great power.

With much respect and awe.


Thanks to father Lucifer.
Whoever has thanked knows the reason.

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I’m gonna put my heart into this.

Thank you for guiding me to become the witch I am today, you’ve been a huge part of my journey and you’ve always been there for me whenever I needed you. I don’t count you just as a guide or a teacher but also a great friend. Whenever I think of you makes me really happy because my memories with you are always great. You’re an amazing spirit and I appreciate everything you’ve done and will do. I love your energy, your personality and yeah basically everything about you.

Gabriel, Gabriel, Gabriel… You have a special place in my heart. Thanking you seems so small after everything. You’re so beautiful and I look up to you as an idol. Thank you for keeping me balanced, making me feel like everythings gonna be alright whenever I’ve had it rough, guiding me to be the best version of me (even though we are so not done yet lmao, it’s a long road for us.) and just being you. I have no idea what I would have done without you. I seriously never wanna lose you, that’s how good you are. I feel so proud by the bond we share and it’s going to grow more by time. I remember how I doubted your guidance years ago and seeing a bit later how you were right makes me laugh to think about, after those times I’ve never and will never doubt you. Thank you for everything.

I’m just gonna start by saying how much I adore your energy and personality. Everytime I invoke you I feel like a new person afterwards, I love the way you influence me and thank you deeply for making me see the strength that lies within me. Thank you for showing me and telling me things about myself that I’ve never thought I’d ever hear. You’re breathtaking, honestly.

The first time I invoked you I’d never thought you’d interact in my life as much as you’ve done. You have literally ripped me apart in pieces even though I told you loud and clear not to but the way I rised up again was worth it. You took one thing away from me and I remember how mad I was at you but you gave me something better, something I’d never thought I’d get again and I have to thank you for that. You’re super sneaky when it comes to my life but that’s okay, I still like and appreciate you as I’ve always done. I love the dark vibe you give me, I’ll never forget the goosebumps I got the first time I felt your energy, how it felt like my skin was burning as well. The best part is how much you empower me. Thank you Azazel!! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for me.

King Paimon
Have I’ve ever told you how beautiful you are? yeah probably a 100 times. I love your eyes, when I see you in the Astral I always see your eyes burning and I just can’t stop looking at them. We’ve been through much You and I, I’m so grateful for everything and I love working with you. You’re like fire itself. Your energy is also something I love like with the other spirits. It’s like I can get hypnotized by just feeling it, it’s always so intense. You are so amazing and you’re the absolute first demon I’ve ever felt drawn to. You have teached me a lot since you were with me in the beginning of my journey with working with demons except Lucifer. I can’t wait to meet you soon again. Thank you King Paimon!

Damn, thanking spirits from my heart really made me feel true happiness, made me realize how lucky I am to have them in my life. I bet y’all feel it too.

Thanks to all the spirits, even those I haven’t worked with!


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Thank you, Archangel Ariel for the mantra to heal plants.

Sa ta luhn va soke tron fu

Thank you for your healing energy and light. You are great and mighty.


Thank you to King Paimon & King Belial for opening my eyes and exposing me to the truth. No wonder my work hasn’t manifested, I understand now & will approach the situation differently. Thank you both for your words & guidance, I appreciate it.

Also thank you to my servitors, names withheld, for the work you all are doing & thank you again to King Paimon for pushing me to create them. Accept my gratitude & appreciation for everything.


Adding one thing… Furcass, my many thanks to you for getting rid of the other pest… yes, he moved closer, but in reality he is farther away. Thank you for you patience. WE are very grateful. XXXO

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Thank you to my money servitor & the beautiful Duchess Bune for the unexpected deposit in my bank account yesterday.


I wanna thanks Chaamiah,Chashfiel,Amiel,Mniel,Halphas to protect me from magickal attack.

A BIG shout out and thank you to Prince Seere. I was in a very complicated situation, my target had made a decision that was against what I wanted. It was a very firm decision, as it was based on his religious beliefs (very very strong) and on what was more convenient for him, too. I asked Seere to make him decide otherwise (something big, like marrying). I don’t remember when exactly I did the ritual (sigil and enn), but it didn’t take more than 2 weeks. My target has decided to do the opposite of what he told me would happen, exactly what I petition Seere for. I can’t wait to continue working with this awesome spirit, and recommend everyone who needs to influence someone to make a decision on their favour to use him, they will not regret. Hail Prince Seere!


And very big thank you to Duke Dantalion too. His actions looked like real, movie-like magic, with my target moving minutes after I finished my ritual with him. During the next few days my target expressed feelings and emotions that he didn’t express before, all aligned to what I petitioned Dantalion for.

It ended up not working out very well, tho, but It was basically my fault. I asked too many things at once, and didn’t realise that what I petitioned Dantalion for was related to feelings and emotions, not actions. That, he delivered PERFECTLY. But instead of moving forward with intelligence, I pressured my target and behaved in a really bad way, so it backfired. Not the magick (that worked perfectly to get me there) but the situation. I have learned to take things with much more calm, to lay my spells much more strategically, work with different spirits and use my intelligence in the real world too.

I’ll continue working with Dantalion, as he was the first one I ever contacted, felt very connected to him and protected, a great understanding between us; and I’ll use hi incredible abilities to change feelings and emotions to my advantage in the future. Hail Duke Dantalion!


I have to thank the Archangel Raphael, main Angel of Sun sphere. I used the contact method from “Archangels of Magick” with sigil gazing and emotion transmutation. Three weeks ago I met on my gym a woman that is a trainer and she had right hand in plaster, so she wasn’t able to do the exercises. After two weeks she recovered and she can make most exercises with enough weight. Also I met a man that walked with crutches. At home I performed ritual, asking Raphael to heal these two people. The man after 10 days started walking on his own, but wasn’t the surprising for me. I was doing my bench press and he was talking with his body-builder friend about his health. He asked him, how is he feeling. He said that his therapist was really shocked how quickly he recovered after the surgery. When I heard that I said myself in my thoughts: “Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaat ?” and I just smiled and can’tt stand with 176 pounds over my chest.
Anyway, I am really thank to celestial beings. Thank you, Raphael!


Hail Duchess Gremory
An tasa shi Gremory on ca!

Thank you for attending my call, I look forward to what the future holds working with you. Beautiful Duchess you have gratitude.

Mike B


Thank you, Raum. I can tell you have been working on my request. It’s quite a biggie and I’m really so grateful to you for tackling it for me.


Thank you Ipos. You really helped me to charm the pants off my target today.

Time it took to manifest from evocation : two days