Me And The Jackal


It all started in 2010, I was 9 years old when I started seeing manifestations of what only the child version of me described as a giant rat.
Since I was a child I didn’t have the correct descriptive term, to describe a Jackal.

This entity is always with me now as a guide, it doesn’t speak just guides me with feelings and emotions. This Jackal has been with me since now to the age of seventeen. This is how it manifests to me now.

This is how I saw it as a child

As I matured so did it’s appearance this is how I see it now

I didn’t know it’s name, @C.Kendall my fiancé evoked it to find out it’s information we came to the understanding, it is a Jackal spirit of Egyptian origins.

It’s name is Mana’Foraye, it is a strange being maybe you could share with me your thoughts on Jackal spirits as I haven’t found much on this topic.

Just thought this would be good as my first proper official thread, thanks all.

Yours Truly



:3 after reading jackle and egyptian origins kept thinking of anubis :heart:


Makes me think of Anubis.


What’s funny is I was listening to music titled Anubis


I havent worked with any jackal related spirits but for some reason first thing that came to mind when i read this was the coyote spirit. Only jackal related force i know off the top of my head is anubis. If there is any connection to jackals and coyotes spiritually i’ve no clue but here some of what came up.
Some stuff from wiki
"Like foxes and coyotes, jackals are often depicted as clever sorcerers in the myths and legends of their regions.
Anubis (Ancient Greek: Ἄνουβις) is the Greek name for a jackal-headed god associated with mummification and the afterlife in ancient Egyptian religion.
The jackal (likely the golden jackal, given its present range) is mentioned roughly 14 times in the Bible. It is frequently used as a literary device to illustrate desolation, loneliness, and abandonment, with reference to its habit of living in the ruins of former cities and other areas abandoned by humans. It is called “wild dog” in several translations of the Bible.
Serer religion and creation myth posits the jackal was among the first animals created by Roog, the supreme deity of the Serer people.[16]"




i looked into that possibility of it being anubis but it isn’t he’s supposed to be kind of chief and watcher in Egypt he does have very demonic essence to him too.


@She_Witch The entity that you are working with is Anpu aka Anubis. Hekate and I have worked with him before. He is the gatekeeper of the western gate to Amenta. He will help you connect to easily to the astral planes. He is great to astral travel with. He dimension hops with others quite well, as well as time travel. Have fun :slight_smile:


Most egyptian beings do…have a demonic feel lucifuge did alot of Egyptian work with me and taught me alot about Egypt and other egyptian deities. …especially anubis.

Azazel has also taken me through Egypt and taught me things


Yeah that’s true, when i thought of this situation, the army of the Jackals came to mind, like he did say he was a chief of war.


This was the first conclusion we came to however i evoked him he denied that it was him and their energies and stories etc, didn’t match.


Oh that does remind me of another being hold on


I have worked with Anubis and he has reassured me that it isn’t him?



He is a grey jackle and the a old god of war


Do you have any idea why he’d give a different name and why he said he has no connection to Anubis whatsoever ?


I unfortunately don’t have an answer to that. :c i am sorry!


See the important thing to take in to consideration, is this being is from Egypt but does this necessarily mean he belongs to the Egyptain mytho’s that we know of.

There have been other people and civilizations with older systems.

Anyone aware of any knowledge regarding this ?.


I appreciate you trying to help, thank you @Nova


Good find I forgot about him …I worked with him a few months ago with the black pyramid