Member's Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here!


Thank you Lucifer for calming my mind and sooth my heart. :black_heart:


Thank you, Verrine for helping me heal my self in all aspects and be impatient with myself enough to take my life back.Thank you, Lucifer for your guidance and patience with me for helping on figuring out who I want to be and how I can get there.Thank you, King Paimon for being the first I contacted and spoke to and leading me down this path to begin with.Thank you, Clauneck for helping me find my values, self-worth and mindset to success .Thank you Lucifuge for concreting my mind for business and success. Thank you abbadon for what a hint your power feels like.


Your unexpected visits are always surprises me, my beloved Abaddon. Thank you for your help in clear up this chaos. :black_heart::fire:

And also, thank You for all of Your help, Lucifer.
You take care of me, teaches me every day without any break!
I do not deserve your constant presence. :revolving_hearts::snake:

We are so glad.@Adam_T :cowboy_hat_face::crossed_swords::duck:


Thank you so much, Great President Glasya-Labolas, for giving me an “out.” I am truly grateful. Lesson learned.


thank you so much lucifer for helping me today and for healing me and getting me back on my feet
and for being there for me always and guarding my back!!! you are truly an emperor and thank you for always being my guardian and for being there for me in a time of need!!!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
love and cherish you always!!!:heart::heart::heart:


Thank you to all Archangels and angels, thank you saint Expeditus for your help, thank you to all the spirits in my life. You all helped me to manifest my desire.


I would like to thank lord Bune for the 355$, summoning my ancestors and many other results. Lord Azzael and lord Belial for the astral weapons. My ancestors for helping my mother and guiding us. My familiar’s that were given to me by lord Lucifer and goddess Lilith.

Also Lord bune is very nice just be careful about his demon entourage. They are truly evil and are like djin be prepared if you summon me.

Gordon Winterfield fields book and Henry Archer book he suggests these 2 books + others for those new to magick. Also lord bune wants you to be careful if you offer him blood. You do not want to have someone from my legon take your blood. I accept public recognition such as this and other offering that we can discuss. charming smile I dont bite


Yes, thank you to the Goddess @Nagash!
I thank the Gods Lucifer, King Belial, Abaddon, Azazel / Pazuzu, Sitri, Chernobog and thank you to the Demons of Emperor Lucifer for supporting my friend @Nagash.
And thanks to my father, the creator Emperor Lucifer, that he believes in me.

:duck: :boxing_glove::man_shrugging::woman_shrugging:


A thousand thanks to Belial, Bael, Eligos, and Seer! I asked for their help with 4 tasks that are all related to one huge outcome. They continue to come through for me, making every aspect of my custody suit work perfectly, and in my favor. Within hours of asking Seer for help, the Judge broke her wrist and court was cancelled; giving us almost 2 extra months to build our case while the kids remain in my custody. Bael, Belial, and Eligos continue to hide and reveal evidence to work in our favor, and keep the case from going to court until the perfect time, and cause the cps findings to be definitive in reason to believe the father is an unfit parent. I cant express how amazed i am at how quickly and thoroughly they responded and granted my requests. Hail King Belial! Hail King Bael! Hail Prince Seer! Hail Eligos! I am eternally amazed and greatful.


All Hail Azazel you continually hdlping me bettering myself and doing what you do i love you Azazel and honor you with everything i have


i want to thank Ustrina for getting me laid


Thanks in advance Lucifer, Bethor, Phaleg, Belial and Lakshmi!


Thank you, kind spirits. Hopefully yesterdays appreciation has been to your taste.
Your work was a wonderful display of power and benelovence at the same time. Thank you all for participating and agreeing to the plot.


Thank you lord lucifer for the many wonderful and harsh lessons that you and the others have tought me. I may have been angry at the time but i understand what you were doing was for my own good.

Thank you.


Thank you, God, Angels, demons, Saint Expedite, Jesus, Kali Ma, Ganesha, Nitika, Bethor, New Avatar Power entities, Ishtar, Ra, Osiris, Marduk, Nergal, Thoth, Bast, Isis, and spiritual helpers and friends for many good things falling into place through much change over the past several weeks.


Thank you Draconian deities for helping my friends and for giving me the strength to cleanse them. I am forever grateful.


I had a troublesome spirit that was harassing me for days after a trip to a my local graveyard to honer the dead. I called lord lucifer and asked him for help and he guided me on how to stop this nightmare. Thank you lord lucifer for the help.


Thank you Belial!! I am thanking this mighty & powerful spirit for delivering me powerful results and separating two people. I have seen clear & definite results so far. I definitely recommend working this mighty spirit. I used a ritual from the book Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield. Thank you Belial!! Thank you!


Thank you great prince Sitri


I want to thank the great Goddess Hekate in her triple form. She has guided my life through the shadows for so many years. She has taught me so much from witchcraft, divination and the forbidden art of necromancy.

She is my protectress and always helps to fix any difficult life situation that I’ve ever found myself in for over 10 years now.

Hail Goddess Hekate
For thou art great
Your power and your knowledge
I never can repay
I thank thee always
For your goodness and your ways

Thou art with me always
Within my body and my soul

Hail to the Queen of the Witch Moon Hekate

I say simply: “Thank you for all you have ever done for me ever”.

Blessed Be Forever

Sorceress_Jasmine BRL-CL :star::star::star: