Member's Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here!


Thank you Amon!


The following is a message to all of you from a ritual I did with 5 demons : Lucifer, Beleth, Paimon, Belial and Azazel.

You have to succeed. There is no other option. Don’t be lazy and don’t stop. It might seem that your goal is very hard and difficult to achieve…but you have to do it anyway. There is no other option. You have to DOMINATE your situation and take over it, steer it and control it. You have to be the CAUSE and create massive change through actions for the betterment of your own life. You MUST NOT give up. You are not normal people, you are blessed and you have unlimited potential. The Qliphoth is always with you and by your side… no power or entity can ever stop you. Opportunities will be opened up for you but you have to go outside your comfort zone for them to appear. You have to try, try, try and try until you succeed. You should never accept a second class life for you are not a second class being. Stop degrading yourself and stop thinking that you don’t deserve it all. You are all Kings and Queens and you must retake your throne. The hunger and desire for success, wealth, health and happiness will burn with twice the ignition in your soul… and you will either be burned by it or will allow it to take you to where you ought to be.


I would like too thank Moloch. For gifting me with gnosis of him, making me stronger, magickally, physically, and especially mentally. Thanks to him I’m much less of a little bitch. Also want to thank him for his patience in dealing with my stupidity and fuckups, and not punishing me after i learned my lesson.


This being one of the first posts here in the forum I am thanking one of the many spirits that has helped me, I will be thanking the others, at this moment I give praise to Crocell, because on 11/05/2019 I contacted him and requested his assistance, in a short time practically two days the same replied and is complying with my petition, I thank once again to Crocell and recommend it.


Thank you Marquis Leraje for sending a coworker away for good in mere days.
It was nothing personal against that lady, but I needed her gone to thin out the group a bit. Hope, she enjoys her new job.


Thank you so much, Mama, Santa Muerte. :heart::heart::heart: And thanks to your friend, as well!

Thank you, Glasya-Labolas.


To “The All Seeing Eye” …


Thank you… Appreciate your presence and guidance !


i want to thank Verrier and Lilith (and whoever spirit/entity that helped me too aside from them) for diminishing my shyness and anxiety, i making good steps towards my self development and i grateful that these female entities are helping me :heart:


Belial came through amazingly. I applied for an apartment I knew I would be denied for due to low credit score. The website I applied to malfunctioned, not processing my social security number properly. And I’m in. This was a real miracle. Thank you Belial, you are awesome!!!


TMW you realize that saying “I have to do better be better than this” very frequently is not helping rather is making things worse. Do time to lighten up that load of self recrimination :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I would like to give my thanks to Belial who is working from the shadows, taking slowly and painfully from those who hurt me what they hold dear. What is a sadistic and unfair punishment for them is well deserved justice for me. A true master of delivering balance, hail Belial!

Thank you for removing from my life what was not helping me grow and for opening new paths, I shall bear the lesson and learn patience and boldly rise. Hail, Belial!

Thank you King Paimon for the opportunity to walk again on a path of gold, I am grateful for all that I offered. Hail King Paimon!

Thank you Nitika for your fast work, you have delivered quickly in a time of need.

Thank you Hekate, Apollo and Pan for always watching over me, bless my journey into the realms above and below.


Thank you spirits for having taught me how to manipulate other people’s emotions vampyrically.
It is very useful when people need to be put back to their place, and when punishment is necessary.


Etliosh, thank you :star2:


I would like to thank the spirits Apollo,Freya and Hermes for helping me manifest everything from cheeseburgers to a new job teaching yoga



So it is official. Metatron has control over internet and all it made up!

Metatron, I see you!:facepunch::muscle:


A heartfelt thank you to Dantalion for his quick assistance. He assisted me by making a rather concerned client quite calm and happy with my services. Mind you I am a complete novice and one of the first times I’ve asked a spirit for help. Everything worked out wonderfully. Thank you again Dantalion.


Thank you, Mama, Santa Muerte & thanks to your friend, San La Muerte, as well.

Thank you, Glasya-Labolas.

Thank you Lady Artemis, Great Virgin Huntress.

Thank you, Buddha.


Wodan, Ēlernere, Thū the ē sēketh witt, Ik swere, thenka er Ik spreke, frēgia, fori Thīne blodinge.


Thank you patron and matron for giving me strength to do my rehab, and sending me synchronizations whilst doing it.


Thank you for leading, supporting and protecting me in the past, present and future.