Member's Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here!

I would like to say thank you to Lucifer for steping forward and becoming a teacher to me. Lucifer has been extremely patient with me and has already taught me so much in just a short amount of time.

I would also like to thank Lucifer for having members of his legion guard and protect me while Hurricane Sally was affecting my area.
These members woke me up around 2:00am urgently warning me about a passing tornado. Although the tornado did not completely touch down or damage my house, the forming funnel did damage several trees less than 5 acres away. I am extremely grateful for them waking me up and warning me about the danger!

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Thank you Leraje…get some…


I would like to thank the great spirits Amducias, Asmodeus, Foras and Orias for a request that I cancelled within 2-days realising that the amount of time into the spell was not worth the result I wanted. Thank you for your patience, Thank you for being present for me, Thank you for being available even if you know that the request is not achievable from the beginning but that you still want me to realise by myself that it’s not and that the ethic of the request was questionable regarding my process of ascension. Thank you, You All Powerful.

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A big Thank you to Vine, thank you for making me more focused in my practice and thank you for making me realise that practice needs a special time and space as respect for the spirits.

And also a big Thank you to Furcas for making me connect even more to my intuition and getting access to flashes that I did not have before even if I was being very intuitive .Thank you for giving me the “visions”.

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Thank you Belial, for still being with me though I once cursed at you and smashed your stuff, and even doubted you multiple times years after our pact. You have given me every single opportunity, things I would have never known were possible had you not slammed me into rock bottom and suffering multiple times, not to show me how weak I was or toy with me, but how strong I can really be. I asked, you delivered and continue to.

I shudder to imagine where I’d be, if even breathing had I not met you. Thank you for removing literally every dangerous human obstacle in my path, and sheltering me since I was a teenager. I know I was a stupid kid with an unfair lot, and that still, does not, and will never be an excuse for debased behavior in this existence.
(I know you tell me not to be a ‘kiss ass’ but too bad!)
Also, I still cannot tell you why people are ‘fucking drinking pizzas’ via smoothies, but perhaps someone else can?

Decarabia, it’s hard for me to find the words to express my sincere gratitude to you. I feel that you know I’m typing this based upon the sudden blue light in the corner of my vision.
You helped me cure my supposedly ‘irreversible’ health condition I was born with by way of your knowledge, and well, I’ll always praise and honor you every time I go to that place by the river. Thank you for carrying me out of my body, and to helping me let go of the intense fear I experienced because of it. You have been so, so patient with me. I’ve enjoyed gallivanting (sp?) around with you in dreams for years, and many more to come. The flock of birds is always welcome in my meager backyard, and the crows who (still!) bring the useful trinkets to my family.

Zazel. Thank you for forcing me to overcome my weaknesses while wearing the hideous face of an extremely debilitated and restrained person. These past few years of isolation under your instructions have humbled me greatly and served me well. Still not happy about what I lost regarding my appearance, but it killed the pride I carried that debilitated me elsewhere because of it.

Gabriel, where do I begin? Very carefully, of course. I’m just going to say thank you for giving me a chance upon multiple failures to earn your respect, and for the scary as shit repeat test you gave me recently as a stark reminder of what happened when I failed years ago. I’m not what you’re looking for, I get it, and I still understand you’re right.
Also thanks for warning me about saying any more via the spider that just landed on my screen. :scream:

Lucifer, thank you for carrying me towards Venusian Intelligence after my painful Saturn trials and the lessons you are currently showing me. With your help I will begin to further destroy what is left of my ego and take yet another step toward further transformation.
You showed me that I was getting lazy and complacent, about to make a very big mistake.
You stopped me from burning a bridge I didn’t even know existed. I honestly never thought I’d work with you, or that you’d pick me/notice me. Shows what I really know; nothing!
Also thank you for appearing to me in the unique way you did, I won’t ever forget that… I don’t care for automobiles, but yours was very nice.
Thank you for the corsage of pearls, since I ignored every single attempt at your contacts for months. I’m only doing what I’ve been taught after many deceptions – being certain. Thank you for your persistence, and patience with me.
I apologize for being a ‘cromagnon magus’ as Belial says.

It felt really, really good to address and pay my respects in the digital realm.
Thanks BALG!


Thank you Lord Asmodeus for taking the time to hear my petition! I promise to you to keep praising your name and offer you that shot once you have completed my request. I know that you will get this done! So mote it be!!

Thank you Bael. That was a close one.

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Hail Bune!

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I want to thank Marbas, awesome spirit to work with !! Also a shout out to Bune ! Thanks for listening !

Thank you, Hamran :tea:

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Thanks again Lucifer for reminding me to stop doubting myself, and to ride out the impulses to run away.

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Thank you to Bael for helping me to forget about people who I needed to not think about.

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Thank you Santa Muerte for the good luck you have given me.

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My heartfelt thanks to Leraje and Focalor for your constant lessons and your reminders.

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