Meditation brings Imagining and feeling intrusive thoughts

I will be trying to meditate and all of the sudden get a mental image of a monster, or something terrifying hurting me, and it replays in my head, gets worse and I can’t stop it. After that I feel uneasy like somthing is watching me and it’s actually going to happen. It only happens when I try to clear my mind. I know no harm is coming to me so it must be my imagination, does this happen to anyone else and how do you deal with it, I have banished and it doesn’t help.

What kind of Banishment have you used?
Do you work with grounding and shielding?
Maybe a uncrossing rite could benefit you.
Also this could help you…,

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I have done the LBRP.
I have trouble trusting my own warding or doing it often, same thing with grounding.

I have had troubles with intrusive thoughts in the past. Now, firstly make sure you banish before you meditate (not always necessary, I don’t do it when I meditate, but at this point, it can be good to just make sure you’re safe). Now, when you get a scary thought, it’s going to be difficult, but simply try to observe it dispassionatly. Don’t do anything to counter it, simply let it come and observe it, and then continue meditating. Accept that it’s fine to feel fear, but notice it and let it pass in peace. It’s not going to hurt you.

If you simply let it come without worrying about it, all your intrusive thoughts are going to dissappear in days. Wish I knew this instead of struggling endlessly and panicking.