Member's Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here!

Thank you Leraje, for on.point.results. Tonight is drinking night :beers:
Thank you, Buer. That nudge was really helpful and I will try to set things into action asap.


I want to give a sincere thanks to Poiel, Pnael, Vatzliel, Yodshdiel and Gemory for helping me in written IELTS exam.


My many thanks to the great Forneus. What you helped T with, changed our lives. He’s a success and a pioneer because of you. My gratitude to you is endless.
My thanks to Furcass. That little pest is gone and I owe it to you. Thank you. Please keep him gone and out of the neighborhood.
These are both long overdue, I appreciate your patience with me… its been a tough year. The house is cleared out now. To quote Jonathan Davis, “I really tried, I did my time.” and you know I did. And now I can be myself again.
Until the glorious day when we meet again. XXXO

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Another public praise / mention thanks to:

The Mighty Sallos.

The great and beloved duchess Bune.

The great healer Buer.

And of course lord Lucifer and Lady Lilith!

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So I haven’t seen the results yet which I know will be spectacular but I asked Yeesch to train my Servitor in destroying and identifying parasites and imposter spirits and he gave me a thumbs up when I asked if he would. He’s the owner of the first sigil I ever charged and I did it wow overboard had coloR change disappear reappear creating ripples when I dripped sacred nectaR into it. Anyways just wanted to say thank you Yeesch for accepting Cai as a student.

Would also like to say thank you to Lilith for the vote of confidence that I’ll find a witchy women, while imagining being with my future lover I decided it would be a good thing to imagine us doing magic together so I did we were holding hand with our outer hands palm facing forward channeling our energy then Lilith just popped in where we were focusing the energy to.

And a thank you to all who may recieve it for your love pertection and time.

I’m working with Belial for a very dire situation. I know & trust He will help me so that I am the victor. Thank you Belial well in advance & thank you for all you’ve done for me in the past. <3

This is an excellent spirit for many issues. Very powerful.

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Duke Dantalion or Queen/King Beleth (She comes to me as a Queen)

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Thank you @QueenMustang!

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Thank you Lucifer, I was feeling down today from an issue.
So i called you in silence and you answered me.
You took my hands and I headed within my mind… “I’m with you, don’t worry” my hands felt a glowing warmth and my mind went to so much calmness and my eyes watered I never felt before this.

This is so real. )

King Paimon has assisted me in gaining access into my university quickly


As promised, I would like to express my sincerest (long overdue) gratitude to Archangel Michael. Ever since my noob days, you have always been very helpful and willing to assist me in my spiritual journey. You have always been generous with your time as well, and was even the first ever spirit to teach and show me synchronicities. I’ll never forget the first time I found a white feather from nowhere as a major confirmation of your constant guiding presence in my life.

Thank you so much for also helping out my loved ones. Truly, I’m very grateful for all the things you’ve done for me throughout the years. :slight_smile:


Thank you, Leraje. Your visit was very encouraging. Let’s do this :muscle:t2:


Thank you Raphael. No explanation needed. :relieved:


Thank you, Asmodeus. :black_heart:


Hi all. Been locked out of my account for months l finally remembered my password. I wanted to thank Halah-thor. I asked him months ago to help my work pick up. Which manifested very quickly. I also asked for a career change for my wife. She wanted to work for n the mental health Field. She had no experience but n this field. She decided she wanted to be an RBT. But every job opening required a college degree. So the fact that my wife is starting this coming week is a miracle. Just wanted to pop on and show my gratitude!!!