Meditation experience, suggestions?

Well, I already wrote this in my introduction in more detail, but I have problems with gnosis, one of the methods that I try to practice is meditation, the problem is that trying to keep my mind quiet for a long time I feel mental fatigue, as if I had just slept for about 4-5 hours last night, is it common? or am I doing something wrong?

I would also like to tell you about a little experience of what I think was a trance:
More or less it started when I was about 13-14 years old I experienced a little insomnia that made it more difficult for me to sleep, among the things I read to solve it I said that meditation could help me and I tried that, the thing is that I did not investigate properly what meditation was .
So when I sat on my bed to try, I was between trying not to think about anything, trying to keep a specific image in my head or just letting my thoughts wander inside of me.
The thing is, I ended up helping myself and I left the meditation as soon as I could sleep without it, but since then I am able to feel my blood flow to some extent if I focus on it, something similar to feeling your ears throb when exercising, but less intense and with specific parts of my body such as hands, legs, abdomen, jaw.

A few years passed, I was at the university, in the middle of free time, I tried to fall asleep in the seat when in the middle of falling unconscious I got the idea of ​​trying to feel my pulse throughout my body, the result was that I managed to be in a similar state to be half asleep, but all my concentration was in my heart, although I did not feel the blood once I left it, I could feel how it beat through it, I could also feel with total clarity each beat as if it were in my own hand, but within My own chest, I was not able to feel almost any stimulation of my other senses, such as hearing or touch, it was until I was awakened from that trance.

After that every time I tried to get into that state, I either ended up falling asleep anyway, or I just felt my own pulse like I always did.

Does anyone know what that was? a trance? a simple dream? any ideas?

And also would someone give me some idea of ​​how to improve in meditation?

Give wim hof guided breathing a go

I say it like a broken record bc that’s how much it helped me

Thanks i give a try

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Since I don’t want to have to open a new topic every time I have any doubts about what I experience when meditating, I would like to take this thread to tell the doubts that I feel from time to time, if someone gives me some advice I would appreciate it,

Well, I have been meditating a lot since yesterday, I decided to pay attention to any advice that can be given to me and I went with the win hof breathing guide, it helped me a lot to concentrate more than I did on my own and I almost did not get tired as soon as I use it, but since I don’t want to depend on anything too much I am planning to only use it 2 or 3 times a day.

I’m trying to meditate whenever I can for 10-30 minutes, as long as I don’t feel tired, I usually meditate until I feel like it’s a bit hard to stay focused, I wait a couple of hours and try again, is that okay?

Recently, while I was meditating, a few sigils that I did before came to mind, they were some sigils that I made for a server that launched yesterday, however I did not feel much or almost nothing at that time so I feared that the problem was my lack from practicing magic or something, so I’m a bit confused as to why some of the sigils I made for that server came to mind, does anyone have any ideas?

I only used the guided videos (altho listening not watching) until I could remember/got used to it and do it on my own

I do sometimes use other methods of meditation too but that one got me “going” and I find easiest to get into meditation or even trance from breathing like that for 15 mins or so

There’s no rules! Unless you live a life you can be meditating (not meditative) 24/7 sounds absolutely fine and it’s entirely up to you!


I have kept meditating, I can already keep my mind in a state of not thinking for around 3-5 seconds most of the time, sometimes around 10 seconds.

Today while I was meditating something curious happened to me, I felt a bit like I was dreaming, at first it was as if my mind was simply being carried away by some random thoughts as always, but shortly after it was as if I could see all those thoughts as images of the same quality as when I am dreaming, the curious thing was that I could still feel my body to a certain extent as well as the light breeze that it received, shortly after leaving that state I could remove almost any thought from my mind to leave it empty just by wanting it , almost effortlessly, does anyone know about this ?, any advice?

Check this video out


I did it, I really did it !!
Today while I was looking in the forum for a topic for beginners that could help me, I ended up finding myself with

And I ran into trancework, I tried the countdown method and really went into a trance state.

