Member's Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here!

I would like to give a big huge thanks to Belial for his help with making a psychic connection with someone over a great distance. Everything he said was true absolutely true! He really came through for me. I was looking for that just the right one and you said you had it no problem, you said you knew exactly what I needed. You said you would work it out so perfectly and make it happen fast. Belial, my man, you did it all exactly like you said! I’m astounded by the results. Thanks for your help and so far so good.


Thanks to Azazel for punishing a bitch who deserved it, thanks for giving me even more strength and energy and thanks for making me realize i still had fears, but those are gone now and i in turn reap even more success then before :slight_smile:


LIKE thank Hecate for guiding me in several decisions I had faceing me over the end of last year
AND like big thank you for Clauneck he’s been faithfully increasing my finances even when didn’t believe and I thank him for judging me and showing me what needs change in my actions


thank you Azazel for protecting me on my journey handing out resumes today, was kinda funny seeing cars swerve away from me (often into the opposite lane) even though i was walking on the gravel safely :astonished: :sweat_smile:


Thank you My King Lucifer for guiding me to my twin flame. I trusted you from the beginning and though it hasn’t been always easy , he is more than worth it. I love him more than words could express. I promise not to take anything from you for granted and treat him like the precious gift he is. Thank you my love.
Renich tasa uberaca biasa icar Lucifer


Seere came through for me. I was looking for an occult book that i had lost some years ago, which contains hidden secrets behind some cryptography which i now have the code to crack, but for the life of me i could not find the book. Some weeks ago i did an evocation of seere to help me uncover it. Today, i overheard my father reading from the book to a friend of his on the phone, and i was floored…because i thought i had looked everywhere for it! Thank you seere. Now to crack into its secrets :slight_smile:


Thank you Azazel and Belial for guiding me and leading me to knowledge! And thank you again Azazel, Belial and Samael for the help in my baneful work!


Can I just tell you all what a complete stud Duke Sallos is. I swear he has to be THEE coolest cat out there.
He and I have been working together for a little over a month on a love issue. It’s super complicated and is not fully resolved or completed but the movement towards my goal is staggering. I’ve never had such swiftness when working with RHP. He has shown me genuine love and caring.
There is more work to do but I’m confident in the outcome. Thank you Duke Sallos. My love for you is boundless.


Hail President Marbas!

THIS is precisely why when someone shows up and asks me for something so simple for me to do, I’m more than willing and come through.

Last week the President asked for his cinnamon rolls which I made and gave. Now, i was getting sick just like everyone around me and asked him to infuse my water with his healing. Bingo. Gone.

Thank you lovely President :sparkling_heart:


Whoo boy, got quite a few notes of appreciation to make… :sunglasses:

Belial, thank you for helping me break my physical, mental, and spiritual limitations. I look forward to continuing to learn and grow under your guidance.

King Paimon, thank you for the speedy and satisfactory service. You still have many things to teach me.

Santa Muerte, thank you for your steadfast protection and forgiving heart. I almost feel sorry for anyone who tried to fuck with me.

Marbas, thank you for your help and I eagerly await the results of our cooperative endeavours. The dream synchronicity with you made me laugh this morning.

Lucifer, thank you for the gift of your Black Flame. Deggal and the other angels, thank you for your illumination. Sastan & Azazel, thank you for the help, brief as our connection was, and to any and every other spirit that’s helped me, thank you.

And to You Know Who, thanks for everything. :sparkles:


Hail Lucifer. You gave me the push I needed.

Renich Tasa uberaca biasa Icar Lucifer


Thank you Lucifer for your care and guidance. For helping me and making me laugh.

Thank you Asmoday for being my rock and always looking out for me. Working with you is incredible. You have my love and gratitude.

Thank you Belial for the bomb drops and the smiles. For all the help and knowledge you send my way.

Thank you King Paimon for letting me know that you can hear me. Thank you Bael for the heart fuzzies and guidance.

Thank you Gorka for the pokes, they made me giggle. Zagan, the pirate images were awesome and you don’t get as much love on here as you should. Valefor, thank you for being there. You are another who needs more love.


Hail Beehamoth! (Behemoth) you acted immediately in my behest, and I cannot thank you enough. Aside from my praise, an offering of your choosing!


Thank you @AdamThoth and @Eye_of_Ra.


I dreamed about you last night

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Thanks to Azazel and the fae. I would’ve completely lost it by now, so thanks to you all truly.


To whom ever the spirits where that helped me get moved to being full time at work and the raise thank you very very much.

Being recognised as full time gives me benefits like paid vacation time.
And the raise is awesome. :blush:

So Idk who did this but thank you!! :kissing_heart:


Pm me

Praise Sallos! Who delivered a lovely girl into my hands, although I stupidly did not take the opportunity. Nevertheless, he did what I asked for, and I owe him greatly. I promised to praise his name and recommend him from henceforth, and I shall do so every chance I get. I will ask him to give me another chance, as that poor girl looked so desperate waiting for me to snatch her, but I stupidly allowed my own fear and other people to interfere.


Just want to thank marbas and Lucifer asked them to help with my surgery apparently the doctor was proud of his work the numbing that was only supposed to last 24 hours has lasted so far 4 hours longer

And the worst thing that happened was I woke up with pretty bad nausea meh guess you can’t win em all