Meditations of Power?

I’ve reached a point in which I am basically stuck having nothing I can do to ‘feel’ empowered.

I’m basically looking for any meditations, visualizations, or spiritual exercises I can do that will produce a definite sensation of power!

Pillars and Spheres, Jason Miller’s technique.

I have been practicing it for over two years and it always leaves me feeling empowered and connected to the Emperyan, Elemental, and Cthonic world’s.

You could also look up “pore breathing” Bardon made it popular and it rocks.

Art projects with rocks/ minerals and wax OR bathe in crushed/granulated rose quartz and rosemary

Stick your finger into a live lamp socket. Guaranteed to feel a sensation of power.

Illustrious, I can understand that feeling and I empathize.

Sometimes when I feel this way I do pathworking. E.A. has quite a few of these in his books. Evoking Eternity for example has a list of angels to evoke in a particular order and after I went through those evocations it really helped me get over the stagnation I was feeling at the time.

This always works for me, the bit below especially:

Invocation Of Inner Divine

Power of Planets have I
Power of Voice have I
Power of Time have I
Power of Space, its crossings and traverses have I
Power of all things Damned have I
Power of all things Saved have I
Power of all things yet to Fall, yet to be Ascended, and still to become on this World have I

By this know My Holy Name, (your magickal name – if you don’t speak it aloud, say “which is Unspoken”)
By this know My Holy Power, taken by Right of Birth
By this know My Holy Glance, which brings to you wrath or balm
By this know My Holy Will, which you must obey

For I am He, the Bornless Spirit; strong, and of Immortal Fire
I am He, the Truth, that lighteneth and thundereth
I am the Power behind all powers, the Form behind all forms
I am the greatest of things, the least of things, that which licks your spittle and rejoices in your libations
I am Man made perfect, whom no man has seen at any time

Now do I choose This form: (your magickal or birth name)
Now do I choose this Time, and this Nation
For I am the One who is sent forth from the Power
I am Godless, and I am the One whose Godhood is Great

Hear Me, thou who art subject to Me, and know that every spell and scourge of the Vast One is available to Me
By the Power of My Will, I do command all life, all elements, and all the things that are

For Mine is the Power
Mine is the Glory
Mine is the All That Is.


I change the wording as I feel like, and it’s a mish-mash of stuff, but I love it! :slight_smile:


That’s perfect, thank you.