Meet up with a forum member for black Magick training


Recently I met a awesome guy on this forum who lives near me and we’ve been having a few hours discussion.

This guy is @jace we’re meeting up tomorrow and I believe this guy has massive potential, even the spirits I’m working with have pushed me in his path and pushed him in mine.

So tomorrow for a few days we will be on intense rituals and I will be giving him the secrets and skills needed for his ascent.

From evocation, to divination, to baneful Magick, glamour Magick, empowerments, possession, creating spirit vessels. Working with demons and gods, literally teaching him the greatest secrets I’ve come across in the occult.

Be great to see you tomorrow brother let’s step shit up a whole other level.


Any Wisconsinite or Milwaukee Magi here?

absolutely buzzing for this.
cant thank you enough.

i will come to the area as a man and leave as a god. from this we know that we will be a powerful force.


Where are you guys located? I’m in Maryland now but heading down to south Florida soon


The U.K.


if only i can fine some one in the el paso area


good luck to you too tho id love to hear an update


Good luck, learn a lot, and have a great time you two! :slight_smile:


I live in Killeen :thinking:
Too far?


i dont drive lol


Anyone in the Dayton, Ohio area?


Hats wicked awesome guys, you legit are granted an opportunity I 've been pining for since I began using this forum. Happy that both of you have the opportunity to learn from one another, not to mention opportunity for friendship that share something as meaningfull as spiritual ascent through the left hand path .
Congrats and good luck homies…
P…S. any Canadian practioners around holla at me!


Where in the UK are you? Are you in London?


that’s neat, wish I had someone in Arizona to do ritual with :confused:


Sadly no one is located in Transilvania.


That’s great. Anyone in Southern California? We have a fake Goddess Temple here, which won’t allow LGBTQ and of course NO dark Magick. The Head Priestess has been the founder and runs the place like a business.
Not good.


What a lucky person. You Westerners are so lucky. In my country, only magical teacher or mentor (!) is bigoted Islamists. Of course, if you find them through the creeps and frauds. Being a student of cultured master black magician is my dream.


Orange county here. Where about in so-cal are you?


Orange County as well. That’s a surprise.


I’m in maryland as well


I’m from Southern Texas.
The only Occult Groups here are the Crimson Lady OTO lodge and the Satanic Temple in Houston.
Unfortunately I dislike both of these groups.
Might check them out anyways.