Member’s Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here, Part two!

Thank you Grand Duke Dantalion for an awe inspiring High Powered ritual.

Thank you for throwing your weight behind my Magick and accepting my requests.

I am already seeing results in a few days. You are truly Mighty and Powerful.

You have my Respect and my Gratitude.

Hail Duke Dantalion :green_heart::clown_face::trumpet::performing_arts::closed_book:

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Lucifer, Asmodi, Gillamon,

High praise is in order. I needed someone to go against their very essence and nature and trust me when I spoke tonight.
Thank you Lucifer and Asmodi for granting me permission, and thank you Gillamon for delivering against all odds!!


Thank you President Glasya Labolas for protecting my girlfriend from a severe accident,when she described the accident that happened,it’s nothing short of a miracle that she got out with just a few scratches…You have always been reaching out quickly and seeing that you extended protection to my loved one,I am full of gratitude,love and joy!

Lots of love,gratitude and respect!


Came here to thank the spirits in LHD and the Goatia spirits! I will provide more detail when I have more time, because they came through and helped me receive more than what I asked for, I just had to be patient! Big thank you to magickal riches and Nitika with the cashbook, I received exactly what I wanted and needed to move forward in my life. I took a break bc I was overwhelmed with having so much money but I’m going to learn how to invest it well so thank you! Thank you to the angels as well, I can always call on Archangel Michael and Metatron. Also thank you to the spirits of sword banishing, as well as the spirits in The Master Protection ritual, it’s been keeping a lot of haters off my back. And thank you to the 40 servants, I work tf out of the Fixer so I appreciate him coming through every time. Also thank you to my ancestors, Lucifer, and finally Lilith is letting me work with her. Thank you to my spirit guides and Mother Gaia. A lot of blessings have come to my life and I recently looked in my notes and knew it was time to thank everybody. I will be back with more detail of who I worked with and for what at a later date. Thank you :pray:t6: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::innocent:


Do You know if Furcas can help in obe, Also protecting me whole i’m there?

My heartfelt thanks to Leraje for assisting me with staying completely sober and facing the past without clinging to any kind of substances.

Thank you Dablat and Biel, for assisting me in my feeble agricultural attempts :sweat_smile:


I wanted to publicly thank Lord Belial and Duke Eligos for helping my mom win 14K in court vs target for a minor slip and fall.
I petitioned and offered blood for a month and blood every other day to Duke Elgios in return for my mom getting the maximum amount of money. King Paimon ties into this and I will be pubically thanking him as well. Im eternally grateful for this blessing and I highly encourage anyone considering to work with ether of them to do it. Besides the money Lord Belial has made me a stronger version of myself and really pushed me to my limits because he knew i was capable of accomplishing more if i just tried for once in my life. You will not be dissatisfied if you choose to work with Lord Belial or Duke Eligos.

The power of Lord Belial and Duke Eligos is immeasurable. Have faith, never doubt the process, keep your word, and show respect.

Ave King Belial
Ave Duke Eligos
Ave Father Lucifer for opening up the doors to meet these amazing Daemons


A big Thank You to King Belial for helping me with two court cases within a week of each other. The charges were dropped on both cases. Now I’ve got to do a 90 day thing with him. Wish me Luck. :crown:Hail King Belial. :crown:


Thank you Bune for the lessons and for arranging this beautiful situation out of thin air.

Thank you Leraje.

Thank you Gremori for the amazing support, messages and lessons.

I’m constantly humbled by your help.

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Thank you Marbas, for healing my kitty’s eye infection :heart_eyes_cat:

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I want to thanks prince Sitri, for making me more sexually desirable :cherry_blossom::moyai::potted_plant::sweat_drops:
I want to thanks the archangel Yahahel, for giving me an aura of majesty :dove::bird::palm_tree::wind_face:

Also thanks to Raziel, for connecting me to those folks :fountain::candle::rainbow::national_park:

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There’s an old saying that “if you wait at the edge of a river long enough, you will witness the bodies of your enemies float past” - Sun Tzu.

I thank all the Deities, Spirits and Djinns I called upon to avenge me. Pazuzu, Leraje, Belial, Azazel, Andromalius and Samael and the host of others who provided for me in my time of great need. Those who live by the sword generally die by the sword and so let it be with him, I shall suffer no fools gladly.

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Thank you Queen Beleth for your guidance, assistance and superpowering my working.

You have my Respect and Gratitude.

Hail Queen Beleth :orange_heart::tangerine::honeybee::princess:t2:

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Thank you, BELIAL for ensuring I was offered an apartment to live in rent-free. Instead of paying rent to the owner in cash, I pay the owner through services. This has been a life-changing experience and has put me on the path to build true wealth, and I am able to save my money. I live in a luxury apartment in one of the best and most expensive parts of my city. I worked with Belial using this using the book demons of magick by Gordon Winter field. I recommend working with BELIAL. He has brought me a rent-free, beautiful, luxury apartment. Also THANK YOU BELIAL for making sure that I continue living here rent-free successfully. I LOVE MY APARTMENT SO MUCH. THANK YOU BELIAL. I definitely recommend working with Belial.


My old boss was a dick, he was trying to make moves on me even though he is 40+ years younger than me , he was paying less and he was mentally abusive to the staff and rude to us Infront of the customers. Long story short I asked Satan to punish him for the way he was treating us and to offer me protection. He had to pay me what he owned me even though he was expecting the money back and now his store is closed and up for sale but nobody will buy it because he is over pricing it! Thank you Satan! Hail Satan!


Thank you Bune, for this successful trade fair. I am super exhausted (and will probably abstain from talking to anyone for a while :smiling_face_with_tear:) but a whopping amount of over 90 new contacts speaks for itself!

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