Member's Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here!


I would like to thank King Paimon and my other guardians, I know that in one way or another you are by my side. Then I would like to thank King Belial, I know that you will have a specific role in my life, your name echoes in my head…or you are there, I am ready.A greeting to all the other demons, gods, I honestly do not see the time to learn from each of you.:purple_heart::rose::purple_heart:


Great Lord Ahriman you have shown me the path to true power and greatness and you have unbound me from the chains of the light and freed me from all weaknesses and for that I am most thankful

May your darkness liberate all deserving


I’d like to thank King Asmodeus for improving my acting abilities. The change in my acting in the last year has been amazing. I’ve appeared in many plays in the past, but I’ve never been complimented as much as in my last one. I’m noticing an increased respect for my work from my co-workers as well and my confidence on stage is bigger than ever. Thank you.


Thank you Marquis Leraje. For the first time I actually FELT your wrath directed outward on my behalf. I especially appreciated hearing your voice at the end of this evocation. Especially the “we”… The hair on my neck is still standing up. I have so much energy. I’ll direct it to all the things you’ve told me to do…and try not to randomly lay waste to a small island nation or something…


Yeah. Good luck with that.


Lucifuge … is da Man!!

Thank you so much!! :heart: :rose:


Thank you again King Paimon for making someone else make a mistake and over shadowing mine. You trully are the best.

And thank you marbas for helping me with my Clairaudience or clairsentience i suppose


Thanking all my helping spirit & guides fir bringing my cat back home quicker … she snuck out during water ceremony last night & back at door to come inless than 2hrs later.


Shout out to Santa Muerte for leading me to find a few extra bucks I needed for lunch. It sounds silly, maybe, but I don’t want to be ungrateful.


I like thank duke bune for always being their when i need her and also king belial i love you guys from thr bottom of my soul peace love grattidude migjty dke bune and king belial togethere are amzing working togethere great combination of energys


Thanking Lady Lilith, my mother figure, powerful Queen.


Thank you Sallos, for while you didn’t come through completely yet, you already helped a great deal of things and I’m already excited to work with you in the future. Also thank you Lucifer as well as Azazel for your guidance and mentorship, I’m already looking forward to working more with the two of you in the near future. I would also like to thank Duke Bune in advance, for while the merchandise didn’t sell yet I’m sure it will soon and you already helped me a great deal with attracting potential buyers.


Thank you Gaap for helping me with a manipulating woman and other requests you have granted. Thank you Buer for helping a relative stay away from drinking alcohol. Thank you King Paimon for all the requests you have helped me with especially keeping a person/situation under control. Thank you Haures for your protection.


I give thanks to Lurchi (did a pact with him of 9 months: a bit hardcore… picked up from Belial compendium, Kurtis Joseph summoned him along that period)
I’ll take the opportunity to train myself, hopefully more so than being lazy BTW Lurchi during channeling told me that Aries has three stars; afterwards I “checked” and indeed there are 3 main stars… Once again, indeed, is important to trust :slight_smile:


Thank you Naamah for getting in touch and being patient with me. I know it’s been a while since you sent me the invitation, but I’ve been preparing myself to do it right. I will do it as soon as I can. You know I think of you every day.


Another big thanks to Mighty powerful Dantalion for the help he is providing me and to Mighty Eligos with whom I have just started working with. I will write hopefully soon more details. Thanks powerful Lords!


Thanks to the lovely lady who bought me a beer tonight at the theatre and gave me free cookies. They were much appreciated (and delicious!) :slight_smile:

Thank you to whatever spirit or force is dropping coins in my path. First a dime last night, and tonight a loonie (Canadian $1 coin, so named for the picture of the loon on its face). It was a nice surprise, and very much appreciated. :smile:


First 2 free rounds of beer, now beer and cookies, AND coins? God damn Darkest, need to do some good offerings


I would like to thank the great president of hell Glasya-Labolas for opening my eyes to trusting in myself and in what I can manifest in the physical world and for confirming my own visions of what will be in the future if I put my actions to work. Praise be to you great president Labolas


I want to thank the three angels of the second working of Wealth Magick for all they have done. But there is still much work to do!

I want to thank also the Hindu dieties that have supported me even when I wasn’t aware of it