Member's Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here!


Thank you Prince Sitri, I am looking forward to working with you More


Prince Abaddon… you was the First who showed me my chains, created by my emotions. You was the one, who letting me know that these chains will be cut off, one day. You drove me to the edge of the cliff, and I thought, I have a time for it…

But I was wrong.

Because You, King Belial… You showed up suddenly, ad kicked me off, into the dephts.

…and I want to say “Thanks, my beloved Ones… thank You for it.” because You are Both knew that…

I have a wings, to fly. I always had it!
I love You, all ~



Thank you, King Zagan.
This was an impressive pyro for sure :grin:


Thanks for king Mammon, spirit Minoson, Arcangel Gabriel, Salas’ash, Pendralion, Nitika & Parion.


@Lucia21 . I love Kali


She is wonderful I plan to set some fruit out for her finally found the perfect outdoor alter by a abandoned house


Praise be to Bune, Bethor and Lucifer! Meant to say this awhile ago!!!


Thank you Agares for giving me your knowledge on the German language!


Thanks to the Grand Duke of Hell, Danatalion the master of manipulation and intellect. one part of the petition is fulfilled I have been so very successful in meeting business stakeholders and I am pretty confident that my two last requests are just about to be fulfilled.

I have designed that sigil art to pay my respect and honor to the GRAND DUKE DATALION


Thanks Mighty Duke Dantalion for the help so far! You are so powerful!


Asked for a job, Metatron gave me 2 in exactly the kinds of projects I liked even though they were undisclosed, and 1 on the way I’ll probably get. I’ve never had the fortune to get these kinds of projects before, it’s almost too much… I’m very grateful :slight_smile:


A huge shoutout to Leraje and Glasya-Labolas. That was a match made to be and I am totally stunned how efficient you worked in such a short amount of time.
Thank you!


Yeah that was good. Gonna jot that one down and use it in ritual. @Kassapu




Thank you to King Belial and Glasya-Labolas for your work taking down one problem so quickly. It may be days in but I feel this is going to be ongoing. Praise to both and offerings coming soon for you


Thank you House of Kel for the healing :slight_smile:


Thank you President Marbas for the immediate and ongoing help in sorting through this injury. I have no doubt things are going so well because of your intervention.


I just want to take a moment to thank La Santisima for all You have done, are doing, and will do. I’d felt lost for the longest time, drifting from Spirit to God to Demon. Santa Muerte, the day I first prayed to you, I felt a peace I’ve never felt. A warmth that touched me to my very core. I know I will make mistakes as humans do. But I pray you see and know my intentions. Thank you, Santa Muerte. My love and my life for you, Most Holy Death.


I want to thank Hecate for the help she gave me yesterday. I had a very uncomfortable situation at work, and after talking to Hecate about it, it was resolved smoothly. She also gave me courage to face it head on.

Thank you Hecate!


Thanking Belial just sold a few of my books