Melechezedek Index

In the vats beyond the Tubules lies the Melechezedek Index. Any thoughts on their conglomerates and what to do to poison a CEO fundraiser?

What is this nonsense you keep posting about? " Tubules" and vats containing a " Melechezedek index"…

Melechezedek is an ascended master, works with Sanander and such. The Melechezedek Method is a new age lightworker, ‘lightbody activation’ thing. I don’t think this is related though.

@Brandi The terms ‘Tubules’ and 'Melechezedek Index" are not coming up in Google so I assume this is your own gnosis: In this case, this info is private to you, so, it would help if you explained what you mean by them.

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Aren’t You the same person who advised me that livescience isn’t real and redirected me to news science?

Can’t be since I didn’t say that.

If you mean, am I the person that told you livescience is an entertainment website with shitty science and bullshit stories, and directed you to the decades old, New Scientist magazine read by science academics the world over, yes.


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Ok, just making sure. Cos science acedemia and magick go hand in hand…

Thanks for clarifying. Never heard of it before

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I used to love that mag. I had a subscription when it was still paper only.
But I subscribed in the UK, and I moved to the US, and stopped when I realised the US New Scientist mag was a different team and the articles just weren’t the same. They wouldn’t ship the UK one out to me in the US.

Still, I like it better than Scientific American. Or used to. It’s been a while.

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"If you had an electrical field strong enough, you could “break the vacuum” and make the virtual particles real.
… With enough energy, a vacuum ceases to be a void. Its emptiness is broken”

… just as another example.