Material things do not matter anymore

What is material?
Electronics that will just die No matter how many times it’s charged it just dies then charge it up again. I get an app scrolling through it same old stuff same society talk
I have a TV I can’t use it but what is a tv? Material it gets boring after a few episodes of something!

Vikings didn’t need a phone I don’t see any reason to keep a phone anymore the phones sole purpose is to die anyways

It’s not like I have any friends or family anyways i can live without a phone ounce my phone dies I’m putting it away

I could read a book or go within myself for everything for everything is already within me

Just something I realized

How are you going to get a job if the interviewer can’t call you?


This sounds like depression and a yearning for disconnection. Bear in mind the world is increasingly connected and globalization is now staple. It’s connect or die. You are on BALG after all right so I guess you don’t want to completely disconnect after all :rofl:


As long as you live, material things matter imo.
Try living 3 days without tv, phone, internet, music. Try living without material pleasure.

It’s harder to do magick when you are homeless, right? It’s hard to do magick when you don’t have resources or knowledge (that is most easily found online.)
Without internet or devices you would most likely have no idea about the existence of most modern grimoires.

What’s the purpose of incarnating if you don’t experience the material?


I’d have to agree with Sailing and Bizarre.

Material things have their place, desires have their place, phones and laptops keep us connected with things and people around the world, from when a person is a kid and ignorant to the outside world beyond their backyard to someone who has information at their fingertips due to material things.

Vikings didnt need phones they didnt have the proper technology to make phones, you can’t confuse the two as that example is self defeating.



I strongly agree with something Indigo Priestess would always mention on her channel and that is we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Material things are important in life in fact they’re what makes the world go round. Just find a balance.

Like Velenos said, Vikings didn’t have the technology at that time and if they did, they would have embraced it and like Bizzare said, without technology and the internet, Occult information would be hard to find. Heck we would have probably being believing in JCI and shit then.


No, but they had their distractions: raiding, pillaging, feasting and fucking.

It was a heavenly weekend in the wilderness. I recommend everyone tries it.

The Greeks (pre-socratic) classified it as “substance” or “materia”. This included not only physical items but also ideologies, religions, spirituality, concepts, etc., basically anything that is perceived/created by consciousness. So with this, even you are material. You are saying that you do not matter, which, is a very logical and honest conclusion devoid of the exalting of the illusory self, but are you self-aware of the fact that you do not matter or are you just lost?

I doubt that. They would have been incredibly suspicious of technology. This a culture that took years (despite the clear-cut material gain of land) to find a modicum of common ground on which to establish the genetic unification of Dane and Saxon (known as the Englishman or Englishwoman today) because they believed their way of life would be lost to Christianity in the establishment of England.

They were a very suspicious and cautious people despite what popular culture misconstrues about them.


Yep I am yearning for disconnecting
Because I’ve been bored long enough
Disconnecting from the physical plane and make a few spirits as friends
I don’t like humans that I interact with in person me and humans just don’t connect anything
I’m not social I don’t like going out with people to eat dinner calling it family dinner I don’t like family I just don’t like people in general

The reason for that is because they are so narcissist to not wake up and dismiss everything I say saying they know the answer I don’t understand why they can’t wake up it’s not hard to start questioning things then it’s easier to wake up

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For sure, disconnecting from all technology while going in a small vacation is very pleasant :slight_smile:

But the majority of us live in the city; Some can’t go every weekend in nature. Some can’t afford it or don’t have somewhere near to go.
If you try living in the city, in a small apartment, disconnected from technology you will get bored out of your mind. You are essentially living in a box. You could try socializing, but even that happens online for the most part nowadays.

Just another perspective :thinking:

Fair point. Do you think that the Greeks and Romans would have used technology to their advantage?