What is the best way to position myself to meditate? I usually meditate on my back, laying on my bed. This helps me get into a sleep paralysis state(half asleep and half awake) faster. I’m trying to use this to contact Lucifer, but before I can do that I need to develop my astral senses. However, as you can expect it also is the position I can easily fall asleep in. I count from 1000 backwards to silence my mind. I’ve never made it past 800. Any tips on meditation? Thanks

Personally, when I meditate, it’s in half lotus. If I’m trying to astral travel or working with core shamanism, I will lay down. You just have to find what’s comfortable for you. I’ve also made good progress with the page Conner put together for contacting Lucifer so, dive in and try it out maybe.


“Easy pose” for me, my legs aren’t what they used to be. Though I’m working on getting some of my flexibility back, so hopefully I’ll be back to half lotus this time next year

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