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Thank you,president Valak.
I really appreciated that.


I want to give thanks to three spirits

Freyja, Gaia and King Asmoday. As I meditated in the darkness I felt and saw my room shifting. My head was spinning as well and I saw the energy of my pillow on my floor even though It’s been on my bed with me for all this time. They’re really helping me to awaken all my potential


Thank you entities for helping me go through my darkness and learn from it, instead of trying to reject it and escape from it.
Thank you Lucifer for showing me my Light.

Thank you Lilith for teaching me to embrace my Darkness, and its uncomfortable aspects of it.

Thank you Belial for reminding me that I am no Darkness alone, even on my worst days, and that I am a complete grey non-dualistic being. Even though I know that, it is hard to actually accept it to heart when my darkness is eating me up alive and everything seems catastrophic.

Thank you Leviathan for reconnecting me to the Void and showing me that Reality, Life, and Death are all the same sea of infinite oportunities. That emptiness doesn’t mean the End.

I am forever grateful for your support, even though I threw a tantrum to myself and to the world just because I expect too much for things, and for other people. Thank you for teaching me to focus on expecting from myself, and only myself, instead of wasting time and energy caring for others. There must be a balance.
I need to be more selfish and to learn how to stop expecting too much, even from myself.


Thank you Goddess Naamah!! You definitely made your awesome presence known. Also, thank you for the courage you gave me last week.


Thank you to pomba gira Maria padilla. I am so happy and thankful for what you are doing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you


Thank you King Paimon. Mostly for just being you and making me smile. Your part in my life was unexpected. For being classy while I cried at you, I tip my hat.

Thank you Asmodeus, for everything. You make me believe that loyalty still exists. For all the ways you show me my weaknesses and help me to grow.

Thank you Lilith, for pulling me through my shadows and being patient with my sometimes selfish child like personality.

Thank you Belial, you’re really are like the whiskey reeking favorite uncle that everyone should have. :heart:

Thank you Lucifer for throwing pretty things at my head, and reminding me of all the precious bits of wonder that still exist if only you open your eyes.


Thanks to King Paimon and King Beleth for charging the tip of the spear.

And special thanks to URSOPIX for plunging it through the heart.


Grah’aht’talion has been of great help to me over the last couple months. As a university student I was overwhelmed with Term Papers and ended up having to submit them all extremely late. I should have failed all of these papers due to the extreme lateness and their lack of quality.

Grah’aht’talion essentially made all my professors give me a mild slap on the wrist and reasonably good grades on the papers. In one case the professor not only did not penalise me, he also offered himself as a source of job references! Grah’aht’talion, however, has my reccomendation!

Hail Grah’aht’talion!


Thank you Great Prince Amon. As I lie here in my lovers bed and listening to him snore next to me I am truly grateful and thankful. It was only yesterday morning that I started my work with Prince Amon and by yesterday evening I was wrapped up in my lovers arms and have been here since. Prince Amon works quickly and effectively. I never thought I’d be back with my man as quick as this but here I am. Thank you Prince Amon.


wow!!!i really want to thank you again my dear dear lucifer!!! a million times for being there for me over and over and over and helping me in the time of need thank you for opening for me doors when i didn’t know what else to do and how i will get the money that i despretley needed and you delieverd me once more when i was in the bottom and lifting me up and rescued me again i love you and thanking you so so much you trully amazing beyond words thank you again and again so much and a huge hail to you lucifer!!!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::star_struck: i love ya and sending you lots of love and good loving vibes!!!:tulip::tulip::tulip::heart::heart::heart:


Here’s a strange, but interesting, result. So I cast this spell using NAP, with the spirits Anael and Jazar to excite the love and passion of a girl called Genesis, which is a name that is not that common where I live. (I’ve cast spells before on this girl, petitioning spirits like Dantalion and Gremory, but she never showed any interest.)

So this weekend was the premiere of a play I was in, and a group of students from a university asked to interview me after the play. I did the interview, and when I arrived home, I see I have a couple of friends requests on Facebook from the group that interviewed me. One was from a girl called Genesis. A different Genesis, mind you. I accepted the friend request and I chatted with her. Then she gave me her phone number and now she is texting me every day.

So, I was able to manifest the romantic interest of Genesis after all… Not the same Genesis, but a Genesis nonetheless… :joy:


Sitri looks like a badass. :metal:


Thank you Amon, I had read wonderful things about you and it’s safe to say that I was not disappointed. You did come through and I am grateful.

Thank you Sallos, you are a comforting presence and you’ve already helped me in manifesting what I asked of you. I will continue to maintain this relation with you and I apologise for the delay in showing my gratitude.

Thank you Dantalion, for appearing as a white light and keeping things interesting through your sarcasm but empathy as well.


Thank you mighty Marbas! He acted so quick and I am so thankful. I was struggling finding cause of a technical issue at work. Did three hours of overtime last night. Today i was really going insane. Opened his sigil and asked for enlightenment. Found the bug in five minutes. Thanks Marbas!!! You are Great!


Thank you Phaleg, Bethor, Raphael, Michael, Bime, Nitika, Saint Expedite, God.


I want to thanks Duke Dantalion , you are amazing , your energy is great and your presence is powerful. Thank you Duke Dantalion for help me in my love case you are amazing and you helped me to make my wish come true . Thanks thanks thanks a lot you are amazing. My only advice is create a relationship , talk with respect and dont stress your mind how your wish will materialise just forget it and a big surprise will come .
Thanks again Duke Dantalion


Thank you lord lucifer for once again illuminating the darkness i had another incident with a pretender. Lord lucifer helped me find the truth.

thank you


A BIG Thank you to Dutchess Bune for sending me a customer I asked for.
Thank you also, to all the members in this Forum for all your Posts, without all your tips and support from those that inspired me to keep up the faith and belief i would not have known how to contact Bune or found the confidence to do so.
Thank you to BALG for his fantastic Forum. :hugs::rose::kiss::kiss:


Everyone says that they originally evoked pomba gira and used divination to ask her what offerings she would like and if she is willing to help the situation etc

Could you please tell me HOW you started the original contact with her to ask what offerings to gift etc


Thank you Dutchess Bune for sending me another customer 2 days ago, I asked for over 1 month ago, I also asked the my guardian Angels for the same request at same time. Thank you Angels, although i’m not sure which one delivered, the client is having a think about it and not yet confirmed, am Thanking in advance to Dutchess Bune or/and the Angels for the confirmation from the client.