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Thank you Duke/Duchess Astaroth.
That was somewhat unusual :smiley:


Want to thank many spirits in the form of a talisman for accelerating (well more like instantaneously) a decision made by a friend. At the end of the ritual my friend texted me confirming his decision. Speedy thanks in all matters!


Hail Asmoday and Hail Amon !
I’ve asked Asmoday and Amon to help me with my ex, 3 days after asking for Amons help, my ex showed up to my work randomly to visit and tomorrow we are going hiking
There’s still some more to be done but I am very great full and excited !


A big big thank you to all the spirits who helped me in the journey of finding a new job with the exact qualities I asked for! Some also helped with finding other sources of income while I was jobless and eased the stress:)
Lucifer, King Paimon, Beliel, Bune, Clauneck , Nitika , Poiel , all the angels from the book MWOP to increase my self confidence !
Also thanking all the other lovely spirits who worked behind the scenes for increasing my intuition to take better decisions , keeping my spirits high, and decreasing my lust for results and stress when things were not moving fast enough!
Also a big thanks you to the lovely people of this forum , you guys have been awesome and very helpful , love you all!


What is MWOP? :thinking:


Mystic words of power :slight_smile:


I should have known that lol

Thanks :slight_smile:


Thank you great President Glasya-Labolas!


My gratitude to the Sabbatic Goat and Lord Paralda for developing skills in evocation and soul travel and a request for continued assistance in these areas.


Thank you sincerly to Khepu (Cemeries)who sorted out my problem before I even summoned him to ask him to help me with the problem sounds fantastic and odd but that is the first time ever that a Demon has intervened before an official summoning I was awestruck at the speed with which he responded.
On wednesday night I had been struggling with an African bank for 4 months it repatriate the money from the sale of my house back to the UK which should have been a rubber stamp job 4 months ago it was at that point I realised that they love to take your money when you give it to them but when you want to get it back they start acting like the mafia to thwart every single avenue to them letting it go, all the paperwork was in order at that time but they suddenly decided they must have some very obscure paperwork from 17 years ago which was impossible to get hold of.
when I asked them to release £3000.00 of it so that I could go to Africa and sort it out they then told me in no uncertain terms to get lost until you can give us what we ask for (faxes of transactions that happened nearly 17 years ago when I asked them to go through their archives to get the copies they were asking for they announced with glee that they only need to go back 6 years
After 4 months of getting absolutely nowhere I decided it was time for some magic and as luck would have it last Monday my copy of the Satanic bible appeared on my door step which I had ordered previously. On Wednesday night I started to read it and came across the list of infernal names and in amongst it was the Name of Cimeries and said he is the ruler of the African continent so I decided to look him up on the joy of Satan web site and found his sigil and that he is a spirit of Venus so I flicked across to his sigil and the moment I looked at it it was moving around my computer screen like it was on steroids and almost doing back flips at the same time it was an amazing sight at that point and having decided that I wanted to call him up I decided I would do it on the day of Venus in the hour of Venus 3:19 and because the sigil was being so loud in it’s insistence I flicked back to the sigil and it was still doing almost acrobatics on the screen I also found out that he prefers to be called Khepu according to joy of Satan so I spoke to the computer screen as if I was doing a video link with Khepu himself and said in a pissed off angry manner that " I am sick to death of the mafia that seems to be running this bank in Africa in your domain and as you are the ancient God with power over all things in the continent of Africa I am going to call you on Friday night during the hour of Venus at 3:19 in the morning please come I am in real need of your assistance and I know you are the one that can help me to get my money back thank you" Immediately after i felt the urge to draw a copy of his sigil on the back of my hand in permenant ink so it stayed for a few days with his name on it.
2:00 the following afternoon Thursday the day before my ritual is due I got an email from the bank which is very strange in it’s self as they never communicate with us we always have to contact them it said " We are releasing your funds they will be available for you by Monday.


Thank you, Prince Orobas for assisting my S.O. today. He was well received and he told me that this was the most un-cringiest audition he ever had. You’re great,man.


Thankful for the second little miracle within 7 days the second was having plenty of food to feed my family without money and not calling an organisation and i have sme bananas for 30th April where we set up spirit Offerings outside and tie various coloured ribbons outside. All I said was i need the second little miracle.
I believe Belial and Azazel had something to do with it.
Also thankful that were finding a solution to why the asthma is being such a bitch --lol. Sample products too.
And thankful to Buer I was able to do exercises and yoga st home breathing better than expected.
Blessed are we for the intervention of Belial , Azazel, Buer. :heart::heart::heart:


Fairwell and thanks to King Paimon & welcome Belial !

I recently said thank you and parted ways with the great King Paimon (until further notice). I had an exceptional few months working and learning from the King. He introduced me to quantum physics, showed me how time is nothing more than an illusion on a plane of existence, and gave me more insight into the human psyche. Along with giving me a new sense of dignity and pride in myself. I will be forever grateful for him and his invaluable teachings.

A few evenings ago, I was hit strongly with the presence of Belial. I hadn’t really researched him before he made himself known to me in my room last Friday. Along with his name repeatedly popping into my head, a few uncanny synchronistic events led me to knowing for sure that I was in his presence. I felt his energy gather all around me. He made me drop to my knees after I asked him for a sign. I was immediately in a trance like state. All of a sudden I felt a wave of sexual energy surge through my body. He asked me to kindly submit to him for the moment and I willingly agreed. He started taking advantage of me in the best way. Dominant yet loving. Very stern energy. I have been working with Lucifer as my patron ancient god for one year now. He’s been the most loving teacher, but I never felt this type of sexual energy from him or any demon before. I’m intrigued and made an offering of alcohol and flowers yesterday. He made a miracle come true for me just a few hours after he visited me. I’m still writing out the details of the pact. There was an immediate connection and I’m looking forward to seeing what the future brings with him.

!HAIL Belial!


Thank you Lord Lucifer, I’ve been asking him for some financial assistance and since then I’ve won very small amounts of money in the space of a 2-3 months. I never win anything on the lotto and all of a sudden I’m getting some results.
I feel that this is Lord Lucifer telling me that I need to focus on him more, learn and dedicate myself to him and once I do he will (pardon the pun) ‘show me the money!!!’

Thank you :pray:t3:Lord Lucifer :blush:


Thank you Duke Dantalion for upholding your part of the agreement already. The target seems to already be affected and I hope for the effects to only get more apparent from this point on. I can only recommend working with him.
Hail Duke Dantalion!


God Horus, master of the sun. Archangel Michael, protector of the earth… Thank you for your wonderful work with me today. Was a difficult job but we did it. :+1::+1:


My thanks to Raum :zap: Aim :fire: Glasya-Labolas :skull_and_crossbones:

Remember the oath.


Would like to thank Leraje for his help, I only evoked him once and I believe he has delivered. Will wait some more to confirm but until then, thank you Leraje- your presence was somehow comforting


Thank you, Great President Glasya-Labolas for being patient with me, guiding me, and accepting my apologies.


Thank you, Santa Muerte, for always looking out for me & having my back!