Maybe a coincidence... lol whatever


Since forever started, I’ve always wanted to be telekinetic. So while I was watching Netflix, I picked up on the sound of the lightbulb in my lamp buzzing. It got so loud to where I couldn’t ignore it anymore. Usually things like this annoy me, but I decided to play around with it. I put my energy into trying to shatter it and after a few minutes of my light flickering, it just went out. Not exactly what I was going for, and the lightbulb is kind of old, but I’m gonna roll with it and say that I did it!! :joy::joy::joy:
I want to try it again with a new lightbulb just for confirmation that I did it, but I only had one more lightbulb left :joy:


Was it a halogen light bulb? They do buzz before they blow, it’s quite eerie though.


It was a halogen light bulb.