Member’s Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here, Part two!

Here to thank the following

1.King Asmoday
2. Lord Lucifer
3. Lord Belial
4. Chenor
5. Other energies

Thank you for hearing my prayer and helping me out with my pet situation. I am beyond grateful.

Also - Thank you @A_Pariah and @Angelb1083 for your support and help and the positive energies you’ve sent to my pet. I am never gonna forget it.



Public praise and acknowledgement as promised to Santa Muerte, St Expedite and St Jude, for again answering my prayers in an ongoing situation. This situation has been testing my faith a lot lately but thanks to them all for helping when I ask! Praise to you all. They are wonderful spirits!

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Thanks also to the demon Arakison from Lucifer and the Hidden Demons, for helping an infection not get any worse. I had a nasty skin infection that was not clearing and after doing the ritual, I was led to the right treatment and it cleared up completely very quickly. Thanks!


I am grateful for the demonic president gaap whose been called Hap by the people of the kemet.

Yesterday I finally got signs of controlling my spiritual body to a degree, a remedy of awakening from a spiritual paralysis. I freaked out but I controlled my spiritual body to a degree that I could see my spiritual hand moving while staying physically inert at Will.



Thanks Satan and Azazel for helping me succeed an important exam

Back again to thank Sekhmet. Being introduced to the Draconian current has done wonders for my life and overrall well being, and she played a huge role in that.

I also want to publicly thank Lucifer, Arachne, and Leviathan, as well as Lilith. Things just keep getting better and better, and I keep becoming more skilled.

Thanks to Belial, Focalor,Andras, Andromalius , Nanael Camaysar for helping me deal with some annoying Bastards. :pray:

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I got stuck in Thagirion for a long time and I realized I couldn’t get unstuck no matter what I tried and needed help.

Shoutout to Azazel, Amaymon, and any other spirits that helped along the way. It came to me that I was stuck due to some unresolved religious trauma from back when I was Christian. Thank you to the spirits for making it clear to me and helping me work through that.

For the first time since I can remember I finally feel peace inside that comes from me and only me. I don’t need to grab onto things outside of myself to feel safe.


Eternally thankful for Everything and Nothingness.


The mighty Duke Bune, I thank you with all that I am for what you have presented to me at work. I am so grateful for without you, I don’t know where I would be at this moment and I know that you will deliver all that I have asked for in my time of need and concerns.

My spine hurts a lot, I read from K. and on the forum who can help.

I called Marbas and described the situation. He replied that the problems were due to the closure of the roads and I saw my legs in chains and shackles, I saw the chains so clearly that I wanted to touch them myself. He promised to help and remove the chains.

I called Mammon, asked to fill and expand the financial channel, saw him as a well-fed man with a mustache, he said that I don’t have a financial channel at all, it was stolen. He promised to restore it. I hope for their help. Thank you, guys.

I would like to thank the Greek Gods and Goddesses of Ares, Apollo, Artemis, Aphrodite, Hera, Zeus and Hermes for their blessings and favour!


Once again I want to thank Seere.

I was unemployed during 2 months.

In France we have the right to helpful fees for people who worked during that time.

The organisation that gives it to us bugged and refused to give me what my due was.

I perform a simple magick ritual :

I took a glass of expansive rum.
I drew the invoking earth pentagram upon it.
I called the name of King Ghob and gnoms.

I poured the libation in my garden.

Nothing seems to work. I continue to perform frequent prosperity magick, calling 500€ to me.

Last week, another organisation randomly checked out my files. They opened unexpected rights and sent me many bunches of 500€ of right i didn’t have when it was my right to.

Thanks King Ghob.
Thanks Generous Gnoms.
Thanks Magick.


Thank you Gremory and Amon. You’re help is truly amazing!

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Around a month ago, I asked Lucifer to:

  • revive my business and my passions, give me strength courage and help me grow.
  • help me communicate effectively, ease my insecurities, anxieties and worries.
  • Free me from depression and imposter syndrome
  • Build me up and strengthen my mind
  • Help me love and feel whilst not getting overwhelmed by my emotions
  • Help me become a better me in general and help my people who I love grow and develop too
  • Remove things no longer serving me and blockages I have in my life

Lucifer did everything I asked. I cannot that them enough for this. They removed my abusive narcissistic ex who smear campaigned me, got rid of the people I thought were my friends and showed me who people really are. Lucifer gave me strength and confidence. He gave me the motivation to do instead of procrastination. I even started putting myself out there more. I feel so at peace and happy within myself that things are finally falling into place with resistance. I feel…free!

Thank you Lord Lucifer! Ave Lord Lucifer


Thank you Sol for bringing recognition and success.

This morning, I raised energy using this chant :

“Power of Sol, i call to thee.
Banish failures.
Bring success to me.
As i speak those words, let them be.”

As i create an energy ball, i see myself attracting gold to me, 3rd person.

I then push the ball to the scene, the ball become a giant sphere around me.

I then see myself as a prince.
I see rain falling on me, turning into coins.

I received a lot of compliments today and many money tips.

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Hello to everyone,
President Aim said "Greetings to Auns.
I asked him to help me get the perfect job.
I had a few questions during the ritual.
He answered my contempt question with “young man bla bla, young man bla bla” :slight_smile:
I thank him in front of everyone. I will keep you informed of the developments.

Nice! So thats the bodily sickness ritual?

Just wondering how it played out and how long it took to take effect?

Thank you dear Duke Dantalion. He was able to influence the target in my favor. I look forward to further cooperation and recommend establishing contact to everyone!