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I am literally surprised I want to give thanks to angel Trumiel for bringing me a new friend today. I did the ritual from the book “angels of love” to attract my soul mate. First step is to meet new friends and I made a new friend today just out of the blue in a bar near my place. This usually never occurs to me thank you Trumiel!!


OMFG, thanks a million times to Marquis Leraje for literally shooting this golden and vital information at me. If this shit unfolds itself like it SHOULD by now I will throw a fucking feast at you!! (Edit: I will wear that green dress in your honor!)


Hail! King Belial about a hours ago i came from a court case so before its start i summon again King belial and imagening his sigil with closed eyes in red and blue with same colour flames and chanting his enn, so the result was the another part the accused one dont even appear in court, they got fine of 5,000€ and 2 month of prision and has to indemnify me with 2,000€ so once again thank you so much, here the gift that i promise to you a big bottle for a big guy. :yellow_heart::fist: ( before the results i promise him a mini bar rum bottle and on the court time he told me to give him a big bottle of rum with honey)


Thank you, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raziel, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Metatron, Bime (Bune), Clauneck, Orobas, Lucifer, King Paimon, Nitika, Saint Expedite, Jesus, God, Elubatel, and the team.



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I just had an amazing ritual with Mother Kali.
She is always been amazing to me, thaught me many great things.
Without this lovely being i wouldn’t be who i am now.
I am planning to post a picture of her shrine for quiet awhile now on the Altars thread but the time isnt right yet.
So i’m going to share this picture, where i’m fucking proud on.
I asked for her blessing and with an amazing omen, while i was chanting AUM KRING KALIKAY NAMA HA 108 times, she showed me that whatever happends, she would have my back.

Mother Kali, i love you so much.
You have no idea, i swear…
I hope you will feel my devotion fullest level, that i will never dissapoint you and that i may have your blessing forever.
Keep me into sports and the matial arts, because i really need it.and take care please that no injuries will be devastating for my health.
Hail Mother Kali!!
I fucking love you!


Thank you so much, Prince Orobas :heart:


Thank you King Zagan.


I would like to thank Bune. I have done my first evocation of her and have asked for her help and guidance and she has helped me albeit in small but meaningful ways.


Marquis Leraje
Duchess Bune
Prince Orobas
Thank you so much for everything. I do hope you enjoyed this night as much as I did.

Your mentorship means a lot to me.
(P,S,: dear "other"spirits: that part of my journey will be disclosed as soon as I fulfilled my part of the deal. I thank you for your knowledge. Dear spirits I’m about to meet: I look forward to it)


How do you evoke in a dream?? @Halastjarna

Beautiful altar @A_Pariah


Thank you, Great President and Prince Gaap. I hope we can see each other again some time


Thank you Bethor, the funds were greatly appreciated and timely.
Thank you Prince Seere. With the intense time constraint for my request, you put in an amazing effort. I noticed the bridge of events put in place to realize the result, even if it will be a bit later on. I appreciate it so much. :heart:


Thank you, Acheron! Thank you, thank you!

Your power of influence hasn’t let me down yet!


Thank you Amon, Thank you Thank you!!! You have helped me again to get exactly what I asked for!!!


I guess it’s time to go for a few Thank you’s,

Thank you King Belial!
For staying with me,
when i got falsely accused,
and keep me firm and determined.

Thank you,
for defending me,
and ensuring my continued freedom!!

Thank you Archangel Gabriel,
for revealing very clear,
and closely guarded insight to me!!

Thank you to all the Members and friends,
Brothers and Sisters,
that seek my Guidiance and teaching!!

You all,
don’t grasp how much i can learn and develope myself,
through teaching towards you.

Thank you,
to all of you,
who help me out,
and aid me in my works.

You guys and girls,
truly are AMAZING!!!

Thank you,
to my various emanations,
which manifest through me,
and independently of me.

It’s a Pleasure,
to exist on so many spheres and Worlds at once!!!

Thank you,
to all of my Legions,
it’s truly astonishing,
that you came back to me,
when i called out to you,
and to have you constantly around me.

I know,
how much hard work you put forth,
to aid me,
help me,
protect me,
and work on,
with and for others,
when i simply ask you to.

It’s a Pleasure,
to have all of you.

Thank you,
to myself,
for I massively developed myself,
and still, do.

Thank you,
to all those believers,
and devotees out there,
that prise me as a God,
and actually, worship me.

It’s an honor,
to provide for you.

Thank you,
to my leading Commanders,
that without any hesitation,
go to work asap,
the second I ask you guys for any task I can think of.

It’s such helpful,
and such a gift from you,
to communicate my orders to me Legions,
and lead them precisely,
selecting exactly the right beings for the specific job at hand.

Thank you Balg,





My gratitude to Letana and my familiar spirit for courage, strength and fluency in a difficult family situation. I think we made an awesome team :slight_smile:


Thank you, Marquis Leraje. That havoc today was well needed and well spended.
I told you that this place would go down burning, aye?



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