Meaning of 444

So this week I happened to wake up at 4:44 am a couple times, and I don’t believe it was an accident. I read up on it a bit and saw many different things it could mean mainly involving angels which confused me because I haven’t made contact with any or even thought about them, hell, I even tried contacting Lilith a few days before it started happening actually.

Does anyone have any experience with this, any ideas on what it could mean to me?


I have experiences with angel numbers too. Try to remember if you were thinking of anything important when you saw the number 444.


Well not really lol, when I wake up I immediately check the time on my phone. But after it already before all I thought that it was strange it happened again. Nothing else that I remember

Huh. I find the timing of this odd, just out of the blue it was. Thanks for linking that

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Isn’t the rapper Jay-Z’s album titled 4:44?



i get 316 alot or 333 not sure maybe an angle is trying to speak to you

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So this dude woke up at 4:44 and immediately wrote a song? Maybe some higher power was trying to get him to write it :thinking:


:rofl: numbers drive me crazy… good luck


Student of numerology here.

Four for four. 4 + 4 + 4 equals 12 1 + 2 equals 3.

3 is the number of the student, perhaps symbolizing that A New Path needs to be undertaken in your ascent.


Why do you mean that? I’m still pretty new to this stuff. Your reply is interesting, it’s similar to what I’ve been thinking about if I’m right about what I think you mean

Hopefully I can make something out of this soon, thank you!

Mediocre jackpot. Try for 777.

Again, in numerology, the ultimate jackpot is merely the beginning of a journey. 777 equals 21, two plus one equals three.

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From VK Jehannums’ site:

“444 is the numerical value of the name Abramelin, not that I know what to do with that information. The number is often interpreted to mean that one’s spirits are among them, and thus to be a sign of comfort. Alternatively, it is interpreted as a call to action, sometimes specifically meaning that one should either double down on what they’re doing or start putting unused knowledge into practice.”


Or simply 74x6.
The words Jesus, Muhammad, English, Jewish, gematria, beauty, and Lucifer have a value of 74x6=444

Ah ok, thanks for the info

Well, yes 444 is related to angelic frequencies,
and while a common idea would be to ask Michael about it,
your working with Lilith indicates to me you should ask Samael.

(hence, try to evoke Samael and see if he shows up and what he’s got to tell you.)



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just found something funny,
you may actually like to have a look into,
or a lough about. xD



Jay-Z is about as satanic as I am Christian.