Member’s Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here, Part two!

Thanks to Allah for the confidence booster shots and the Asmodeus revelations.

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Thanks to Satan for helping to the love spell. :star:

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How’d you in involve Satan so well in your love spells?

Thank you Leraje, for tirelessly forcing a former very shy and unrealistic day dream of mine through the fabric of this reality over several years. Thank you for “You wanted it, you’ll do it now” against my eternal “I’m not sure if I am able to”. It must be a tiring thing playing that kind of ping pong. Thank you for seeing this potential in me and thank you for creating the circumstances that are making it impossible to run away from it. I promise to grow accordingly, both in character and knowledge, to make the best use of it.


Thank you Orobas, for giving me confidence and a louder voice against my abusive partner.

Thank you Bael, for protecting my secrets while I organize my exit.

Thank you Lilith, for protecting me and accepting my petition.

Next up… either Asmodeus or Dantalion to make him fall out of love(or his twisted version of love, sense of ownership perhaps?) with me.


Thanks to David Allen Coe for giving me the perfect country and western songs, for my country and western Ceremonial magick.

You ain’t gotta call me Waylon Jennings.

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Thank you, BELIAL for ensuring I was offered an apartment to live in rent-free. Instead of paying rent to the owner in cash, I pay the owner through services. This has been remarkably life-changing and has put me on the path to build true wealth, and I am able to save my money. I live in a luxury apartment in one of the best and most expensive parts of my city. Not having to pay rent every month is one of the best things that have ever happened to me, considering I live in one of the most expensive cities in the United States I worked with Belial using this using the book demons of magick by Gordon Winterfield. I highly recommend working with KING BELIAL. BELIAL is a mighty and powerful spirit. He has brought me a rent-free, gorgeous, luxury apartment, and PLENTY OF WEALTH. THANK YOU SO MUCH BELIAL. THIS APARTMENT IS ONE OF THE BEST THINGS THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO ME. HAIL BELIAL!! THANK YOU KING BELIAL!!!


I had lost my pet last night. I spent hours sleep deprived looking for her.

In the afternoon I called on Menakiel through Raziel and later I followed the rite of summoning the angel of lost things that Lady Eva posted on a similar thread like mine. As well, I called Orobas and ask him to please help me with my problem.

I found my cat an hour ago… So I give my testimonial on how they helped me and I will continue tu pay off the debt that I have from the deal that I made with them.

Thanks to everyone who posts the entities wr can work with for different things.

And do not doubt on calling these Angels to help you find your lost things and Orobas to help you with your pets.


I wanna thank Beelzebub.I charged his seal and petitioned for intellectual acuity in business decisions. Two days later I solved a consistent problem.

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It’s been a minute here.
Thank you King Beleth. Although I have not reached out in 3 years, you were mighty enough to come as soon as I called again.


Allahuakbar, hail the jinnic demons

Satan for a love spell!? Oooo I would love to know more if you’re willing to share :relieved:

he is an all-purpose king, has multiple powers and is powerful enough to influence the truth, wake him up, ask yourself.

Thank you Leraje, for literally solving a 17 old personal mystery of mine over night. I am completely speechless.


Thank you Mighty Mammon for all the blessings you have been giving me and I am ready to receive more! Hail Mammon!


This is a huge thank you to Raum and amon.

Raum…I asked you to destroy their career and reputation and you certainly did. I am incredibly thankful to you.

Amon…you bought a person back and they contacted me. Granted it was 6 months and it was an unusual thing to reach out to me for but none the less he did…thank you.

Highly recommended working with these two. Remember though to…let…go


A very huge thank you to Vehuel and Poiel. I called them yesterday using Damon Brand’s “The Magickal Job Seeker” after I applied for a job online. I messaged the client after applying to ask if the position was still open and he said that the position was taken, I thought I won’t get the job and went to sleep, in the morning I woke up and saw the client’s message saying that the previous employee left and I can join. I still get over the fact that they granted my wish so fast.
All Hail Vehuel
All Hail Poiel


Thank you Mighty Dantalion for the fantastic evocation and the manifestation.

You are truly mighty and powerful.

Hail Duke Dantalion :green_heart::performing_arts::trumpet::closed_book:


Thank you Queen Beleth for always having my back. Thank you for being there for me through thick and thin.

You are truly Mighty and Majestic.

Hail Queen Beleth :orange_heart::princess:t2::tangerine::honeybee:


I wish to give a great appreciation to Lord Pendralion. Thank you Lord Pendralion for your quick great financial assistance, knowledge and wisdom. Any one who has failed to get assistance with issues relating wealth, riches, money or people influencing, please feel free to try out this loving and quick spirit, Lord Pendralion.

Hail Lord Pendralion, Mighty grand ruler of the Second Kingdom of Flames.