Member's Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here!


Thank you to the Hat Man for delivering the stolen puppy back to the owners. Mr Hat Man always comes thru whenever i ask him to help others.

Thank you in advance to Mr Hat Man for delivering what i asked for, i know you require more time as you did tell me, you have always delivered and will always deliver. Praise to you Hat Man.


At 6am i asked for your assistance Bune and spirit of Junipher, you gave me 12.00 on a lottery ticket. Opfaal i have called upon you to remove obstacles, bad luck. I give you both thanks. Lord lucifer thank you for overseeing my day to day works.


Thank you Goddess Lilith!! You are helping me grow spiritually. Thank you for coming into my life and waking me up! Thank you for your patience with me and your understanding.


Update so i made a pact with Azazel and everything that was in it he is doing. I want to praise the great Azazel for his work and guidance you truly are my mentor and i have so much to learn from you. You’re the best Azazel


Thank you Azazel for protecting me and my family. :heart: Thank you for helping me find friends here. :heart: Thank you Andromalius and Glasya Labolas for giving me hope that my enemies will be punished in the name if justice. :heart: Thank you Tyr for taking me through the right path in my quest for justice. :heart: Thank you BALG for this awesome community. :heart:


Hail King Paimon!

He makes his presence felt when I try to call on him. I called on him last night and I was just browsing this forum just now and found something that helps me in achieving what I asked of him.

Hail King Paimon!


Welcome @Ace_E. Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any magical experience you may have. It is a rule of this forum.


Thank you Lucifer for your wonderful presence and power, you’re the best :v:


Thanks Lucifer for gifting me that message and a way ti interpret it
Thank you Belial and Clauneck in advance because I have confidence that you fulfill my petition in the time frame requested. Thank you Azazel i know your outline was here even though I could not see. And thanking Naamah for so far half of my request


Hi Everyone, It has been a long and painful last year for me.I was reduced to dust by an enemy magician who still keeps a lot stolen from me.

My breakthrough has come from Algol and the my Love Hecate.
If anyone is trying turn magic back to where it came from you should give Algol a home in your heart and try to get a talisman made properly as per its astrological requirements.

Hecate helped me back on my feet with finances and powers and everything else.Im still angry to see my 2 years go to waste and I will be working on revenge and magical protection over the next many months.

I will keep you all updated with my workings, in the event any of my observations can be useful.

Once again, its good to be back where I belong, I love you all.


Thanks for Pomba Gira Maria for full filling ny desires.


Thank you Raphael for you swift healing of something that looked like it will never go away!
That was nice


Thank you for leading me to BALG.
I don’t believe in coincidence.
I didnt know I was missing something.



Thank you St. Jude for helping to unblock the transfer sent to me. but, sadly it didn’t turn out the way i wanted. But i truly believe in you to correct the mistakes and hopefully things will be alright!!!

Thank you Eshmak i must say that you really worked so fast and just on point, you really delivered and the made the target obey to do all i asked.


thank you dear lucifer for the huge miracle that you did for me and returnung my dead comuter to the living!!!:scream: it died and i had some really super important documents that might have been lost if you hadn’t reviving him,i was sure he was a goner but you came for my salvation and rescued me and i am eternally gratefull to you. i don’t what iw ould have done if all the documents in him…:hot_face::scream::hot_face::cold_sweat:
so i thank you again from the bottom of my heart!!!
shocked from all of this and love you always!!!:heart::heart::heart::heart::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::heart:


I give my most sincere and loving thanks to you, Great Archangel Raphael, for guarding my health, and guiding the hands and minds of all the medical team during my surgery. I give thanks and love to my Mother Hecate for giving me courage and strength when I was afraid. I give thanks and heartfelt love to you, Great Lucifer, who was a wise and gentle guide when I was full of doubt.


Thank you, Archangel Camael, Raziel, Phaleg, Clauneck, Hekate.


:heart: Azazel’s presence with me during creation of card spread


Thanks for all of your help President Marbas, Duke Dantalion and King Bael


Thank you, Duchess Gremory :blue_heart: