Meditation experience, suggestions?

personally when I meditate or when I don’t want to think I don’t think at all I can’t understand that we can’t calm down are mental even for a few seconds I find its aberrant :open_mouth:

To help yourself easily fall into a trance or to deepen your current trance. Take a deep breath and as you exhale feel yourself falling. You just want to mimic the sensation. This is roughly the same sensations the brain goes through as you fall asleep. This can be used as a tool to tell the brain to start lowering the brain waves and push you into that trance state quicker.

I personally use a method of where I invison myself skydiving. I am just peacefully free falling deeper and deeper into my trance. When I am ready I pull my ripcord and deploy my chute prior to landing. It works well for me as I am familiar with that free fall sensation. So im able to use it to put myself in a trance.


OK something strange is happening, I was in the middle of meditating at night when suddenly I began to hear a beep, I had not been hearing it before, and nothing in the room was producing it, worse still I was only listening depending on how I positioned my head If I was in the same position as when I was meditating, I could hear it clearly, but if it moved, even a little, or became lighter, or stopped listening completely, I don’t know what this is, and I must admit that I am a little concerned about if i did something wrong or was wrong somewhere or something.

On a separate note as I meditate I focus on my third eye area, I am already able to do it well enough to feel as if there is a fingertip lightly pressing the area, if that is a lot or a little I have no idea

electronics emit high pitch sounds, it’s probably this. stop over thinking your meditations and just do it without distractions by small things.

The thing is, I hadn’t been listening to it before, I meditated in exactly the same place as I always did and it’s the first time I’ve heard this, hence the scare, but I’ll wait for the beep to stop before trying again, thanks

Was there a little progress today? In today’s meditation I managed to reach a state of deep concentration, after a little effort I achieved to some extent a small state of trance using the previous method, however when I began to notice that I was going through the same symptoms and sensations of the trance I ended up getting distracted by this and I was not able to enter a trance as such, however, I reached an intermediate state between beta and alpha I suppose?

As small as it is, it is progress I suppose.

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