Meaning of 444


Hahaha, that’s the funny part.
There’s Rituals conducted by him, true, but in a VERY different way then what we do.

And for the dabbler who just wants to ramp about how he see’s through everything,
it’s a welcome target,
as he points out with explaining all these “secret codes, and hidden messanges.”

I told you, it’s loughable.

The thing that is true, is the mind / identity alteration on Beyonce.
She developed an Alter ego, called Sasha.
However, Mind modifications don’t need to be induced by magick,
and tbh i think she developed that to cope out of some distress which came along with the fame.
I mean she’s a public person,
and personally i love how well these decoys are hiding real witchcraft away from the masses.

As long as there’s hollywood,
there’ll always be people assuming they know all just by watching some movies.




Late reply, I would do this but I doubt I’d get a proper answer. My clairvoyant abilities are still just not develop which sucks. Most that happens is I can feel energy or touches. I’ve never seen or heard anything


I have had experiences with numbers
I think this number is telling you that there is an energy present around and within you ,ready for you to use it, so to speak. This energy is about leaving the conventional path or the path you are used to, to make something completely different. In a way is telling you you can get different results if you change your way of acting. It is pushing you to open your mind and think on new ways. I think it is urging you to be original and unconventional. And if you do a new world will open to you. You shouldn’t be in the same path any longer.
Plus don’t be afraid of changes