I felt a bit as if I had lost some of the perception of the other senses, such as hearing and touch, I could no longer see the light that passed through my eyelids from the outside and my mind was completely concentrated without effort and yet I was completely conscious and could reason totally.

I would like to thank @DarkestKnight for raising the topic, somehow I was already able to work with meditation (It is only being able to keep the mind in a state of not thinking or in a single thing like your breath, right?), And with the visualization I could already see an image in my closed eyelids although not for long, so the only thing I was missing was only the trance state, which I never knew exactly how it was or how to enter.

Even then, I could not stay in that state for long as the emotion ended up winning over me and made me uneasy enough to get out of it :laughing:.

But basically I just have to get familiar, right?


sounds to me you need to find your drum.

Which method is this? Do you mean the 4 second meditation ?

I do not understand? What do you mean?

No, I mean this:

I saw the video but although I understood the message I could not use it correctly, since I only focus on learning written English and I do not understand spoken English so much.

Even so thanks.

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It’s normal in the beginning to feel like scratching, muscle cramp , urge to do something, get scared
Just ignore them , don’t move and it will pass.

Try to:
•Take a shower first . Water clears/relax
•Start meditating on empty stomach
•Meditate facing east
•Find your most comfortable position ( laid back, lotus etc)
•Inhale(nose) exhale(mouth) Deep and Long . Ideal is 10 sec
•DO NOT FORCE or CONCENTRATE on stopping your thoughts . Instead, see them as water waves :ocean: if they enter your mind let them flow , let them pass and fade like a wave

Hope it helps :slightly_smiling_face:


If it was certainly difficult to keep still despite the food or cramps but recently I finally managed to be able to ignore it,
As for the rest,

  • I’m going to try the shower, I usually do it at any time since I thought I should be able to do it at any time but a small impulse does not come from more than I am starting.
  • Now that you mention it, I think it was a bit more difficult for me to meditate after lunch and dinner that explains it.
  • I don’t know where the east is, what would that help?
  • Sometimes I do it sitting or half lying down.
  • Usually I forced myself not to think, or directed my thoughts to something else like my breathing or the noise around to avoid thoughts, I will try that :thinking:

Thanks for the tips :smiley:

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All the best :grinning:

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Have something like this on your phone ? I think all phones have the app
I don’t know the name in english :))

Anyways keep an update on your practice , hope it will help you

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heart beat is used on drum to induce journeying.

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Ok I am having problems :neutral_face:, I can use meditation as a means to bring my body into a state of deep relaxation, no problem with that :ok_hand:, my body feels relaxed, loose and as heavy as if I was about to fall asleep, however my My mind is as awake as any other time, so that is a success, but that is where the problems started in these last 3 days I have not been able to do a visualization correctly, the first time I went into a trance I was not only able to visualizing the numbers but also a feeling of falling as if I was going through a tunnel slowly leaning down :hole:, which helped me, but now? Forget about the tunnel, I can’t even keep viewing the numbers until past 10 before everything fades :fog:, I don’t understand exactly what the problem is, not once in these 3 days have I been able to go into a trance due to this problem, The furthest I get is only at a level of relaxation and I can only maintain that state and now, I don’t understand what the problem is, but I think I should concentrate from today on a visualization training instead of meditation to be able to fix this, but if you have any advice I would appreciate it :pray:.

In a separate topic I have noticed the existence of my server, I remember that I was able to finish it and launch it one day after joining the forum, however I was not able to feel anything, even then I kept calling him by his name in my mind and reminding him of his mission and purpose from time to time every day, since I understand that this is how they feed, although to this day I am still not able to feel it in myself, I have been able to verify its effects and results in my life when I order something , although not instantly I can definitely see the results according to what I asked him to agree with his purpose, lately I like to imagine that he is floating a little in my field of vision every time I call him to order something, however I do not know if that is just my imagination or something else, if someone knows any exercise to be able to recognize it more clearly I am open to suggestions, anyway I will continue feeding it to see its effects more often.