Me And The Jackal


You are most welcome @She-witch i love researching about egypt and don’t mind helping when i can. Actually this post made my blood pumping xD.


First thing i felt was Anubis


Death Dogs In Mythology and Fokelore

This might assist you. @She-witch


@She-witch It could be this deitiy he is also jackle headed but is usually blue or grey in his depiction to avoid confusion with Anubis. His name is Wepwawet!


Or, he may just be a jackal. I have a similar relationship with a vulture, and after a lot of head scratching have concluded that he is just a helpful vulture. The closest I can come is the Indian concept of a “spirit animal.”


If he says he isn’t Anubis i’d ask if he was Wepwawet like others have suggested. If i remember Wepwawet is one of the older Deities that was sort of forgotten when the newer ones took dominance.

It could also have to do with Grims Jackals were considered guardians and creatures that aided in the passing of the dead so maybe there is some info on Jackal spirits similar to the Grim myths. I don’t remember anything at the moment about a similar creature in Egyptian myths. I have a feeling there was, you could ask him about that too.


I appreciate everyone for taking the time to comment and help me out :slight_smile: but I’m guessing this is something I’m going to have to find out myself… But the thing is this Jackal will…not…speak… to me! It stands there, it appears when I’m feeling down, or if I’m having trouble with a relationship I have with someone, When it stands there he does not have to speak, he makes me feel safe… may not be normal, maybe it is… Very confused :confused:


Sounds like a protector/guardian spirit or a sort of friend that’s there for you when you need them ya know?


if he is comforting and protective then i’d say it’s okay to just go with the name he gave your Fiancé and except his guidance :slight_smile: I’m sure he will communicate more when he feels it’s right.
I wouldn’t give up on trying to communicate if you want, i don’t think it’s a bad thing at all.


Yes. A guide, I wrote that in this post, he is my guide, but why doesn’t he speak I keep asking myself this, I’ve asked him also, but it’s like he doesn’t know how to speak to me?


Try telepathy? Or emotional communication?


Definitely not a bad thing, your absolutely right there, I guess I’m just very curious but he’s been silent for so long it’s grinding me! I need to keep trying I guess! Thank you for taking the time to comment :blush:


Already tried @Aiden_Crow … Tuff one right :joy:


You tried both? Huh. Well then. You’re one of the very few cases that has been presented to me where I could not find a solution.


Where’s Thoth when we need him? He literally has the answer to everything, smart lad Right?


Thanks… I think I know what I got to do :slight_smile:


Wishing you the best also always! My the khemetic God’s be with you!


Very appreciated @Aiden_Crow :blush:


Have you found out the answer on this yet? If not try to summon Khentiamentiu and Duamutef


so its name of that jackal spirit? it feels demonic to me demon but a other species has vampiryyk feel too