Mayday! Being Stalked by Entity! Help!

Hey guys, need advice as soon as possible.

I am being taled by something invisible. It makes noise when it walks I think because I know it approaches when twigs break.

It definitely induces intense fear even though Im logically not too worried (well… Lucifer came to me loudy the night I first noticed it and told me “Kyle do NOT be scared”)

It sometimes makes a flash of light. I have heard some noises when its approaching.

I see it now, and its right here.

Long Fingers
Holds it hand over my head to feed off me.

It kinda looks like Predator.

I just need some assurance I am gonna be okay lol because it is not a spirit.

Okay, so Hecate and Lucifer made presence in my dream last night, and I saw the thing.

Some sort of 7 foot tall Grey with the head of a squid, that has looooong fingers on one arm and uses that to connect to people with astral chords.

Its what has been making my friends house so crazy.

It seems to use vampire spirits as well to feed, which is what caused my psychic attack last night.

If anyone knows what it is that would be sick :0

I just call hem “lesser entities”. Doesn’t matter what it is there’s a gazillion kinds. Like big ticks.

Have you tried any banishings yet?
Or using any of the “kill a parasite” tutorials?
Or as it’s vamping you, get hold of the conduit it’s using and suck your energy back double?

There’s a hell of a lot you can do about this other than sit there and take it.

Lucifer is correct: you must not allow fear to be in you as it’s a weakening energy that dampens your ability to think and act.

Stop that. Do not associate it with powerful images. Do not give it any power over you at all, as it has none of it’s own: you’re human: you’re the nastiest thing on this planet, just squash it.



thank you!

Its been terrorizing a whole house of my friends for 3 years I think.

Yeah it goes away when Im banishing daily.

Im gonna get my friends back this month!!

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I only let my guard down for one morning. Back to twice daily banishing at least.

Any recommendations for protecting and cleaning a house of people with HORRIBLE energy?

Thank you tho. Just need a real wizard to tell me its not actually Skinwalker like it was telling me it was.

Curious, what do you do for that?
Just stuff that youd use against a magician right?

Great, so it’s clear you have power over it, so you’re already there.

Next step: close the door and lock it out so it doesn’t come back, because banishing daily is a pain in the arse. This is called setting up “wards”.

THere are many ways to do this, shields around just a person are a kind of ward, I like to put a salt circle around the whole house, seeing the energy connect in my minds eye creating a barrier nothing unwanted can get past.
You can also look up “ward tutorial” and there should be a few on here.

White sage the whole place mixing the smoke with whitegold energy from your heart, watch the shadows flee. Darkness can’t exist in your light. Super easy and intuitive stuff. :slight_smile:

For the people, you could try banishing and cleansing the parasites off of them, and sending them healing energy. Having the wards up so they are less affected by worldly crap always helps.

Haha, yes classic parasite behaviour: they always always pretend to be more than they are, and they pick something they know scares you. For xtains they claim to be the devil or beelzebub, for people that know better they start in with goetia names, deities, anything really.

Note: the auto flag on the word is because it’s sometimes used in a criminal context, and we try to keep that off BALG, this is fine as it’s a magickal context.

But on that note, those are not spirits, they are humans and they attack physically. A real skin walker spirit is a spirt of winter starvation, and unless you’re actually 70lb and at deaths door, starving in winter it’s not going to come to you to possess you and make you eat your family. That’s what they do.


Hell yeah you kick ass

I am now no longer afraid of skinwalkers! Haha now I have demons and skinwalkers and vampires checked off the list of fears haha

Basically just aliens left

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I get a strange urge to get this printed on a t shirt

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@Ragepanda - That is a dope idea!

@Mulberry - Yeah the common lore of skinwalkers is literally designed to be the scariest shit ever. It can shape shift, go vast distances fast, its smart, likes to enjoy scaring victims before killing, oh and also its telepathic and just saying its name or thinking about it will make one aware of you. Fuuuuuck.that hah

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Don’t forget Leprechauns. Crafty little sods :slight_smile: